Piper sat in her room on her bed reading a book who she heard a set of scampering feet

Piper sat in her room on her bed reading a book who she heard a set of scampering feet. Her breath caught in her throat as she heard a bark. Piper bolted to the door and attempted to lock it but the door whished open before she could get there, and Lacey bounded in. Piper bolted to her desk and jumped on top of it, doing her best not to scream.

'I'll remain, I'll remain… I'll' Before Piper could finish her thought Lacey jumped up onto the char onto the desk, knocking Piper over and onto her bed, Piper screaming along the way.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Piper screamed as the dog jumped on her and licked her face. Piper attempted to get out from under the dog. Finn came running in and pulled Lacey Off Piper.

"Sorry Piper. She got out of my room. Won't happen again." Finn apologized, pulling Lacey out of the room. Aerrow came barreling in.

"What's going on?" He snapped.

"Lacey got out of my room. It won't happen again. Sorry." Finn exclaimed. Aerrow walked over to Piper who still lay on her bed in the same postion as when Finn pulled lacey off her.

"Piper, You okay?" He asked, worry in his voice.. He watched Piper blink before closing her eyes and nodding.

"Aerrow?" Piper whispered.


"How am I going to survive with a dog on the ship?" She asked.

"Simple, Finn actually keep it locked in his room." Aerrow told her. Piper nodded and opened her eyes. She looked so fragile, lying the way she was. Her knees pressed together, her feet far apart from each other and her knees slightly raised off the bed, her arms spread out from her body, her hair surrounding her head and body like a halo.

"How is Finn going to keep her locked in her room. It's a DOG Aerrow. I used raise them when … when... my parents were alive. A dog needs to walked, and loved. Finn is not going to be able to Lacey enough attention." Piper told him.

"Uh… True…Uh… We'll figure something out. Finn's already sworn he'd only take her out on walks when you were asleep or on patrol." Aerrow told her.

"I know Aerrow… I know." Piper told him. " But it's noting going to be enough for Lacey."

"Piper… We'll make this work. I made my promise to protect you from dogs, and I will keep doing so." Aerrow told her. Piper slowly sat up.

"No, one day you won't be able too. When you fall in love and marry a woman. You won't be able to protect me, you'll be too busy protecting her and defeating Cyclonia, I'll just be a teammate, maybe a best friend, but you won't be able to protect me Aerrow. She is gonna a puppy, a lot of women love puppies. They are cute, and sweet when young, but depending on how they were raised, depends on how they turn out." Piper told him. Aerrow Stared at her shock.

"Piper, I made a promise. I will up hold it. I promise." Aerrow told her. He wasn't going to tell her he had already fallen in love and it was with her.

"Aerrow… Don't argue with me. It's gonna get us no where." She told him, sitting on her feet.

"Piper… I… I will protect you." Aerrow told her. Piper smiled.

"For now maybe, but one day… you won't be there." Piper told him, getting off her bed and walking up to him. She threw her arms around him and buried her face in his chest. Aerrow was surprised at first but quickly got over it and hugged her back.

"I'll always be there, and If not me, whom ever you fall in love with will be." He told her. He felt Piper smile into his chest. She knew she would live alone once he married. She could never love anyone as she loved him. But she wasn't going to tell him that.

" If I ever marry." She told him as she stepped away. She looked at him with sad eyes. He could never love her the way she loved him.

"I'm sure you'll find a fine man who'll love you a great deal." He told her. She smiled sweetly and silently walked from her room, leaving him there.