Buffy the vampire

Chapter one.

Bitter goodbye.

Giles had convinced Spike that it was a good idea to take a weekend away to speak with a guide. He had a first not wanted to leave because Glory was still around and he just knew that sooner or later she would figure out that Dawn was the key she was looking for.

Spike walked into his house after a long weekend with barely any sleep, he could see all his friends in the lounge room gathering weapons he felt the panic rush through him something must of happened to Dawn he knew he shouldn't of gone away, he couldn't lose her not after losing his mother

"What happened?" Spike asked sounding paniked

"Spike your back" Willow turned he could see that something was terriably wrong

"Dawn where is she?"

"Dawn's fine she's at Xanders with Tara"

"Then what's with the group meeting?" Willow looked around at Xander and Anya

"How did the trip go" Xander asked

"Oh yeah bloody great death is my gift" Spike rolled his eyes

"Death is you're what?" Willow asked looking confused

"Death is my gift bloody rot if you ask me, so what's going on?"

"We where about to head out… you see… Glory got Buffy" Willow said quickly

"What? Oh no… Buffy knows that Dawn's the key"

"Hence the weaponry"

"Grab them" Spike replied heading for the front door

"Yeah but where do we start looking?"

"I have a pretty good Idea where to start, we'll go to the park where I killed Glory's pet snake and we'll just have to start looking through all the

apartments we'll start with the most costly ones first"

"Spike what are you going to do when you Find Buffy?" Willow asked

"I don't know, what ever i have to do to stop her from talking even if that means killing her"

Buffy had been chained to the ceiling of this crazy hell gods for what seemed like days but she knew it had only been hours, she was bleeding every where and she could feel her face starting to swell, she had finally told Glory that she would tell her who the key was of course she had no intention of telling her but she had to by time but Buffy found the most interesting thing had happened an hour ago not seconds after she told her she would give the key up she had watched Glory turn into a man if she remembered right the same man who had hit on her at a party a few months ago a man named Ben but now Glory was back and wanting answers.

"Now precious tell me who the key is"

"right the key… heres the thing its that guy…" she started playing with the chains that held her hands she needed to loosen them as much as she could she just hoped her plan worked

"On the TV what's his name?"

"On the television?" Glory said impatient and curiously

"On that show, the price show where they guess what stuff costs"

"The price is right" one of her minions said before another one jumped in

"Bob Barker, we will bring you Bob Barker, we will bring you the limp and beaten body of Bob Barker…" Glory stood up as she interrupted

"It is not Bob Barker you scabby morons the key is new to this world and Bob Barker is as old as grit the vampire is lying to me"

"Yeah" Buffy laughed

"But it was fun and guess what bitch? I'm not telling you jack; you're never going to get your sodding key cause you might be strong but in our world you're an idiot"

"I am a God"

"The god of what? Bad home perms"

"Shut up! I command you shut up!" she yelled Buffy knew she was getting to her and it was exactly what she wanted

"Yeah okay, sorry I just had no idea gods where such prancing light weights"

"Mark my works the slayer is going to kick your skanky, lop sided ass back to what ever place would take a cheap, whorish, fashion victim, ex god like you" she felt her foot connect with her stomach before she even saw it, but it was good enough that chains gave giving her a chance to get away.

Spike and the gang had found Buffy running out of a apartment building the sun was just starting to go down and Spike was thankful for that cause from the look of Buffy she could bearly walk let alone see.

Spike carried her in to the crypt laying her on her back she was bruised and cut every where he wanted to cry for her when she opened one eye to look at him.

"Don't worry slayer I didn't tell her anything" Spike looked down shocked

"Why? Why did you let her hurt you like this?"

"Cause the nibblet didn't ask for this and she don't deserve it either… she's a good kid and I'd let Glory kill me before I let her get her grubby hands on Dawn… almost did"

"What you did for me, for Dawn I'll never forget it" he smiled at her as she slowly tried to sit up, Spike having to give her a hand

"There's something else, I got info on our local hell god… I've found probably her only weakness".

One week later

Everyone sat in the Magic Box it had been a week since her run in with Glory and she was almost completely healed.

