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Summary: Five episode additions, RononTeyla centric moments. Next in the SAWS, Spanky a Week Summer.

Rating: T

Pairing: Ronon/Teyla

Warnings: Fluff; violence; slight sexual situation

Spoilers: Duet; Aurora; Lost Boys; The Hive; & Echoes

Title: All In Life

Author: fyd818

Part 1/6

Author's note: This fic is a five-moments Ronon/Teyla – thing – that occurred to me one day. It starts out kind of canon, but I assure you it very much diverges later, though five episodes are highlighted in this fic. This is one of my favorite scenes from Duet – an extended edition. -wink- I hope you enjoy this next installment of SAWS (please check my profile for a link to find out more about it, if you're interested), and thanks for reading!

Author's note 2: Okay, so I know I promised I wouldn't post anything till I come back from vacation, but I already had this written, and I had to keep an eye on SAWS -- and I posted this for this week, which is close to over without a fic to cover for it. So this was originally going to be next one for later -- but it is my new one now. LOL I hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading! The next part should be up pretty soon!

All In Life


Part I


Leaning in the doorway of Teyla Emmagan's quarters, watching her stretch, Ronon Dex found a new appreciation for the Atlantians' having brought him here. He'd rarely been in the presence of civil humans – let alone women – in seven years. At this point, at least, he wasn't willing to sacrifice whatever fragile thing he had with Teyla, with these people, by telling her his admiration for her was one of the reasons he'd come to Atlantis.

But, audience of Marines behind him or not, he wasn't past looking and admiring – just for a minute.

Teyla must have sensed his presence, for she lifted her head and upper body to look at him. Her eyes went wide, her body language screaming surprise.

"I came to apologize," Ronon said without preamble. He'd found himself to be an ardent admirer of her talents in the art of Bantos sparring – and, admittedly, caught up in the excitement of fighting with her. It had been a very long time since he'd had someone to challenge him in a non-lethal match. It had also been a bit of a blow to his ego, this little woman so easily keeping up with him. . . Frustration had gotten the better part of him, and he was slightly ashamed. He no more wanted to imperil their friendship (if that's what it was) with this than with his admitting he (maybe) liked her.

Her delicately shaped dark eyes blinked once, twice. Perhaps in confusion, perhaps in surprise. She obviously hadn't been expecting him to come, or maybe not to come to apologize. In truth, had it been anyone else, he probably wouldn't have searched them out to apologize, just done it the next time he'd seen them. But there was something about her. . . She made him do things out of the ordinary.

"Uh – come in, Ronon," she said. She motioned with her left hand for him to enter, then shifted it to splay across her chest. "Please, sit down."

For a long moment, Ronon steadily held Teyla's gaze. Then he went to sit in the chair she'd indicated as she shifted to sit tailor-style on the bed, facing him. "Truly, there is no need to apologize," she said, sounding slightly out-of-breath. "It was – impressive." Once more Teyla's hand fluttered to her chest, and Ronon very carefully kept his eyes from following the movement. That would certainly not help this already awkward situation.

Ronon shrugged off Teyla's words, unsure if they were meant as a compliment or not. Now that he was here, he wasn't sure what to say. He wasn't accustomed to being put off balance, but Teyla Emmagan seemed to have an unsettling way of doing just that to him.

"How are you finding your training?" Teyla asked, obviously desperate to change the subject.

"Don't you mean my test?" Ronon challenged. He hadn't meant for the words to come out, but he did mean them. Guards followed him everywhere he went; everyone watched his every move, as if expecting him to attack at any moment; he was met with suspicion and distrust everywhere he went. Past experience gave him no other explanation for this behavior. They had to be testing him. And, if they deemed him unworthy of the trouble and their trust, Ronon would leave before he'd be kicked out. He was surprised to find that thought actually hurt.

Teyla cocked her head to the side, her eyes hurt. "Is that what you think?" she asked softly. She seemed to be offended by the very idea.

"Am I wrong?" Now that they were on the subject, Ronon wasn't going to back down. The only iota of trust he'd been shown here came from Sheppard and Teyla, and only one of them seemed to trust him without limit. He had a feeling Teyla would be the only one willing to answer his questions truthfully, too.

Teyla sighed. Her emotional brown eyes studied his expression, as if in an attempt to understand what would possess him to ask such a question. Her hand dropped from her chest, then partly extended as if to reach out to him. But she only sighed again and dropped it into her lap, shaking her head. "It is difficult," she said at last. "They do not understand us – they do things differently here. It takes them much longer to trust."

Ronon could sympathize with that. No matter what kindness they'd shown him, he was having trouble trusting them, too. "Why did you stay?" he asked. He didn't have to ask: he knew she was different from the others. She had a deeper level of understanding about the Pegasus galaxy, about the threat of the Wraith, than the otherworlders who lived in the Ancestors' grand city. A part of him could connect to her in a way he knew he'd never find with any of the Earthlings, because as they sparred, he saw a shadow of his pain in her eyes. His question stemmed from a need to understand the situation, but also to get to know her better. He found her frustratingly enigmatic, but he yearned to find out more about her, to understand her better – even if he did already feel like he knew her, in a way.

Her well-shaped lips pursed, and once more she studied him thoughtfully. "My people are strong, and proud," she said at last. "But Atlantis, and these people, give us a hope where before there was none."

Nodding, Ronon conceded her point. No matter how little they seemed to understand – these blundering explorers, ignorant to the dangers even a simple question could bring – they did have the drive and firepower need to perhaps give the Wraith a much-needed challenge.

Teyla leaned forward, capturing his attention again. "I believe you see it, too," she said. "Otherwise, you would have already left."

Maybe that's what it was – a subconscious feeling that there was something inherently good about these people, despite their initial suspicion. He wasn't just staying to be somewhere safe for once; for a chance at a new life; or even for getting to know Teyla better. These people, this place, offered him a chance for real revenge, something he'd been longing for.

Now that this question had been answered, Ronon found himself being drawn in two different directions. Part of him wanted to go off by himself and think about all this, and the other part (the larger one, if he wanted to be honest) wanted to stay and talk to Teyla more. After being so long bereft of human contact, of conversation and just company, talking to Teyla was wonderful and awkward, all at once.

Teyla asked if he wanted to stay and talk then, and it was cinched. While going to make tea, she casually waved off Ronon's Marine escort, closing the door at the same time. Ronon was surprised: it was a large step of acceptance, of trust, for her to do so.

They spent almost the entire night drinking tea and discussing everything from worlds they'd visited to the Atlantians. Ronon was desperate to understand, and Teyla had a way of explaining things unique enough for him to get it. They very carefully avoided very personal things – such as their separate homeworlds, and their families. The more time they spent talking, the more Ronon relaxed.

When the sun began to stir from its home beneath the horizon, Ronon reluctantly left. As he rejoined his Marine escorts, he couldn't even bring himself to be annoyed at them.

Maybe he could make Atlantis home. And – maybe – he could have a friendship with Teyla Emmagan.

-End Part I-