It all started on Monday afternoon, when Justin had started to want a new book on Wizarding Biology. In order to raise money for it, his parents had requested he do more chores to raise his allowence. On Friday afternoon, Justin sat slumped on his couch, flipping through the TV stations as he waited patiently for the dryer to finish. He finally settled on a show, and settled back to watch it for the next thirty minutes.

The door slammed, and Alex stomped in, her black coat flecked with snow. She immediatly noticed Justin, and moved to sit in the chair. "I hate this show," She complained.

Justin sighed, and turned the volume up. "You're fifteen minutes late, Dad wants to start with lessons soon so we have to go to the lair."

Alex rolled her eyes. "Then what are you still doing here?"

"I have to do laundry," Justin said.

Alex snorted. "Wow, you are a good little housewife aren't you?"

"Shut up Alex."

Alex mimicked Justin, but he ignored it.

"Well, since your here, you might as well just wait to leave with me," Justin said. He had already missed half of the show, and was a little annoyed.

"Fine, but I get my choice of TV," Alex countered.

Justin glanced at her in disbelief. He faked handing her the remote, and when she reached for it, he snatched it back. "Not gonna happen," He said, just as the dryer went off. Alex smirked.

"Actual, I believe it will," She said. Justin sighed and tossed her the remote as he went to hang and fold the clothes, and listened as Alex changed the station.

Justin made his way to the laundry room and opened the dryer door. A pile of clothing fell out, and he grumbled as he picked it up and tossed it on top of the washing machine. He then began to shovel his way through the clothing, folding and hanging as fast as he could so he could get to the lessons. He winced as he was forced to fold underwear.

And then he pulled out a lacy, yellow bra and obviously matching bottoms. His stomach lurched as he realized it belonged to Alex. Suddenly, he began to imagine what she would look like in this attire. Then, ashamed of himself, he shook his head and quickly folded the clothing, and shoved the undergarments under a pile of socks.

He took a few deep breaths, and began on the laundry again.

He hated to admit it, but every since the summer when he had seen Alex in a bikini, he had had some moments where he began thinking of Alex as not really a sister, but something desirable. he had tried to control his thoughts, and they didn't happen that often, especially with his girlfriend Miranda around. But every now in then, with moments like this, he would begin to indulge in fantasies he knew he shouldn't be. Alex was his sister. He should not be thinking this. He fought to ignore his arousal, and finished the laundry.

He then tried to think of Miranda to banish the thoughts of Alex, but the image of her kept popping in at the edge of his mind. Normally, he would have tried harder to ignore it, but he was late for lessons and he needed to get going. So instead he grabbed his jacket and rushed out of the door, calling for Alex and telling her it was time to leave.

When they got to the lair, their Dad was waiting for them, a little bit angry, but he started the lesson without saying anything.

"Ok, today we will be learning about how to change items into different colors..." Jerry began to say, and he gestured towards the blackboard. Justin tried to pay attention, but he was still struggling not to think about Alex. She had taken off her Jacket, and was wearing a white button-down shirt and a denim mini-skirt over blue leggings. He suddenly had the urge to un-button her shirt, and slide his hand under her skirt...

Stop it! His mind screamed at him, and he hit himself on the forehead to dispel his thoughts.

"Justin what are you doing?" Jerry asked suddenly. He, Max, and Alex were staring at him like he was crazy.

Justin felt his face heat up. "Umm, there...was...a bug?" He tried. Jerry chose to accept it.

"Fine, well, try to change the pencil blue," Jerry said.

Justin's blush deepened, because he realized he did not know the spell. "Ummm..."

"Justin, is something wrong?" Jerry looked concerned.

"Err, no...just...kind of...stressed," Justin lied. In reality, it was the dark-haired girl sitting right next to him...

"Well, I guess lessons are over for today. Alex, Justin? Your mom and I are going to take Max to the dentist and then to a movie, we'll be out for a few hours."

"Ok," Both kids said.

"The dentist? Come on!" Max complained.

"You get to see the movie," Jerry pointed out.

Max crossed his arms. "Fine."

When Alex and Justin got back home, there was immediately a fight over the remote.

"It's mine!"

"I was here first!"

"You watched it last!"

"Yeah, for five minutes while you were doing laundry!"

"Just give me the-" Justin lunged for the remote, accidentally swatting the remote out of Alex's hands and onto the floor. They both lunged for it on the ground, and wrestled for it. The remote was knocked under a table, and they both clambered to get it. Then, suddenly, Justin rolled over as Alex crawled to get to the remote, and he ended up on top of her, their faces an inch away.

Justin swallowed hard as Alex's breath swirled around his face.

