"When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve." Napoleon Hill

She woke suddenly, her open eyes the only thing moving as she scanned the darkness of the room. She sensed, more than saw the form just inside the door and she made a soft sound as she rolled to her side facing away from the door. Her hand slid under her pillow for the hunting knife she knew was there. When her palm covered the hilt of the knife, she continued her movement and stood facing the door in a fight stance, her weight balanced on the balls of her feet ready for a fight.

She wasn't prepared however for the unusually strong hand that landed on her shoulder, or the blow that knocked the knife from her hand when she spun and thrust the blade into what should have been her attacker's kidney. Her attacker pivoted and she found herself on her back staring up at the biggest pain in the ass she had ever met.

"Ahh, I'm flattered, a pretty, little knife, just for little ole me. It's a shame you still don't know how to use it." He smirked as he held out a hand to help her up.

She smiled, took his hand and as he altered his center of gravity she twisted and managed to pull him down beside her. She immediately threw her legs over his chest and pinned his arms to his sides.

It was her turn to smirk down at him. "Well, if I would have known it was you I would have been sure to use my 9mm." She smiled sweetly and pulled the gun from the holster she had wedged between the bed and the nightstand.

Dean glanced at the gun and laughed, "Fine, but two things."

"What…?" The girl brushed brown bangs out of her eyes, sighed, and rolled her eyes.

"First, the safety is still on and second…" He pulled his hand out from under her knee and reached into the pocket of his leather coat, "…I already took your clip."

She gave the gun a disgusted look and deliberately dropped it, barrel down on his chest.

"Ouch! That hurt." Dean rubbed on his sternum and glared up at the girl atop him. "What the hell did you do that for?"

Logan gave Dean a dazzling smile and then leaned over him so that she could whisper in his ear. "Because…" she breathed out sending small chills down Dean's spine that somehow managed to center in his groin, "it gives me the chance…" She exhaled then ran her tongue around the curve of his ear to the spot where his collarbone disappeared under the material of his t-shirt, "to make sure I didn't leave a nasty little bruise on you."

Dean shivered and pulled Logan down so that he could press his erection against her curvy backside. He nuzzled into her neck and bit roughly before gently licking the small hurt. She groaned softly and dragged the hand that Dean had resting on her upper hip down to press against the crotch of the boxers she had worn to bed.

Dean's chuckle changed to a groan as she guided his hand through the fly of the boxers. Placing her hand over his she rested her fingers between his and gently she circled her clit with his index finger and her own. Sliding their hand together over her slickness she slid their fingers inside.

Dean was panting in her ear. She gasped when he curved their fingers and brushed against that sensitive spot that he knew would begin to push her over the edge. Dean caught her ear with his teeth and while grinding himself against her, continued to tease her with his fingers.

"You know that makes me hot, don't you? You know how crazy that drives me, feeling you and me touch you together, watching you squirm and groan while you get slicker and start to quiver around my fingers?" Dean slid his fingers out and when hers didn't follow he pulled her hand away with his, "Can't have you doing that without me. That just wouldn't be right, now would it?"

Dean's smirk turned to a groan when she suddenly brought his still wet fingers to her mouth and began to suck her juices off them. His eyes rolled back in his head as he ground his teeth together in a not quite successful attempt to quiet the noise.

Dean sat up forcing Logan to follow and then with more grace than a man should have, he stood, pulling her up with him. Her feet had barely touched the floor before he pushed her back onto her bed. She landed with an undignified bounce and an even less dignified yelp.

Logan had expected Dean to follow her down onto the bed, but when he stepped away toward her bedroom door she sat up and barked out a frustrated and confused, "Where are you going?"

Dean slowed just at the door jamb and turned as a slow, sensual smile slid into place. His mossy eyes dark and heavy, he wagged his finger back and forth and shook his head slowly, "Oh, come on now Logan. Don't tell me you forgot the deal, because I know better."

Logan gave a frustrated moan and threw her pillow at his head, which Dean managed to easily dodge while laughing.

"Dean Winchester, don't you dare do this to me again, you're going to kill me!" Logan ground out in anger and frustration. She was startled when she suddenly found her neck surrounded by calloused hands, her breath coming in short gasps as he applied gentle pressure.

Logan shivered with both apprehension and lust and felt moisture gather between her legs when Dean pressed his lips to her ear and spoke.

"I'm not going to kill you," Dean whispered. His thumbs gently caressing the sensitive area where her collar bones ended, "but the truth of it is that if you're gonna be traveling with Sammy and me one of these days something or someone might try. I'm trying to prevent them from succeeding." He nuzzled the curl of her ear with his nose and then pressed his cheek to hers. "The deal, Logan is: you keep me from getting the upper hand when we spar and then you get whatever you want."

Logan uttered an undignified sob of frustration and attempted to dislodge Dean's hands. "Damn you! You don't fight fair, and you fucking know it. I'm so frustrated I can barely focus on anything else."

Dean struggled to take a deep breath and then released Logan's throat. Taking a couple of steps backward he watched a couple of tears trace down the curve of her cheek. He cleared his throat and shrugged, "I'm not trying to frustrate you sweetheart, just keep you alive. Beat me and you get what you want. Until then…" Dean ran his eyes hungrily down Logan's body and then hooked his thumbs in his belt loops while leaning back on his heels, "well I guess you'll have to settle for a little self-gratification." Dean turned and left, pulling the door shut behind him.

He managed to make it to the bathroom and push the door shut. Leaning heavily against it, his breathing erratic he ran his hand through his hair and readjusted himself against the fly of his jeans. Hell, he wasn't sure he could survive another "sparring session".

"Pull yourself together, Dean." He snapped and moved toward the shower. Opening up the cold tap full-blast he sighed, toed off his shoes and started to peel off his now, overly tight jeans.