The Tri-Wizard tournament was over. Harry Potter, the winner, lay in the hospital wing, silently crying. His fellow school mate and other champion, Cedric, was dead thanks to Wormtail and Voldemort, who had used an ancient ritual, involving Harry's blood to return to a body. Harry's world was now in turmoil.

Now after a month Harry's mood and attitude had not changed. Not only was he in emotional turmoil, but his body, too, was causing problems. Nausea and a temperamental stomach had become a constant companion. It really didn't matter if he ate what the Dursley's fed him or not, he would wake up, rush towards the loo, then spend ten to fifteen minutes vomiting After he would make his way back to his room, lie down for half an hour, and then feel fine, unless he had to cook something that smelled wrong to him, like eggs. He thought nothing was wrong, that is until Remus and Sirius showed up late one night and told him something that would forever change his life. The former marauders snuck into Harry's bedroom.

"What do you mean 'pregnant'?" Harry questioned looking confused, scared, and worried all at once.

"I overheard Dumbledore talking to Snape when you were in the hospital wing. Neither of them knew that I was still there watching over you. Snape made a potion that would get you pregnant, using himself as the other 'donor'. Poppy gave it to you with all the others, on Dumbledore's orders. And before you ask Poppy is aware of what they have done. They needed her input to see if your body could handle it." said Sirius.

"Why? Why would they do this?!"

"Control. Wizarding law states that any wizarding person that is not wed or bonded and is expecting must marry or bond with another, preferably with the other 'parent'. By controlling you and having you bond with Snape, they will control your child, thereby controlling you even more. As the older one, Snape would be the dominate one in the relationship. No one would question him once you two bond." said Remus.

"I would! Do they really think that I am that stupid?"

"No. I imagine that they will tell you that it was Voldemort's idea and blame him." answered Remus. Harry snorted.

"As your godfather, I swore to help raise and protect you. I haven't been able to do that for a long time, but I will help you with this. Now I know that there is no way to abort the babe. What I need to know is do you want to keep it or give it up?"

"Keep it. I've lost too many because of the wars. I won't let another innocent die because of me, not if I can help it, even if it is Snape's child."

"You are most definitely you parents' son. We thought that you would say that and have come up with a plan."

"Let's hear it."