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Bi bi bi beep!!

Bi bi bi beep!!

"Ugh... damn alarm!" A single, pale arm slithered out from the confinements of the deep red bed covers and made it's way to the bedside table where a hand fumbled around for the offending object. Once the hand eventually grasped the still beeping alarm it hurled it across the room, where it clanged against the wall before connecting with the head of the half-asleep room mate, who yelped loudly. The owner of the hand which threw the irritating -but defenceless- alarm clock pulled the covers from over her head, revealing ruffled baby pink locks which framed an innocent looking face with bright, emerald green, eyes. She looked across the room to see her room mate rubbing gently at where the alarm had hit her.

"Oh, Hinata, I'm so sorry!" She exclaimed, somewhat sleepily, to which she received a glare. Only she ever saw the non-shy side to her friend.

"You say that everyday, right after you launch that thing at me! I'm going to nail it down!"

The pink haired girl pushed her covers back and stretched before stumbling out of her bed and making her way to the bathroom, grabbing some clothes from her dresser as she passed it. She emerged 15 minutes later, fully dressed in her favourite black baggy jeans and a black tank top with an 'evil' bunny on the front. Her hair had been tamed and was now tangle free, running to her mid-back without a single kink or curl and her vibrant green eyes had been framed in black eye-liner, making them stand out even more. She grabbed her bag from the the floor and then walked into their dorm living area where she began stuffing her bag with her class text books before sitting and waiting for her friend.

Soon, Hinata reappeared wearing tight black jeans and a dark blue spaghetti top. She had left her dark indigo hair down as usual. Her long bangs and fringe framing her unusual pale silver eyes. She picked up her already packed bag and smiled at her friend. "Ready Sakura?" The pinkette nodded.

"Yep, all done." Hinata suddenly found herself being almost dragged from their second floor dorm room, down the stairs and towards the main school building by her pink haired friend who seemed more the determined not to be late for once in her school life. Either that or Tsunade, the head of the school, had finally found a threat that had some effect on Sakura. By some wild miracle, the two arrived outside of their school building five minutes early. They walked together through the corridors, since their first class was the same.

"Hey, Sakura," Hinata started "Did you hear about the new boy joining the school today?" Sakura frowned in thought before nodding slightly.

"Yeh, I think I remember someone mentioning it, why?"

"Just wondering what he's going to be like." Hinata answered. The pinkette sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Probably like 97 percent of the school. Cocky, self centred and annoying." Hinata giggled at her friend. She was right though. Except from a few people in the school a lot of the students thought they were above everyone else and liked to prance around like kings and queens. Grabbing her friend by the arm, the dark haired girl began pulling her towards their first class, unaware that they were being watched by two sea foam eyes from the principals office.

"I'm sure that your brother will enjoy being at this school very much." Exclaimed the overly cheery principal to her current guests. Really all she wanted to do was get her sake out of the draw and spend the day drinking and playing in the online casinos. She spun her chair slightly to face toward the boy standing at the window, looking out at the students as they walked into the school. "So, young man, do you have any questions about Konoha High?" She asked. The male seemed to ignore her until she heard a small 'hn' which she decided to take as a no.

She turned back to the blond woman and the tattooed man sat in front of her desk. The man looked rather intimidating with his facial tattoos but he almost constantly wore a wide grin, only dropping it when he cast glances to either his brother by the window or his sister next to him. The woman looked fairly normal, ignoring her four spiky pigtails and the large fan she repeatedly opened and closed. The blond was pleasant enough but looked like she could pack a punch when she wanted.

"Well, I guess I just need to you finish off these forms with your signatures and then I can show your brother where his first class is. I'm sure he'll make friends soon enough." The two in front of her cast glances over at the red head by the window before picking up the pens and squiggling away on the necessary lines. "Right then, time for classes" Tsunade smiled, getting up from her chair and walking towards the door and allowing the older male and female to leave before looking over at the new student. "If you'd follow me please."

"Whoop! I'm not late!" Celebrated a rather energetic Sakura as she walked into her class, which was practically empty as most people arrived just as the lesson started. Beside her, Hinata sighed and put her hands on her friends shoulders to stop her bouncing around.

"Do you have to make an idiot out of yourself, we've only just got here Saku." she muttered, glad she didn't have to calm her friend in front of a full class of people. Sakura was the only one she felt comfortable enough around to act normal, even her close cousin had to cope with her stuttering.

