It is time.

16 years later.

The time had come.

Elizabeth Summers stood tall and strong, staring down the main street of Sunnydale, her home town. An army of demons came towards her, expelling from the now opened Hellmouth. Anything that could walk, run, fly and sliver progressed its way towards her. But she was ready for them. The town was empty, most people evacuating weeks ago. The last left a few days beforehand, scared for their lives. Strange things had started happening, all warnings of the opening of the Hellmouth.

Sunnydale residents had always known strange things had occurred in their small community over the years. That somehow Elizabeth and her parents always put a stop to the evil that tried to overtake the town time and time again. Most of the time without the residents of Sunnydale knowing. They never asked for anything in return however, just for peace and the freedom to carry on with their everyday lives. But when blood started running down walls in people's homes, the earth began to move under their feet at any given moment and the sky started raining with fire, residents had high tailed it out of there, in fear of their lives. It was for the best. Anyone who stayed would have been a fool.

Elizabeth looked to her left to see her mother, Buffy Summers. A soulless vampire turned human. Buffy had sacrificed herself to save Dawn's life and in turn saving the world. The following years after her birth, Elizabeth knew that her mother had gone to college and obtained a degree in counselling. This was achieved with the help of her Aunty Willow and godfather, Rupert Giles. Her mother had worked at Sunnydale High school as a guidance counsellor until the school shut down last week. A job she loved doing with all her heart.

Elizabeth then looked to her right. Her father smiled at her confidently as he always did. William Summers, nicknamed Spike was the oldest living Slayer in history. To this day he still did nightly patrols, usually with Buffy by his side. He had also returned to school and obtained a degree in Teaching. He had worked at Sunnydale University as an English professor, specialising in poetry of the 18th Century. It too had shut down last week.

Seeing her parents look past her and smile lovingly at each other, made her realise how much after all these years they still loved each other. She had never known two people who loved each other as much as her parents did, their relationship was still so full of fire and passion. The most beautiful and gross thing about it was they were never shy about showing each other affection even if that meant being in front of other people.

Two years after Elizabeth was born, Buffy and William had discovered that Buffy was unable to conceive anymore children due to the severe haemorrhage she had suffered during her labour. William and Buffy had come to the realisation it would be for the best, knowing their lives where too dangerous to have another child that wouldn't have the same special abilities Elizabeth had.

It hadn't affected their relationship though. If anything it brought them closer together. To this day Elizabeth believed she had the most wonderful parents in the world. They had always been honest about her destiny and even though at first she had been scared and frightened, not wanting to face it. With her parents help however as well as their support and understanding, she had come to accept it.

Since she could remember, she had trained everyday help to shape and control her abilities. Her strength and speed seemed to come naturally as did the other talents like teleporting. It had come in handy on plenty occasions especially when having disagreements with her father over school or boys. Elizabeth smiled at the memory, remembering that each fight she had with her father would usually end with her teleporting to her room and her father running up the stairs, banging on the door, begging for her to let him in.

Behind her, stood all the other people in her life that she seen as her family. They made her feel strong, protected and most of all, loved. Willow and Tara were now married, well as married as two women could be. Willow was a high school computer teacher at Sunnydale High and Tara worked as a pre-school teacher at the local pre-school.

Xander and Anya had also married, in grand fashion. They had hundreds of photos to prove it. Anya was never a woman who did things by halves. They had two children, the oldest, a boy named Jess after Xander's late best friend. Jesse had been killed by a small group of vampires just days after her William had arrived in Sunnydale. There was only six months between Elizabeth and Jess. Anya hadn't realised she was pregnant until she was almost 4 months along. Jess and Elizabeth had become great friends over the years, due to the fact they were so close in age. Lately, they had become a lot closer then friends. The ear lashing she had expected from her father never came, instead she received his full approval and support.

Anya and Xander's second child was named Joy. She had just turned 10 last week. She was named in memory of William's mother, Joyce. Xander now ran his own very successful construction company in Sunnydale and Anya still worked at the Magic Box with her godfather Giles.

