Akatsuki no Sakura

Chapter 6: Deidara

"Sakura-chan, I have a mission. Promise me that you would train and stay away from the other Akatsukis." Itachi warned. Sakura looked at him and smiled, "I would train, but I want to make friends with Deidara-san!" Itachi signed and poofed away.

Sakura turned and head up stairs. She still could not believe how wonderful this base, no palace, is.

Flash back:

"Sakura, the is the hall where the bedrooms are!" smiled Konan. "This dark door is Pein's or Leader's. This is mine with the paper stacked door, next is a plant door for Zetsu, a orange door with swirls for Tobi, the door with the money sign is Kakuzu's and the last door with blood and strange writings is Hidan' room," Sakura nodded as Konan continued.

"Across Kakuzu's is a blue door with fish, that is Kisame, obviously. Next to his is a wooden door for the wooden boy, Sasori. Next to his is a clay door for Deidara. Your's is next to his and across from mine. It has sakura flowers all over it. Itachi is on the other side of your's. His have a Uchiha crest." Sakura nodded and ran into her room.

She cannot believe her sight, her room looked a lot bigger inside. Her walls are pink with flowers and butterflies! They were moving, too! She found a little closet that is inside the sakura tree. A little table and couch on the side, she can't believe they were made with branches and petals. She also saw her bed at the corner. It was pink, fluffy and cover in sakura flowers. Last but not least was a little pink door that lead to the bathroom.

Sakura was so happy, she jumped and hugged Konan, who just entered the room. "I am glad you like it! Everyone has a special room. Mine has paper and origami. You can visit other's if they let you." Konan smiled and left.

End Flashback

Sakura was jumping up and down her bed when someone knocked. "I wonder who it is..." Sakura masked her chakra and opened the door. Outside was Deidara. He smiled, "Let's train for 2 to 3 hours. Leader said that since everyone are away, we should train ourselves. Then we can do anything we wanted to do." Sakura smiled and pulled Deidara toward the training ground.

------------------3 hours later---------------------

"You were great, Sakura-chan" breathed Deidara. "You, too" panted Sakura. Deidara was lying down and Sakura walked over after she healed herself. Deidara was surprised that this girl who is younger than him could have such well chakra control. He was surprised when Sakura started to heal him.

"Where did you learned to heal?" he asked. Sakura looked up and looked back down as soon as he said that. Deidara knew that he had said something wrong, so he decided to change the topic. "You came with Itachi?" Sakura smiled again, "Yeah! I didn't know what he was doing when he took me along in the middle of the night... But I am glad he did, I feel happy. I just miss Sasuke... he was my first true friend."

Deidara nodded, "Everything has a bad side... I never had a friend, but I guess the good thing is that I met you." Sakura blushed and finished healing him. As she helped pull him up, she felt something tickled her palm. "Ah!!" Sakura screamed. Deidara looked down immeditely, he mumbled, "Now you hate me, too." Sakura looked at his hands and say two mouths.

She soon burst out laughing. Deidara looked at her with a confused gaze, "What is so funny?"

Sakura looked at him, "I am sorry! I thought you were molding all those clay bird with your fingers! Now that I see you have mouths on your hands, they must have molded the birds for you! You cheater!" Sakura laughed and ran off, Deidara laughed and followed her.

As those two ran, Sakura thought to herself.

"Inner, should I tell Itachi about my blood line limit?"

"No! He will kill you, too"


"That night when he took you, he killed every Uchiha except his mom and brother."


"He had a reason that I don't know, but he cares for you."

"Then, I should tell him!"

"Tell him when you receive your sharingan!"


"You coming, Sakura-chan?" Deidara asked. Sakura nodded and ran after him and into the Akatsuki base.