"So what's the info you got Buffy" Giles asked as he watched the vampire take a seat

"Our Glory it seems when she was banished from her world was forced to live in side a human body"

"Who's the human host?"

"Ben" they all looked at her strangely

"Remember that party a few months back and the doctor bloke tried to hit on me?"

"That Ben" Spike asked surprised

"Yep my guess you kill the boy and…"

"The god dies too" Giles finished looking amazed

"That's excelled work Buffy" Buffy looked thrown by this

"Uh… thanks"

"How did you find this out?" Willow asked

"Well while she was at me about who the key was she started acting strange like she was going nuts and then she just turned into him... her minions where quick to get her out of my sight but she returned about an hour later asking if I remember anyone else being in the room I told her no and she seemed very happy with that… my guess is Glory has worked the kind of mojo so if anyone sees her little presto changeo instantly forgets and yours truly being something other then human stands immune"

"So chances are we've seen this change before but just can't remember it?" Giles asked

"More then likely, its all very crafty" Buffy replied taking out a smoke and lighting it up

"Oh great second hand stinkiness" Willow comented srewing up her face

"Oh give me a break red I've had a bad enough week" Buffy snapped

"Sorry" she replied Buffy's head snapped around at this she looked sincere it made Buffy want to jump up from her seat and make a run for it, it wasn't like the scoobies to be nice to her and to be honest it was a little unnerving.

"Well this is great I mean we can kill a normal guy" Xander said everyone looked down

"I mean I know he's an innocent but his not like Dawn innocent" still no one looked up

"Oh man" he sighed knowing no one could take a human life

"I get that if we don't do it Glory might get her hands on Dawn but I just can't do it… i can't take a human life" Spike replied he looked over at Buffy ever since she had almost died at the hands of Glory he had found a new respect for her, for a so called souless demon she had gone far and beyond and he knew it was wrong but over the last week he had started to have feelings towards her, he knew his feelings for her had started long before that but god knows he would never admit it.

He remembered when he first meet her he had been so attracted to her and who could blame him she was beautiful, now he watched her he could see that she was battling with herself, he had asked the gang to go easy on her after what had happened with Glory saying she had risked her life not only to protect Dawn but all of them too, he watched her stand.

"I get that none of you can take a life, I spent over a hundred years doing it, leaving a bloody path behind me and I did it with a song in my heart but all it took was for me to spend time with Dawn, working with you and even without the chip I could never go back to that but the way I see it is we have a choice its Ben or Dawn" she took a unneeded breath she could see they where all thrown from what she had said but she continued anyway.

"Dawn never gave up on me, she was nice to me when I gave her no reason to be, she once said to me that she feels safe with me and she should, I get that Ben might be innocent in all of this, I don't know if he's working with Glory or even if he knows what she has planed for Dawn and honestly I don't care… I'm a vampire and if it comes down to choosing between Ben and Dawn … well he hasn't given me one reason to take his side… ypu lot can't do it, I get that… so I will" she finished turning and heading for the front door.

"But Buffy what about the chip?" Xander asked

"Chance's are that by the time I'm done my brain will be dribbling out my ears, it will probably kill me but I'll get it done before it does" she replied as she went for the door again she was stopped as she felt Spike's hand on her arm, she turned to face him

"Don't stop me, its something that has to be done" he smiled at her

"I know I was just going to say I'll come and watch your back luv" she smiled at him hearing him call her luv sent chills down her spine.

"You should stay… look after Dawn, we don't know if Glory still has her minions collecting your friends in hope of finding the key" he nodded at this

"I'll call when it's done" she went to open the door when Giles voice stopped her

"There is one last thing that you all need to know" Buffy and Spike looked at him confused, walking back to the table and taking a seat.

"Can't it wait til later?" Buffy asked

"In all honesty Buffy there may not be a later for you" Buffy nodded in respones, he did have a point.

