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Chapter 10: Release The Rage

Caroline sat at her desk at St. Clair typing. The article was really taking shape and she was happy with it, it and Jack were about the only things she was happy with at the moment. She'd never felt this much anger towards her mother before and she had absolutely never been this mad at her godfather.

"Surprise," She turned around and frowned seeing Rick, "I volunteered to pick you up."

"Why?" She said, "I'm kind of mad at you."

"Yeah," He nodded, "I figured. Are you going to be much longer?"

"I don't know," She said, "I'm kind of on a roll." He nodded. "You don't have to wait. I'll call Mom when I'm done."

"That's OK," He shrugged. "I'll just wait outside."

"Fine," She said staring at the screen. She refused to look at him. He sighed and walked out, bumping into Chloe.

"Riley," She smiled and crossed her arms, not angry but amused by his sudden appearance. She'd been expecting him sooner. "What are you doing here?"

"Just picking up Cara," He shrugged. She looked at him. "She's kind of pissed at me. She found out about some stuff recently."

"About you and her mother," Chloe said. "I guessed, the article she's working on got significantly more man hating. I figured there was something with you, or Scott or she broke up with her boyfriend."

"Two out of three actually," He nodded. "Me and the boyfriend."

"Did you ever sleep with her?" Chloe asked, "Or is this a long burning unconsummated tragic Edith Warton type affair?"

"There was no affair Chloe," Rick shook his head, "And it's fairly one sided. Julie's never felt the same way back, there was a time when maybe," He laughed. "It's not important, it's past me."

"Mm," Chloe said, "Sure, whatever. I can send her home now, if you want." Rick shrugged. "Or not. It was good seeing you." Caroline walked out. "How's it going Caroline?"

"It should be ready next week," Caroline nodded. "I'm ready to go now."

"Obviously," Rick nodded. She walked out. "She's sixteen. I'm chalking it up to that."

"Yeah," Chloe nodded, "Sure."

"Seriously?" Richie said bouncing on his bed. Julie looked at him and laughed. "You really think that I can go?"

"Your dad and I have talked about it," Julie nodded, "And if you really don't want to go to that school anymore, we'll pull you, but you will go to Eden Hall, OK?"

"OK," Richie nodded. "Mom, really, thanks."

"Yeah," She whispered, and hugged him. "Just, I'm sorry, for how hard it was for you."

"It wasn't your fault," Richie shook his head. "I mean, I just didn't fit in." He looked at her, "Mom, um, I do have to ask, I mean,"

"Rick is not your father Richie," She sighed, "I never," She said, "Dad and I separated for a while, before you were born."

"I know," He whispered, "Cara told me." She nodded, "But I was born right after."

"Richie, please don't worry about it OK," She sighed. He nodded. "Sleep tight OK," She kissed him. "I love you."

"I love you too Mom." He smiled. Julie turned out the lights and walked down the hall into Scooter and her room. He was already in bed, sitting reading.

"Hey," She smiled crawling in with him.

"Hey," He said and kissed her absently. He'd given up trying more at this point. They were just at a dry point in their sex life. They'd had them before, none this long, but it would pass. "How'd Richie take the news?"

"He was pretty happy," Julie said, with a laugh. She kissed him again. He looked at her.

"What is this?" He laughed. She shrugged and smiled.

"Just the past few days," She mumbled, "I've realized how lucky I am." She kissed him again, this time he kissed her back, she lay back as he rolled gently on top of her, "And how much I've missed you."

"This wouldn't have anything to do with the societal questioning of my son's paternity would it?" He teased and kissed her again.

"It means everything to me that you've never asked," She whispered. He kissed her.

"I never needed to," He said. "I know you were always mine. Even when I was too stupid to see it." They kissed gently. They'd been together for nearly twenty years. Nothing else needed to be said.

Caroline sighed getting out of Rick's car.

"Cara," He said, she stopped and looked at him. "You can't stay mad at me forever kid."

"Wanna bet?" She slammed the door and walked away. He groaned and pushed his head back.

"She's sixteen," He whispered to himself and started the engine.

Caroline smiled for the first time all day seeing Jack waiting outside of her dorm for her. She ran to him and kissed him.

"Mm," She whispered, "I missed you so much."

"We were apart for three hours," He laughed. "If you get too needy," He started to caution her, but she kissed him again. "Have you told your parents?"

"No," She sighed, "Have you?"

"No," He shook his head. "Richie though," She looked at him wide eyed, "Kidding."

"What are we going to do Jack?" She sighed. He ran his hands through her hair.

"Cara," He whispered, "I've already told you I don't care what anyone else thinks." She nodded. "That includes our families. If I have you I don't need anything else." He kissed her again.

"How are you only fourteen?" She shook her head. He laughed. "Things are just so weird right now. I mean with Rick and my mom, and, the internship."

"So we'll take it slow." He said softly. "Come here," He hugged her close, "Like I said, I just want you, nothing else matters."

"I love you," She whispered. He looked at her. "Is that weird for me to say?"

"It's unexpected," He laughed, "I love you, but I always have. I wasn't sure you," She kissed him.

"I love you," She whispered. It was incredibly freeing to say. They kissed again and he pulled her close. "Don't let me down OK?" He ran his thumb gently across her jawline.

"Cara," He whispered. "I wouldn't dream of it. I know the consequences of pissing you off." She laughed and smacked him in the chest.

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