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It pasted two years since Seto and Joey, Bakura and Ryou, Malik and Marik, and of course Yami and Yugi were dating. All of them except of the main couple had relations with each other, but to Yami and Yugi it did not mattered, they were perfectly fine. But was it fine to their friends? Maybe not…

Both tri colored haired boys were currently at their house having some fun together, especially because Grandpa was not there. They were at the living room watching some TV not having any idea of what a simple event can change their relation.

Yami wrapped one of his arms around Yugi's shoulders as he changed the channel to see 'All mighty Bruce' (A/N: I do not own that movie) then both smiled at seeing in the screen how Bruce was bringing the Moon closer.

Yugi smiled at it and looked up at Yami "Koi, what would you do with those powers?"

"I would make the stars write your name, I would make the moon and sun shine as bright as you do when you smile at me, I would make the ocean to be as beautiful as you are, and I would make the wind to whisper your name"

Yugi blushed and kissed Yami's cheek "You are so sweet Yami-kun"

"And you are an angel" Then the older kissed Yugi's neck without stopping.

Yugi chuckled and moaned slightly when Yami began to nip his skin kindly "Mmm… koi…"

Yami with one of his hands turned the TV off and pushed Yugi softly to the couch to keep his assault on the younger's neck, he licked, nipped and kissed it tenderly not wanting to stop but then-

The phone rang.

Yami grunted in annoyance at their interruption, but he ignored it completely. The phone rang again. This time Yugi was the one that heard it "Yami-kun… t-the phone…" His beloved answered in the middle of the kisses "I don't care about it, just ignore it…"

It rang again.

Yami gave up and stopped his actions, he stood up annoyed and walked to the nearest phone, he answered angrily "Hello?!"

"Um, you ok Yami? You sound frustrated, it's me Joey"

Yami took a deep breathe and calmed down a bit "Hey Joey, what do you need?"

"I was going to ask you something"

"Go on"

Joey cleared his throat "Have you ever wanted to have sex with Yugi?"

Yami coughed roughly, so loud that Yugi looked at him a little surprised. Yami calmed down again "What kind of question is that?!"

"Oh come on, don't be that innocent, you guys have been together for two years as most of us have been. And all of us had sex except of you two"

Yami sighed "I know but, I don't know if he is ready yet. We just do the caressing and kissing, that's all"

"Well, ok, ok first of all tell me this… Do you love Yugi?"

"Of course I do"

"Are you loyal to him?"

Yami answered firmly "Yes, I am"

"And will you always love him for ever through eternity?"

"Yes I will. I have no doubt about it"

Joey smirked on the other side of the phone "Then you guys are ready"

"But I'm not very sure Joey..."

"No worries, we will take care of everything to help you"

Yami doubted for a moment "What do you mean with 'we'?"

"Nah, just ignore will you? We will send you a letter when everything is ready, ok?"

What the hell did Joey meant? Was everyone planning something for them? Yami felt very curious now "But, Joey what are you going to-?"

Then Joey hung the phone. What was going on in here? What the hell was Joey planning? And with 'we' did he mean to all of his friends? Damn, there were so many questions for him that were not going to be answered until that letter came.

He sighed and walked inside the living room again, sitting next to Yugi. The younger looked at him curious "Who was calling Yami?"

Yami was not going to lie to little Yugi, he had to tell him so he could prepare himself for something both could not forget easily. Yami looked at Yugi and sighed "It was Joey, he told me that…" Yami felt nervous, it was something hard to say to Yugi "H-He wanted… to h-help us with…"

Yugi lifted and eyebrow "With what?"

"With… y-you and I… h-having, re-la-tions…"

Yugi blinked and blushed, he looked at the floor because of what he just heard "Is that so…?

"Hai. Joey said we were going to receive a letter when everything was ready"

Yugi looked up at Yami still blushing "Did you agree to it?!"

Yami shook his head nervously "Of course not! He just hung the phone and he did not let me to answer him!"

Yugi sighed "Well, I'm sure it won't be a really big deal, maybe they won't succeed"


"All we can do now is to wait for that letter"

Both stood in silence for a moment until Yami spoke again "So, where were we?" Yugi smiled at him and kissed him on the lips.

Yugi was in the kitchen eating some chocolate cookies happily, while Yami was in the couch reading some of his music magazines. From outside someone knocked the door.

Yugi swallowed a cookie and stood up "I will get it!" He ran to the door and opened it, but nobody was outside, there only was a small letter on the floor. Yugi picked it up and came inside again.

He ran to where Yami was and jumped up and down "Look! Look! The letter! Letter!"

Yami smiled and stood up "You should have not eaten those cookies Aibou" He took the letter and opened it. Yugi just watched at Yami reading still jumping.

Yami and Yugi:

As I said you before, everything is ready to help you with your small problem of sex. So now I want both of you to come to the Kaiba mansion to have special games we prepared only for you. Everyone is going to be there including Bakura and Ryou, and Malik and Marik so be prepared. We currently are waiting for you, the faster you come the better.

Your friend: Joey

When Yami finished reading he closed the letter again. He looked at Yugi and smiled at him at seeing his beloved jumping "You want to go?"

"Well, we have nothing better to do so let's go!"

Yugi picked up the keys from a table and grabbed Yami's arm, then both ran out of the house.


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