"Well get on with it watcher I have a god to kill"

"Yes very well… I have been going over the information that you got from the watchers council Spike and I think I can explain why Buffy you feel so protective of Dawn… you see when the monks who created Dawn, they needed the blood of two warriors to create a strong vessel… a warrior of light which is you Spike and one of the dark… that would be you Buffy" Buffy looked at first confused, Spike was blown away Buffy simply nodded and stood heading for the door again.

"Buffy are you okay?" Giles asked she turned to look at him

"It explains a lot… the way I feel for her… the connection... even before the chip i could never hurt the nibblet and I do want to find out more about it all but first I need to make sure she's safe, it's time to end this" she said turning back for the door she went to open it only to have Tara and Anya run in she caught them before they fell both where bleeding and out of breath, everyone ran over Buffy layed Tara on her back looking down at the girl in her arms.

"What happened" Buffy asked

"She got Dawn, she knows" she said before passing out Buffy looked up at Spike, she was to late.

By the time Tara and Anya came to everyone was ready to go out and try and find Dawn, they where all sitting as Tara tried to explain what happened.

"She came out of know where, I mean one second where eating at the Double Meat Palace next she has Dawn I didn't even see her any where"

"You didn't happen to see that doctor, Ben?" Spike asked

"Yeah he was at the table behind us, what has he got to do with it?"

"Well it seems that Ben and Glory are one in the same, they share a body" Xander quickly explained.

"So what happened next?" Spike asked

"There was this guy I think he was crazy started pointing at Dawn saying she didn't belong saying she was so pretty, all shinny and green, that she was pure energy and then Glory came at us... I'm so sorry Spike we didn't even have a chance to react" Tara sobbed.

"It's not your fault, what have you found Giles?"

"It's not good from what I got from the scrolls, there is not much margin for error… Spike do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Might help if you actually said it"

"Right, Glory intends to open a dimensional portal by a ritual blood letting"

"Dawn's blood?" Spike asked

"Yes… once the blood is shed at a certain time and place the fabrics that separate all realities will be ripped apart, dimensions will pour into one another with nothing to stop them... reality as we know it will be destroyed and chaos will rain on earth" he explained

"So how do we stop it?" he asked pacing

"The portal will only close once the blood has stopped and the only way for that to happen is… Spike the only way is to kill Dawn"

"There has to be another way why can't we stop her before she can start the ritual I mean we still have about an half hour till she can start the ritual right?" Spike asked.

"If my calculations are corect but Spike…" Spike cut him off quickly

"I don't want to hear it"

"Spike if Glory begins the ritual, if we can't stop her…"

"Come on say it… Tell me to kill my sister" Spike raised his voice angeryly

"She's not your sister"

"No she's not she's more then that, she's me… well us" he said pointing at Buffy

"The monks made her out of us… I hold her and I feel closer to her then… it's not just the memories they built, it's physical, Dawn is a part of me… the only part that I… I can't lose that… I can't lose her" Spike struggled to keep his emotions under control, the simple thought of losing Dawn shook him to the core.

"If the ritual starts then every living creature on this and every other dimension imaginable will suffer unbearable torment and death including Dawn"

"Then the last thing she'll see is me protecting her"

"You'll fail, you'll die, we all will"

"I'm sorry I love you all but I can't I'm sorry" he said as he walked into the training room Buffy stood up

"I get that you are all in a mood but before anything we need to find out where she is taking Dawn" Tara put her hand up

"I know where she's going" now she had everyone's attention.

20 minters later.

"Are we on time?" Spike asked walking next to Giles.

"Yes it's time"

"Okay you all know you place's… remember the ritual starts, we all die and I'll kill anyone who goes near Dawn" he said flatly as he walked passed them and out the door.

They had almost reached their destination when Spike turned to face Buffy, he wished he could tell her so much, how thankful he was that she was willing to give her life for Dawns, how proud he was that she had endured hours of painful tourture just to protect Dawn, how when he looked at her now he no longer saw and enemy but a friend instead and most importanly how he could feel himslf falling in love with her.

"I want to thank you luv for trying, it means alot" he wanted to say more but he just couldn't, fearing if he said more he would be inadvertantly saying goodbye.

