Author's Note

First off, I have to apologize for the poor quality of a couple of the last chapters. I was writing fast and furious to try to get them done before I left for vacation and before Breaking Dawn came out. I really rushed through chapters 9 and 10, so they are not as good as they could be.

By the way, NO, I haven't read Breaking Dawn yet, so don't email me any spoilers! I get to read it in a couple of days. I know after I read it, I most likely won't finish "my" version of it. I actually have my own novel that I'm in the process of writing (it was totally derailed by the need to write twilight fanfiction…). I need to get to trying to write something that can actually be published!

But in case you're curious how my plot line went, it was something like this….

The reason why Edward broke eye contact with Bella during the wedding was b/c he heard the thoughts of Billy Black. Edward had "the circle" plan in place with the Cullens just in case something made him nervous.

Actually seeing Bella get married – and not to Jacob - was a little too much for Billy to handle. His anger over the loss of his son and potential daughter-in-law , coupled with the yet unknown fact that there are more vampires coming to Forks (the volturi) trigger the werewolf gene in him and he phases – and of course, given the physical freedom that he has in werewolf form, he refuses to phase back. He assumes the alpha position, of course, and his rage taints the pack into a more vicious one – but also weakens it in a sense, as most of the pack members don't want to do what he is commanding them to, but can't refuse his orders. They are not allowed to phase back into human form.

After the honeymoon, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Carlisle and Esme go to New Hampshire for a few days to scope out a new place to live. Bella decides she'd rather spend some time saying goodbye to Charlie, so she stays in Forks at the Cullens house with Rosalie and Emmett volunteering to "babysit".

Bella and Charlie decide to go fishing for old time's sake, and on the way home Charlie wants to stop by the Blacks to check on Billy, b/c he hasn't returned his calls. Bella doesn't want to, but can't talk Charlie out of it. They arrive at the home to find his wheelchair in shreds and the doors busted and large wolf tracks…Bella of course figures out immediately what has happened and tries to get them out of there. They are surrounded by the pack. Charlie tries to fight and ends up unconscious.

When Bella doesn't return Emmett and Rosalie go looking for her. Most of the pack doesn't want to hurt Bella or the Cullens, but they can't refuse Billy. Emmett and Rosalie fight to try to rescue Bella and Charlie. Emmett is killed in the attempt, but not before killing Paul. Rosalie tries to save Bella on her own but is also killed. Bella is next, but just then Jacob arrives. The pack mind had alerted him to what was going to happen. He's been gone for so long, and since really is the pack alpha, he's able to resist Billy's orders. He and Billy fight for the Alpha role and Billy is killed. Jacob assumes the alpha role. He refuses to negotiate a new treaty with the Cullens unless Bella agrees to stay human, and the Cullens agree to move immediately and never settle in Washington again. Bella sees how she can bring peace to the war, and agrees, with Edward's blessing, to stay human.

Edward eases Bella's guilt over Emmett and Rosalie's death by confiding in her that Rosalie wanted to die. She hated that Edward knew that about her. She wanted to be released. She only continued living b/c of her love for Emmett – with him gone, there would be nothing else for her to live for.

Before the Cullens can leave Alice sees the Volturi attacking. Tanya shows up with Kate and Eleazor to explain that Irina has informed the guard of the werewolves and how Laurent was killed. The guard hides under the guise of revenge for Laurent's death, but the Cullens know it's really about taking them down. Now the Cullens fight to protect the pack. The three Denali members fight with the Cullens. The main guard is destroyed. Aro, Marcus and Cauis show up and end the fight. They make a truce with the Cullens / three denali clan – and the truce includes Bella being able to stay human.

The epilogue is a recap of Bella's dream – the one where she thinks she's her grandma – with Edward still by her side. She's made peace with who she is.

Now you know where I was headed with the story!

And in a couple of days I'll know the rest of Stephenie's story – one million times better than mine, it goes without saying!

I greatly enjoyed writing this fanfiction, and so appreciated all of the reviews and nice feedback. Hmm…maybe I won't be able to resist… I might have to write a few one-shots after reading Breaking Dawn!

Thank you again to each person who left reviews!