2: Distraction

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Boromir met Aragorn's gaze over the campfire, looked meaningfully at the woods that began several meters past their campsite, then met Aragorn's eyes once again.

The ranger shook his head, the small movement nearly imperceptible to one who was not watching for it.

Boromir, instead of responding with resignation or frustration as was usual when Aragorn answered negatively to this silent inquiry, scowled and stood. He walked around the fire to where the other man was sitting and crouched beside him.

"Why not?" he whispered.

Aragorn glanced at Gimli, who happened to be nearest, sitting a few feet away. He decided that the dwarf probably couldn't hear them. Legolas, who was sitting beside Gimli, certainly could- but the elf had learned long ago that it was best to give the two men their privacy, and so was unlikely to eavesdrop.

"We would be leaving the rest of the Company alone, short of defense. We cannot risk it," he replied softly.

"We've risked it countless times before," the other pointed out.

"That was when Gandalf was with us. Now… it is too dangerous."

"We would not be long."

"We cannot," Aragorn repeated.

Boromir sighed. "It has been," he said with the tone of one whose patience is rapidly running thin. "Four days."

"That isn't so very long," Aragorn pointed out.

"Perhaps not for you," Boromir responded sharply.

The ranger raised an eyebrow, noting the other man's frustration. "There are things you can do about that, you know. Polishing the family sword, I believe they called it when I was young…"

At this, Boromir grinned. "Ah, but it's so much better with company, is it not?"

"We cannot," he said again, but with noticeably less resolve.

"But you want to," Boromir said softly. "I know you do."

"Be that as it may," the other man replied. "It is too dangerous."

"You said that we would be safe on this side of the river," Boromir pointed out.

"We cannot depend on that," he replied. "And I never said it was safe. Safer, certainly, than the eastern bank…" Aragorn trailed off, looking troubled.

"You're working yourself too hard," Boromir murmured, looking at his lover with concern. "You ought to relax. And I happen to know just what you need."

"Boromir…" Aragorn protested weakly.

"We can hurry," the other man said. "And we can scout out the woods for any signs of enemies while we're gone, hmm?"

The Ranger sighed. "We shouldn't."

His lover smiled mischievously. "And when has that ever stopped us?"

Aragorn met his eyes for a long moment, sighed again, and nodded. "Very well."

Boromir's smile widened. "I shall tell the others that we're going to scout the woods."

Aragorn nodded absently.

He regarded the other man for a moment, then smirked. "You really need it, don't you?"

"What I need is something to take my mind off… everything. I trust you can do that?"

Boromir gave him a look of pure lust. "I excel at that."

"I know," Aragorn replied, smiling. "Go tell the others."

Boromir went over to inform the rest of the Company. The hobbits paid little attention. Pippin and Merry merely nodded, not looking up from their supper. Frodo was sitting quietly, staring into the fire, and didn't seem to hear what Boromir had said. Sam also ignored the man- he was looking worriedly at Frodo as he tried to coax his master into eating some lembas.

Gimli, on the other hand, reddened. Clearly, he knew what the two were really going to be doing. Legolas merely nodded, appearing disinterested. The moment Boromir turned around, however, the elf's eyes found Aragorn's own.

"It may not be so bad an idea to actually scout the woods while you're out there, Aragorn," Legolas said, speaking in Elvish to ensure that their conversation remained private.

Aragorn nodded. "We shall. We won't be gone long."

With that, he headed into the woods, Boromir following close behind. They walked for a bit, putting distance between themselves and the camp.

Boromir noticed his lover's restlessness, the way his eyes flitted constantly from one shadow to another. "Aragorn," he said finally. "Relax. The woods are silent, there are no enemies near."

The other man sighed. "We cannot be too careful."

Boromir rolled his eyes. He'd had about enough of this. He quickly closed the distance between himself and Aragorn, grabbing the Ranger's shoulders and backing him up against the nearest tree.

"Aragorn, relax."

Boromir's face was now mere inches from his own, and Aragorn could see the intensity in his lover's eyes. "You need not take this burden solely upon yourself," he murmured.

"If I do not lead the fellowship, who shall?"

"At least let us help you. You're wearing yourself ragged."

Aragorn looked away and did not respond. Boromir sighed. He gently stroked the older man's cheek, causing Aragorn to look at him in surprise. Rarely was Boromir so tender.

"Relax," he said again. "Let me clear your mind of worry."

Boromir closed the distance between them and captured his lover's lips in his own. The kiss started tenderly, but soon grew hot and intense.

Boromir fumbled with Aragorn's breeches, attempting to unlace them without removing his tongue from the other man's mouth. After a moment or two, he was successful. He allowed Aragorn's trousers to drop to the ground, then pulled down the leggings he wore beneath.