"Justin?" Alex said. She noticed her brother was looking at her strangely.

Justin couldn't control himself. She was so close, her body pressed against him, and all his thoughts he had tried to ignore came rushing through his head. Before he could think, or analyze his actions, he leaned down and gently captured her lips in his.

It lasted for about two seconds, and then he pulled away and scrambled up in horror. "Oh my god."

Alex was still on the ground, dazed and confused. The scene had gone from fighting, to intimate, to horror so fast her head was still spinning. Or perhaps it was from the kiss.

"Justin, what was that?" She said shakily. Justin shook his head.

"Sorry, Alex, it was...nothing. I just, oh god, sorry, your my sister, I don't know what I was doing and-"

"Justin," Alex interrupted. "Justin that was..." He noticed she was blushing. "It was...nice."

There was a silence.

"Alex," Justin said, unable to believe what he was hearing. "Alex, you're my sister."

Alex nodded at the truth, and gave up. She sat up and smoothed her hair and she grabbed the remote, vaguely reveling in the victory, and went to sit on the couch. Suddenly, however, Justin was standing in front of her, and he bent down to kiss her again.

"Justin," Alex said once he let her breathe. "What happened to 'you're my sister'?"

"That was a fact, not a rejection." Justin said, and leaned down to kiss her again.

"But-" She protested. "You're my brother. It is not right."

"Alex." Justin pulled back, his eyes full of lust. "Please. I need you."

Alex took a long second, biting her lip as Justin waited impatiently. Truthfully, she had feared she had a tiny crush on Justin for a little while, but had tried to ignore her feelings. But now that she knew that he like her too, she didn't have to hide. But they were still siblingsā€¦but at the same time she could no longer deny what she felt. Finally she reached up and pulled Justin to her. They kissed harder, and Justin pulled so she was lying down on the rug. He began to kiss her collarbone, and his fingers went to her top button. He unbuttoned her shirt, and then kissed his way down to her bra. He noticed it was a white version of the yellow one. He could hardly believe this fantasy was reality.

He was brought back by Alex moaning "Justin..."

He obliged, and unhooked her bra and tossed it away. He massaged her chest, pinching her nipples and making them harden. Then he brought he mouth down and copied the movements with his tongue. Alex moaned and ground her hips into him. She felt his hard-on against her.

Justin moved to her other breast, and she was gasping. When he lifted his head she reached her hands under his shirt and ran her hands along his chest, and felt his stomach muscles tighten beneath her fingers when she ran them along his skin. She peeled of her shirt so there was no barrier. Justin moved his hands lower, and peeled off her leggings and then her skirt. He pulled away her soaking wet panties. "Alex..." He moaned when he saw how wet she was, just for him. He then began to stroke her, and played with her clit.

"Ahh, Justin," Alex gasped as he slid a finger inside her. He thrusted them in and out as her hips bucked, and he added more fingers and continued playing with her clit. She moaned loudly when she came, and sank back against the carpet.

Justin then decided it was now. He unbuckled his belt and pulled off the rest of his clothing. He bent down to kiss her on the lips and positioned himself at her entrance. He noticed the sudden look of fear in her eyes and kissed her on the forehead to calm her. "Are you sure?" He asked.

"Yes," Alex said, and he nodded and thrust himself in her slowly, breaking through her barrier. She screamed and gripped his shoulders hard. He pulled out and thrust again, running his hands down her arms and whispering softly to her as tears slid down her cheeks in the pain. But he kept it slow, and his sweetness helped ease the pain into pleasure. Finally, it subsided, and she gasped when he thrust again, hitting a sweet spot.

"Justin," She moaned, loosening her death grip and moving her hands down his back. "Harder."

Justin sighed in relief; he had not wanted to hurt her, and he began to push harder, hitting the same spot. She arched her back and moaned, taking him in deeper and harder. Her nails bit into his back as the pace quickened. He hit the spot again and again, and she gasped in pleasure. He watched as her eyes began to darken as she climbed to her peak. He began to thrust faster and faster, and she arched in response, matching his pace. She was so close to climaxing, and she was moaning loudly.

"Justin!" She cried out as she finally came. Justin moaned her name as well when after a few more thrust he found release. He collapsed on top of her, but then quickly shifted so Alex was cradled on his chest. After a few blissful moments, Alex spoke.

"Justin, what are we going to do?" Alex asked. Their parents would be home in roughly an hour. It pained her to think all she and Justin would ever have was a few hours.

"We keep it a secret," Justin said.

"And?" Alex pressed.

"Enjoy these few moments," Justin answered, and kissed her softly.

I originally planned this as a oneshot, but I might write more. Reviews appreciated!