Disclaimer: Caution: Speaking to, looking at, or even thinking of Tingle for extended periods of time can cause irreparable physical and emotional damage. In clinical tests, prolonged exposure to Tingle has been shown to cause cancer. Read at your own risk.

AN: Ah, now, after that semi-depressing chapter on Knuckle, I bring us back to Tingle with a short something that set me against him from the moment I met him in Windwaker. Surely you all remember that humorous-yet-weird scene on Windfall Island...

A Little Personal

It was a chilly, damp cell. Quite spacious, but permeated with the musty, earthy scent of mushrooms and decay. The jail on Windfall Island had clearly gone unused, thanks to the island's peaceful community, until this loon showed up.

The loon in question was a short, middle-aged man with beady eyes and a sly little moustache, dressed head to foot in green, who introduced himself as Tingle. Link didn't know quite what to expect from the strange little convict, but he certainly wasn't expecting what he heard after he was spotted. With a short, shocked gasp, Tingle leapt up and raced over to the bars of his cell.

"Those green clothes... Sir! Are you, perhaps, a fairy?!"

Link froze, unsure of how to respond. What a question! A little personal for an ice-breaker, don't you think?!

AN: Aye, I went there. I really did. (Ahem.) Anyway! This shall be the last short, now that my rage, indignation, and irkedness with Tingle (and with having to pay him three thousand, three hundred, and eighty-five rupees to save the world) has been fully converted to word form. Thanks for reading and later, all!