Aragorn groaned when Boromir's hand finally found his hardening cock. He quickly grew to full hardness as Boromir stroked him. He groaned, causing his lover to chuckle.

"What do you want?" Boromir breathed into his ear, voice filled with lust.

"I-" Aragorn swallowed, mouth suddenly dry. It was an effort to think, an effort not to simply loose himself in sensation.

"Do you know what I want?" his lover asked softly. "I want you inside of me."

Aragorn's dick twitched at that. "Yes," he gasped.

Boromir smiled. "Good." He reached into his pocket and took out a small bottle of scented oil, handing it to his lover.

Aragorn took it with a grin. "This is new."

"I picked it up in Lorien. I told Haldir I had a sweetheart with whom I wanted to share a bit of the beauty of their forest."

Aragorn frowned. "You hated Lorien."

"Well," Boromir amended with a shrug. "I didn't tell Haldir that."

Aragorn chuckled. He poured some of the oil into his hand, using it to slick his cock. "Turn around," he told Boromir. "And take off your trousers."

Boromir complied. They'd done this enough that they didn't really need to talk, and so they wordlessly switched places with one another, so that Boromir was leaning against the tree with his back facing Aragorn.

The Ranger pressed his body against Boromir's, gently grinding his erection into the crack of Boromir's arse. He moaned.

"Would you get on with it?" his lover demanded impatiently.

Aragorn chuckled. "Eager, are we?"

"Aragorn…" Boromir growled.

His eyes slid shut for a moment, hearing the other man say his name like that. "You want it so badly, then?" he inquired, reaching around to grasp Boromir's cock.

He groaned loudly. "Yes," he gasped. "Yes, I want it!"

Aragorn smiled, pressing an oil-slicked finger into his lover's opening. Boromir moaned. The ranger took this as a cue to add another finger. The other man's moans increased.

Boromir moaned his name again, and Aragorn felt hot desire flare in his abdomen and travel straight to his groin. He withdrew his fingers and took hold of the other man's hip with one hand, using the other to guide his erection to Boromir's opening. Aragorn pressed forward, but stopped just short of entering him.

"Tell me what you want," he demanded.

"I want you to fuck me," Boromir groaned.

Aragorn fisted a hand in the other man's hair, succumbing to a sudden violent impulse. "Beg me for it."

He'd expected Boromir to balk at this, but to his surprise, his lover shuddered. "Please…" he breathed. "Aragorn, please, please I need it so -"

A mere moment of hearing this prideful man begging to be fucked was enough to satisfy. With a wordless growl, Aragorn roughly entered the body of his lover, causing the other man to cry out.

"Aragorn…" Boromir moaned.

The ranger took hold of the other man's hips and pulled him closer. After pausing for a moment to accustom himself to Boromir's tight heat, he began to move, angling his thrusts so that his cock brushed the spot within him that would drive his lover wild.

Boromir gasped. "Gods, Aragorn!" he cried raggedly, pushing back to meet the ranger's thrusts.

"You love this," Aragorn stated. "Love it when I fuck you, love feeling my cock in you."

"Yes, yes," his lover moaned.

"So subservient tonight, my dear. What do I have to thank for it?"

"Surely you're not- uhh! complaining?"

"Never," Aragorn responded heatedly. He reached around and took hold of Boromir's erection, stroking roughly in time with his thrusts.

They continued to move together, gasping and moaning with increasing frequency as they neared climax.

Boromir was the first to come, moaning his lover's name loudly as he reached completion. Aragorn followed shortly after, albeit more quietly.

Neither man moved right away, but soon sore muscles protested. They carefully separated and cleaned themselves up.

"I needed that," Boromir sighed.

Aragorn nodded. "More than I did, I think."

The Gondorian frowned. "No, you really needed a distraction."

"And so did you," his lover countered.

Still Boromir played dumb. "Why would I need…?"

"You think I don't know? Boromir, you are not the only one the Ring calls to!"

The man froze for an instant, before scowling deeply. "I am fine."

Aragorn caught his arm. "Let me help you."

He pulled away. "I do not need your help. I am not some weakling-"

"Boromir, weakness is the last thing I would attribute to you! You are strong, stronger than you need to be-"

"Given your heritage, I would say it is yourself you should worry about where the ring is concerned!" Boromir spat.

Aragorn's mouth hung open for a brief moment before he snapped it shut, pursing his lips.

"We should scout the woods," he said finally.

"Aragorn," Boromir said guiltily. "I-"

"I don't want to hear it," the ranger said as he walked away.

Boromir sighed miserably, and headed after his lover.

Already the captain of Gondor was hard pressed to ignore the whispering in the back of his mind.

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