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Note: For this first part of this fic, I decided to mix some real facts from the anime to my own history, so it just won't seems too confusing and look like it came out of nowhere, I wanted to start with something that everyone knows!! Also, in this fic, I'm talking about how the story about Neji and Hinata (my beloved couple S2) started to role. So this first part tells some spoilers when they were about 5, until they got to 18 years old on the second chapter, and that's when the fiction goes on my way!

--Chapter 1--

—The day our lives changed—

I'm aware that since that incident with my father, I became a cold, serious, mysterious and angry person. Someone of a few words. I just couldn't see or feel any joy in this life anymore. All I could think was about the that rage I kept inside this stoned heart for the rest of my family, for not only make me feel the loss of my beloved father, but also for condemning me to protect those who have killed him with a cursed seal burning on my forehead, reminding me of this hate forever.

Forced to live like that for the rest of my life, the only thing that could bring me some happiness was the thought of getting stronger with the shinobis training to maybe someday, defeat my hatred uncle.

And living like that, I had accepted my destiny.

Now, years has passed by my cursed pearled eyes. I grew up only doing what I was told to. But always at night when the stars were shining bright, everyone knew that I could be found somewhere into the woods, training harder and harder to someday reach my goal.

However, all of that would change on the day that my uncle decided that it was time to give me the letter that my father wrote to tell me the truth about that day, before he died.

That day was when I made clear to everyone the hate for Hyuga's clan, during the Ambu exams, when I was fighting Hinata.

Once I heard my name coming right after Hinata's, announcing that she would be my opponent, my blood ran out so hotter and faster trough my veins that I just couldn't think straight about the situation. It all happened too fast.

I had once promised to myself that the only Hyuuga I would truly protect, was my sweet and fragile cousin, who has also suffered her whole life because of her father's carelessness with her.

I still can remember when we were younger, at night the only sound I could hear was the cry of Hinata's sadness for being so ignored by her father, who has never accepted her as a ninja or even as his own daughter. Every night I stood hidden under her window's room feeding my hate with her cry. That was the only moment I allowed to get closer to her, secretly sharing our sadness.

But even so, after knowing that I should fight her, the only thought that kept beating on my mind was the fact that she had my uncle's blood inside her veins. And defeating her was the only way I could feel a little relief from that feeling that makes my heart bleed unstoppable.

On the stage it was clear who would be the winner of that battle.

Hinata was shaking to the bones, because she knew how much I waited for that day. Sometimes, from far away, she used to watch me with her byakugan. Me training until I got my muscles stressed or badly hurt has served her as encouragement for keeping being as ninja. I never told her this, but I knew she was there just watching me.

So she did knew how much I had trained, she simply knew that she had no chance against me. And the fact that I have never spoke a word to her, and only once look her in the eyes, was prove enough to her to know how mad I was.

So soon as the fight time started to run, I didn't hesitate. I came closer to started to punch her until she falls down, after my incredible fast Ju-kenpo Hakke 64 sho Hinata couldn't follow.

With blood coming out of her lips, already with her byakugan activated, the only image that she could see passing through her eye was her father's telling her with that annoying calm tone of voice of his, how useless, weak, disturbing, and shameful she was to their clan.

Because of that, Hinata just couldn't let it go. Her father's voice was too powerful in her mind.

She got up slowly, feeling her muscles aching and some of her bones broken. However, she could find some chakra left in her body, which she made burn it out, turning it visible to everyone who was watching her, and hopefully, her father would be proud that his daughter didn't give up at least.

As she was telling herself that she could not let her father once more disappointed, she runs directly to me to try the last hit.

Following next, she made call Ju-kenpo Hakke 64 sho. She knew how weak she was, but she really couldn't give up again. She was afraid to get humiliated by her father in front of all of her friends, and end up crying like a little girl.

Hinata, despite being fragile, she learned to stop her tears from every time her father yells at her.

So just like that, she and her father got surprised by my next move...the secret Hakke-sho Kaiten, throws Hinata against the wall and right at the moment that I would have given the last hit, her father put himself on my way making me stop and stare perplexed by his own action.

And so he speaks seriously to me:

"That is enough Neji! You have proved us how strong you've become! You do not need to kill your cousin!"

'…you do not need to kill you cousin…' That sentence remained like an eco on my head for a moment, until I woke up from my rage realizing the stupid thing I had done. That I just had broken my promise.

I was stoned. I couldn't believe how coward I was. I had just hurt the only girl who I could let get near me. The only person that I really wanted to protect, even never getting the courage to tell her about my promise...or to look in her eyes… because I knew that the reason of my cowardice was actually the fact that I hated her family too much to assume my feelings towards her. I knew that I just couldn't be with her as long as I hate her father.

And so that decisive moment happened. Hiashi takes out of his kimono's pocket a piece of an old bended paper, and he just put's it in my hand. I looked at him angry.

"What is this?"

"Just read it!" The old man replied.

So as I read the paper, a medical help came to take Hinata away to the hospital, since she got seriously hurt.

And the jury decides what everyone already knew.

I was the winner.

'How shameful.'

In the letter, my father tells me that his brother did not wanted to him to die, but even so, that was decided in order to protect his adored little son and the rest of his family.

I just couldn't believe, even though I did recognize my father's writing, putting away my doubts about the letter. But I was speechless.

"Neji, please understand, we had to keep that in secret from you about your father, for the entire Hyuuga clans safety… but today you made clear that it was time to that secret disappear. The clan needs you." That old man told him.

My head was exploding with too much information at once running on my mind. So the only thing I could think was getting out of that place as soon as possible and go to somewhere quiet, so I could process what happened all those years.

--end of first part--

Note3: the Ambu exam happened when they (Neji and Hinata) were about 18..and as I said on the top, I mixed the real anime facts to my fiction facts XD.