Hey everyone!! I'm back from vacation and I have written a few chapters.

The problem is my dad has impounded my computer because he screwed up his computer with viruses. So, I won't be able to update as quick as I hoped because how my whole family is using my computer and only my computer - my family consists of three siblings and both my parents.
Also, school is starting up September 2nd again and I am in a lot of advance classes so I will be getting a ton of homework from the get go which also curves my updating speed.
Then on top of that I'm writing a book - yes I am writing books and I'm only 14. I write in it every time I have an idea - which is often. That's another thing that stops my fanfic writing.

So with these three distractions I have, I'm going to try to update once a week minimum. I love writing for ya'll here on and I didn't want to just give up on my fanfic, and I won't.

Anyways, Chapter one of Choosing Love is up. I hope it's good an you guys like it. If you are continuing reading, I thank you. I've probably lost readers because Breaking Dawn did come out and we know this is completely impossible. Not like it was possible before but still... (hehe, I died when I read page 30 because Jasper winked at Bella)

I've finished Breaking Dawn 23 times and now I'm taking a break and attempting to read my old books like Harry Potter and such. I tried reading HP 7 this morning and halfway through chapter 2 and I got bored. So I really need to try and get my mind of Twilight. LOL.

Oh right! I actually figured out how to check my stats. well I was so excited out when I read it. 211 Reviews and 10891 Hits! Thank you very very much. :) I would tell you who review 200 was but I got so many reviews I forgot to count at the time which one was 200. Sorry.

What are you waiting for?? GO READ CHAPTER 1 of Choosing Love!! Go go go!

Luv from
Monika Whitlock Hale