A 100-word birthday prezzie by Kimberly T.

The Beginning Of…

Broadway whistled as he carefully painted the names on the door. They could have hired a professional to do it, but this way felt more satisfying.

Matt's hip injury had caused him to be medically retired from the police force, but hadn't dulled his keenly analytical mind at all. And with his connections, getting all the licenses he needed for his new career had been easy. Getting his partner's licenses had been more difficult, but in the end, they'd managed.

Broadway looked in satisfaction at the words he'd just painted:

Bluestone & Broadway: Private Investigations

This was gonna be great!


Happy Birthday, Doppleganger! Kimberly T.

Author's note for everyone else: The title for this drabble was taken from Humphrey Bogart's famous line, "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Broadway is so definitely a Bogart fan!