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And now that Cinderella's gone
(She swallowed up the sun)
A middle-class explosion could be nice
(If we're the dynamite)
Let us prey


She hates him.

She hates his unkempt hair, his raccoon eyes, his perverted smile. The fact that he's always right. She hates everything about him. Despite this, she also knows she has to tread carefully around him, to prevent a potential catastrophe: he still suspects she is the second Kira, and she doesn't want to give him a reason to lock her up again. Still, she can't mask the displeasure that crosses her face whenever she enters a room and Ryuuzaki is there, still chained to her beloved Light, preventing them from spending some quality alone-time.

What's worse is how coolly unaffected the detective is by her obvious dislike of him; his blank, almost soulless gaze as he watches them interact. He is so plain, so lifeless, whereas Misa-Misa is an explosion of colorful emotions, of bi-polar spontaneity, of bright smiles and sparkles and frowns and malice. They could not be more unlike, and she finds his bland look disquieting. Its worse when he smiles - it seems sick, somehow, twisted. There is ill-intent behind those eyes, something that is cold and calculating and not entirely human. His brain is one big super-computer that is powered by sugar highs. He is a machine that thrives off of justice, and a very small part of her is afraid of him, beneath the many layers of loathing.

He is dangerous, and she knows it; he is an impenetrable fortress whose walls she could not breach with harsh words alone. He also serves as a barrier himself - not only a tangible thing that keeps her from being with Light, as they are bound together, practically a single entity - but a mental construct as well. Because she can't connect with Light here, not with Ryuuzaki so intently watching.

Light and her have lost something between them in their retraction of memories, and until he is Kira again, she has to simply bide her time. Meanwhile, Ryuuzaki is poison to her current relationship with the auburn-haired youth; already she can feel the dynamic between them shifting, and she's afraid of what may become of it. She barely had Light before; now, with their time together fleeting and under constant surveillance, she can find whatever precarious strands she may have collected in this new era slowly unraveling apart. She is going to lose Light, at this rate; Ryuuzaki has literally come between them and is now rendering them asunder.

She doesn't just hate him. She loathes him.


She plays with him.

And after all this time, she has finally proved he really is a pervert. Before, she had accused him of harboring inappropriate thoughts concerning her; of mentally undressing her in his mind. Now, however, she has actual, hard evidence against him as she stands naked before him. Misa-Misa is the detective now, and she is collecting all this data, committing each of these tiny details to memory so that she can use it against him later on. She watches as his hands clumsily pull free the bra from her shoulders. She absorbs the hungry look on his face, his look of complete and utter concentration as his hands awkwardly caress her. She feels the hardness of him on her thigh as they draw close.

Look who's on top now, Ryuuzaki!

Light would bear witness to it if he was awake, but he isn't, oblivious and unaware in slumber. The fact that he is there acts as a stimulant: it adds to the sheer perversity and wrongness of it. It excites her. Ryuuzaki seems hesitant to divulge in this little affair with an audience, even if it's presently unconscious, but the youth and the raven haired man are still bound, so there is no avoiding it. A few times prior to this encounter, Misa-Misa had managed to seduce Light in the dark, infrared camera and the other detective's insistence be damned. She had taken perverse pleasure at how uncomfortable L had seemed, in the presence of two hot and horny teenagers, thinly veiled beneath a sheet just two feet away. She had snuck glances at him back then, delighting in the way he twitched every time the chain that bound him to Light was unavoidably yanked. Afterwards, as she escaped into the night, she had looked right into those soulless eyes and smiled, because he was unnerved and blushing and it served him right.

And now, the voyeur has become the participant. This is also very obviously his first time. This only heightens her enjoyment. It pleases her to know that she is injecting life into those veins - that she is the source of his adrenaline, his arousal, his want and his need. That he is fallible, susceptible to her charms. This is a victory for her - both an intellectual and physical one. In this moment she has unraveled Ryuuzaki, has pierced his carefully constructed barriers. ­

In some ways, she has come even further than Light in this respect, and she swells with pride at the notion. This is Ryuuzaki, open and exposed before her. She still doesn't know his name, but she knows his identity - she knows that he wants her.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

She also knows that he loves her, and has loved her for a very long time. In this discovery, he has just placed a powerful weapon in her delicate but capable hands. Misa is about to take something from him, something previous and tender and irreplaceable. And although what she's about to do could technically be considered cheating (but is there anything really between them, right now? has there ever been? It's so hard to tell, with this Light-who-is-not-yet-Kira), she knows (hopes) Light would understand. Because she is about to destroy L, and at the very least, Kira would encourage the undoing of his enemy. If Light were to ever find out in his current state (if he were to even care), she can always take solace in the fact that the old Light would condone her acts.

She can't wait until the day where he will become Kira again. And right now, the only thing that is holding Light back from bringing in a new world – holding Light back from his memories, from her – is L.

One for one, Ryuuzaki! If you intend to keep Light away from me, the very least you could do is give me you in exchange. It's only proper, after all.

(She wants so badly to be useful to Light. And because she can't kill Ryuuzaki, since she currently has no Death Note to speak of, she will have to settle for this.)

Her cherry-colored lips brush against his ear as she leans in close. She feels gooseflesh erupt on his shoulder as she takes him by the arm. "Come to bed with me," she says in a husky voice.

She leans back to take in the expression of his face. His lips are parted in a slight 'o' shape, his eyes bright and alive with the first emotion she has ever seen in them. He is hesitant, he is hopeful, he is frightened and he is wanton. He is all these things, but above all, he is hers. Completely.

You're mine.


One for one, Ryuuzaki! An homage to L's line during his and Light's infamous fight scene (manga version).