"Aww, evil Hinata! I'm not being an idiot, am I Tenten?" she addressed a dark haired girl who was busy engraving something in the desk with a sharp looking penknife, less than interested in what her friend was whining about.

"If you say so..." the girl replied, not looking up at the two girls as they took their seats at either side of her. She noticed that Sakura wasn't late for once, but didn't care to ask how or why. She had almost finished what she was carving into her desk when a confident, snobby voice sounded from some where in front of of the three's desks.

"Oh my, what on earth has the cat dragged in today, hmm forehead?" the girl sneered "I do hope it isn't diseased!" Tenten contemplated removing the girls tongue since she had done carving but the pinkette had made it clear that Ino was her problem.

Ino and Sakura had been friends. Very close friends in fact, right up until Ino decided it would be a good idea to sleep with the pinkettes boyfriend and then proceed to take him from her entirely. Since then, Ino had become one of those girl who wore far too little clothing and tried to make up for it by plastering themselves in make-up. You didn't often find her without her two 'friends', the 'Ino-wannabes', Hitomi and Yukina, who had both bleached their hair blond in order to be more like Ino.

"Apparently it dragged you in Ino-pig." Sakura replied from behind her desk where she was gripping her chair in order to avoid strangling the blond girl. "And judging by all that crap on your face, you're trying to hide some rancid disease... I suggest you go and tell your beloved Sasuke and make sure he hasn't caught it from you." She frowned as if in thought before glaring at Ino. "Oh wait, I forgot, he fucked off with some other girl. Didn't he Ino." She smiled in victory at the other girl who didn't have chance to retort and relieve the anger that was evident on her face, as the teacher walked in, reading a book with an orange cover that was 'not' a porn book.

"Ino and... clone things, sit down so I can introduce the new student." He ordered, not lifting his eyes from his book. The three girls walked to their desks, Ino grumbling something about 'Mr Hatake' and 'usually late' and 'damn new kids'. Once they, and everyone else, had made their way to their seats and settled down, the silver haired man reluctantly placed a book mark in his book and placed it in his desk draw before walking over to the door and opening it, waving a signal for someone to come in before disappearing into the corridor.

A few seconds later a tallish, slender boy with messy blood red hair, that seemed as surprisingly natural as Sakura's own pink locks, entered the room. Though he was thin, he was well built, judging by the muscles on his arms and the well defined chest and stomach that showed through his tight black t-shirt. His height was increased by the large, metal clad, boots that were almost entirely hidden from view by the black baggy jeans that were slung low on his hips, held up by a dark red belt. He had a black tench coat slung over the back of his shoulder, prevented from falling by two fingers hooked under it's collar. The red head was currently glaring at the classroom through pale green eyes, rimmed in thick black eye liner. Sakura swooned silently as she looked at the boy, taking as many mental pictures as possible.

The entire room watched in silence as the boy's hard eyes moved across each person in the room, stopping when green eyes met green eyes. It took the pinkette a few seconds to realise he was staring directly at her at which point she 'eeped' and diverted her eyes to her desk, missing the almost invisible smirk that slipped onto the new students face.

"Oh. My. God! Another freak!" Cried the unmistakable voice of Ino from across the room, causing a few people to laugh – namely those with a god complex. The red head said nothing, deciding a harsh glare was enough to keep her and anyone else quiet. He was proven to be correct when Ino ducked down in her seat to avoid his gaze and the room returned to silence with no one else attempting to insult him.

The classroom door opened and Kakashi re-entered the room, glancing round in wonder at the silence. He slowly walked up the to new student. "Yo, I'm Kakashi, I'm your teacher first period on Thursdays." The red head looked and him and nodded slightly, which the silver haired man took as 'ok'. "Kids," he addressed the class, "this is Gaara. Obviously he's the new student so do try and be nice... and don't do anything too idiotic." He said something quietly to the read head before pointed vaguely in the direction of the a free seat in the class. Gaara nodded again and began walking up the stairs to his appointed seat.

It was around this time that Sakura realised that the only free seat in the class was to the right of her, which meant she'd be sitting next to the incredibly hot new boy for the rest of the school term. She could have swore she heard someone screaming 'oh my god' inside her head, but dismissed it as she kept her eyes glued to the desk, still unaware of the smirk on the red head's face.

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