Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Eleven Years Later

A letter addressed to Cedric Potter, Marauder's Station, Australia, arrived by owl on the first of August. It was from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As he read the letter Cedric thought about all his parents had told him about the castle. All that had happened to them while they attended there. This wasn't the only school to offer him an education. The Sydney Academy wanted him as well and it was closer to home. But his parents were letting him chose. Perhaps if he saw Hogwarts it would help make up his mind.

Two weeks later eleven year old Cedric and his mother were being given a tour of Hogwarts. His father had refused to come and stayed with his brother and sisters instead. Their final destination was the Great Hall where all the rest of the staff was gathered. His mother greeted several of the Professors as they passed. An old man with a long grey beard sat on a golden seat. Cedric didn't need anyone to tell him that this was Albus Dumbledore.

"Well, young Mr. Potter. I am happy to see you here. I'm sure that you will find our school to your liking. Be sure to have everything when you arrive on September 1st."

"Actually sir, I won't be attending here. As you and that other man, Snape, are still here. I will be going to the Sydney Academy in Sydney. It is closer to home."

Dumbledore looked rather surprised and slightly scared. A Potter going to a different magical school? Unheard of! The Ministry, especially the new Minister, had placed all their hopes on Harry's son coming to Hogwarts in an effort to bring Harry back into their society. Not much had been heard about their Savior. They had exhausted most of their resources in trying to find him. It was now common knowledge that the young man before him was Harry's son and that Harry had given birth to him. Who the other father was was still a secret to most. Obviously the child had been told.

Hermione had to suppress the grin that was threatening to come out. Her son had already told her and Harry that he was going to go to Sydney. He had wanted to see Hogwarts at least once and to see his other father just once as well. The boy was too much like his grandfather.

"I see. May I ask why then did you request the tour?"

"I wanted to see the castle for myself and to see my other father."

Severus Snape looked surprised and slightly giddy over the fact that his son wanted to meet him. Maybe the boy would let them get to know one another. But the boy's next words ruined that hope.

Cedric Potter looked straight at the man who was his other biological father.

"I want to tell you that I think that you two are the worst people in the world for what you did to my dad. I wouldn't come here if you gave away all the sweets in the world." He turned his attention to Severus. "You maybe the other 'donor' but you will never be my other father. You gave up that right when you attempted to do what you did. I have two parents that love me no matter what. I doubt that you would have done that. Never look for me and never bother me. To me you are dead. I want nothing from you now or ever. I'm ready to leave now Mum." The two turned around and began to walk out of the Great Hall. Silence followed them as they left.

Severus Snape, one time spy, harsh task master, all around unpleasant person, watched as his only son walked out of his life forever. A lone tear escaped his eyes and ran down his cheek.