Alright guys I know it's been a while. I was in a little of a writer's block…I did write several stories but none of them were worth continuing. But since I did have great success with this story, I decided a sequel may be in order. I'm not sure how well it will work, but I do have the story outlined. And since its summer I expect updating to be much easier. This chapter is a little preview of the sequel, and I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as the first one.

Justin paced back and forth on the tile floor, his sneakers making hollow taps that echoed in the silence. Every now and then he would pause and glance at the countertop, where, perched carefully near the window was a black wand. On the side the gold letter flashed from the light of the light overhead.

Justin sighed and looked away. Whenever he laid eyes on the magical instrument he couldn't help the automatic bile that rose to his throat. Against his better judgment, he decided to cast a quick peek at the clock, where the hand showed he had about ten more minutes. Ten minutes until his life changed. Whether or not it was for the better was up to him.

But unfortunately that was exactly the problem. What was the right way?

Justin groaned and sank to the floor thoroughly defeated. In the room directly above his head, Alex sat on their bed, coughing and wasting away to nothing.

Outside of his house, a group of rebel hopefuls waited, the fate of their lives and families resting in the hands of one man. One regular, non-magical human. At least for now.

Justin shook his head. He now had five minutes.

"What do you want from me?" He whispered. He had to choose. But could he? How could he? The one person he loved most in the world was about to be taken from him….or he could save her…and keep the world in the delicate position it was in. He needed more time, but that was not an option.

Lifting his head up, Justin carefully stood, and as the clock began to count down to the last minute, he made his way to the black wand. He took a deep breath, and gingerly picked the wand up and pointed it to the open window.

"I hope you can forgive me," Justin said, before casting the spell. As the light entered the darkness, the Wizard Council symbol flashed for a second, before the wand self destructed in Justin's hands.


The Leader of the Wizard Council was not happy.

One minute to midnight, and he still had no answer. He had known it would take the boy quite some time to come up with his answer, but this was pushing it. The fate of his plan was resting in this one moment, and the Leader was starting to get worried.

He took out his anxiety on his flask, where an amber liquid sloshed, a good percent of it already consumed. He took another sip before letting out an impatient growl and tossing it to the stone wall, where it shattered into a million pieces. The smell of alcohol was released into the air, and it did nothing to calm his nerves.

Just as the Leader was about to yell for his second in command, he came running in, out of breathe, a trait unusual for a council member, who strived for control of all things, even emotion.

"What is it?" The Leader said irritably. He did not like to be interrupted when he was fuming. It was bad for his image.

"Sir, we received the answer."

"Yes?" Immediately he was interested.

"It was…green. Sir. Mr. Russo will cooperate."

The Leader let out a small, genuine small. Something never before seen by an actual person.

"Very good." He said, and reached for a second wand on the table. This one was a dark purple. "Give our new friend this present. And our response."

The council member bowed. "Will do Sir."

The Leader nodded, and turned to face the moonless night. "Well Mr. Russo. Welcome to the Wizard Council."

Depredation Contract

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