"I'm counting on you… to protect her" Buffy looked up at him

"Till the end of the world" she replied Spike smile at her as they headed in.

They had been in the fight for five minutes now and what a fight it was, Buffy hadn't seen Spike since they had first arrived but she knew he was probably keeping Glory busy, she just hoped he could stall her long enough so Glory would miss her window of oppertunity.

"Has anyone else noticed that we are getting no where" Anya said

"Well its not all bad, while its true that we haven't gotten to Dawn but no one else had either" Willow replied, Buffy looked up at the tower something wasn't right and she knew it, she could feel it.

"Someone's up there" She said looking over at Willow and Tara

"What? Who?"

"I don't know, Willow can you work a little magic, clear the crowd?" Willow nodded taking Tara's hand.

"Go" Buffy took off running towards the crowd when she heared Willow yell "separate!", everyone blocking her way was pushed aside by an invisable source as she ran up the stairs, she reached the top to see a man cutting Dawn she watched as the portal started to open she was to late to stop the portal from being opened but she could still save Dawn.

She walked towards the man as he turned to face her she heared him mummble something before she pushed him aside not even looking as he fell from the tower, when she reached Dawn she untied her and started guiding her towards the stairs when Dawn stopped her.

"Buffy, its started" Buffy looked behind her as she watched creatures fly and jump out of the portal, she turned back to look at Dawn

"I'm sorry" Dawn whispered

"It doesn't matter" Buffy replied as Dawn tried to run around her to the portal Buffy quickly grabbed her stopping her

"What are you doing?"

"I have to jump"

"The energy will kill you"

"I have to Buffy look at what's happening, you have to let me go or it will never stop you know that, it has to have blood" at that moment Buffy remembered what Giles had said to her "Dawn was made from both you and Spike" she knew what she had to do, Dawn was a part of her she knew how to stop it

"I found out something today when the monks made you they didn't just use Spike's blood they used mine too… Dawn do you trust me?"

"Of course"

"Close your eyes" she watched as Dawn closed her eyes lowering her face to her neck vamping out and sinking her teeth into Dawns neck, she was not surprised when the chip didn't fire, she had no intention of hurting Dawn she only wanted to save her but to do that she needed Spikes blood too, she pulled back putting on her human face as Dawn looked at her.

"Your right it will never stop until it has the blood and now it will have it"

"Buffy no" Dawn gasped as she realised what Buffy intended to do.

"Dawnie I have to if I don't your brother will and I can't let that happen, this world doesn't need me but it needs him, he still has work to do, give this to him for me" she said slipping off her leather duster and handing it to Dawn.

"No" she said shaking her head as she cried

"listen to me please listen there's not a lot of time left… I've been looking for a reason not to like myself for a long time and this is it…. Dawn I love you, I will always love you but this is what I have to do… tell everyone good bye for me, you have to take care of them… you have to take care of each other… tell Spike, tell him I love him I could never tell him but I want him to know I love him so much… Dawn you have to be strong… the hardest thing in this world is to live in it… be brave, live… for me" she placed her hand on her cheek before placing a soft kiss on the same spot turning, running and jumping into the portal.

Spike had watched the portal close but he didn't know how, he ran towards where his friends where standing and that's when he saw it, the answer to how the portal had been closed, he looked to his right to see Dawn coming down the stairs, she had to small puncture holes in her neck and he knew how she had closed it.

Running to Buffy's body he scooped her up into his arms as he began to shake her

"Come on luv wake up… open your eyes for me" Giles kneeled down next to him

"Spike she's gone"

"No, no if she was dead she would be dust" he had tears running down his face

"Spike she jumped into a mystical portal its not like being staked… there is know way she could survive, no one could've survived that" he was shaking his head looking down at the young man sympathticly, he has a feeling that Spike had cared for Buffy much more then he was letting on.

"No she's strong she can get past this"

"Spike there's nothing left, all that she was is gone… now there's only a shell" Spike couldn't look at them, he knew she was gone he could feel it, even though he was looking right at her and he couldn't feel her presence or smell her scent it was all gone, it was like she wasn't there at all and now all he could do was cry as he held her lifeless body.