Giles still owned the Magic Box after all these years. He had married a lovely woman named Oliver about 5 yrs ago. The two had been close friends in collage and had run into each other ten years ago and old feelings had resurfaced.

Dawn now owned and ran her mother's beloved art gallery. During her travels she had met and eventually married a fighting instructor named Connor. Three years ago, Dawn had fallen pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful little girl now 2 years old, whom they named Joyce.

Gunn and Fred had married a few years ago. They also had a son who they had named Charlie after his dad; he was now 12 years old. Fred had returned to collage and successfully obtained a degree in biology. Fred now worked at UCLA as a professor while Gunn still worked full time at Drusilla Investigations. Elizabeth remembered asking Gunn why he still worked for her godmother, putting his life on the line every day. He had smiled, placed his hand on her shoulder and said. "I do it because it makes me happy to keep all those sons of bitches away from my family."

She couldn't argue with that.

Cordelia had met and married a warrior named Gruserlug, not long after Elizabeth was born. He was a firm, handsome man, very much in love with Cordelia and he would often dolt on her like she was his princess. They now had a daughter named Jasmine aged 12 and although she was their entire world, they both still worked at Drusilla Investigations.

Drusilla was not only Elizabeth's godmother but best friend. No matter what, she always seemed to be there for her. When things seemed to be confusing and scared, Drusilla was there. When she had trouble with her parents, Drusilla was there. Elizabeth was had always going to visit Drusilla in L.A, for as long as she could remember. She trusted her with everything, every fear, every hesitation and every fault. She couldn't have asked for a better godmother if she tried.

Some time ago, they had located a prophecy that said on the day of the apocalypse Drusilla would "Shanshu". Wesley had translated the word as that one day the demon inside her would die and she would be completely human once again. Elizabeth couldn't wait to see her godmother walk in the sunlight. It excited her and she knew that once this fight was over that Drusilla would walk beside her in the glow of the day.

Drusilla and Wesley had fallen in love 12 years ago. Buffy had told Elizabeth that they always had a connection, but it took them time to find out what it was. Buffy also had joked that she thought the pair were just fighting there attraction for so long that they didn't realise it. Elizabeth knew her mother was right. Drusilla and Wesley seemed perfect for one another.

Willow had found a spell to make Drusilla's soul permanent, so if Drusilla experienced a true moment of happiness, she would not lose her soul as stated in the gypsy curse. Wesley was waiting for the day he could marry Drusilla. He had been planning the wedding ever since he had discovered the true nature of the prophecy they had found on Drusilla. Elizabeth was thrilled. Wesley had wanted to marry her years ago but Drusilla wanted to wait until she was human. Wesley happily respected her wishes and said he would wait.

Now Elizabeth stood waiting for the demons, still making their way towards her and her family. They were all there. Standing behind her, supporting her as always. They were ready to fight for what they believed in. The children were safe, far away from the Hellmouth, a calming thought for all that stood before the army of growing demons.

"Are you ready?" Buffy asked her daughter. Elizabeth nodded, smirking the same trademark smirk her father always used. The sky cracked with white lighting and it lit up the night sky. Rain started to fall lightly from the sky, a dragon catching everyone's attention as it flew above their heads. Elizabeth didn't flinch, didn't hesitate, this was her destiny.

"What's the plan?" William asked his daughter, smiling at her, looking for her direction. Elizabeth stepped forward, looking back up at the dragon which was now circling above them, smirking wickedly as she raised her sword.

"Well I don't know about you dad, but I wanna slay the dragon," her parents smiled knowingly at her words. The demons were closer now, just a few more steps.

"Let's finish this!" Elizabeth shouted. The rain started pounding down as they charged towards the hoard of demons before them. Elizabeth felt calm, prepared for this was the moment she had been training for. She was ready and she knew… it was time.

The End.