Hey I'm having a little writers block with my other story so I decided to write another fic to get my mind off of it.

This is a JasperxBella fic and it will probably stay that way through the whole story. I'm not completely sure where this is going yet, but I've got I lose plan.

The story is rated T for now but that may change to an M later if I feel like writing some lemons :)

So this story takes place Post-Eclipse, a week before Bella and Edwards wedding. Edward leaves Bella again but this time it wasn't only his choice and for the good of Bella.

Disclaimer: Thank the wonderful Stephanie Meyers for Twilight because I do not own Twilight or any of these characters I'm just putting a twist in her story

Third Person POV

Bella woke up in the arms of her love. Time seemed to be moving faster since she had decided to marry Edward but she wasn't complaining. It was the sixth of August and as usual in Forks it was cool. She had become use to the weather and seemed to love it more and more everyday.

The day started like any other. Bella was so excited for her upcoming wedding in the last week, she didn't noticed the slight change in Edwards's expressions and words towards her. How could she? He promised her, he would never leave. That he loved her and only her. That he was hers forever. That all would change today, though she didn't know it yet.

However, Edward knew. It was his choice. He knew he had to do it soon. He knew it would hurt the ones he cared for but he would do anything for the person he loved. That person was not Bella and today she would find out the truth.

Yes I know it's very short but this is just the start I'm already half way through the next chapter and it should be up today if not tomorrow

Work really does suck :(

Luv from Monika Whitlock