The alarm sounded as the clock struck 7:00 a

You Probably Couldn't See For The Lights But You Were Staring Straight At Me

A/N Hey! So this is my first Leyton fanfiction and I hope it turns out really well. I've always wanted to do a story about amnesia as there are so many things you can do with it. If you've read anything similar to the storyline of this, it's okay because lots of amnesia stories start the same but I'm hoping on taking mine another direction. Okay well I hope you enjoy the story.

The alarm sounded as the clock struck 7:00 a.m. Lucas Scott rolled to his right and hit the snooze button before it could wake him even more from the deep sleep that had surrounded him moments before.

Carefully rolling back to his left, Lucas looked at the petite woman lying next to him. Her blonde curls were scattered across the pillow in which her face was pressed into. Cautiously, trying not to wake her, Lucas caressed her face, taking in her beauty.

Today was their fourth anniversary. Four years ago today, he had been married to the beautiful woman lying beside him. Now, at 25, Lucas not only had an incredible wife, but a spunky two-year-old as well.

The blonde stirred and turned to her right, looking at her husband with sleepy eyes - a small smile was evident on her face.

"Good morning Peyt," Lucas greeted his wife with a large grin.

"Good morning to you too – and happy anniversary, Lucas." She said, giggling as her husband put an arm around her waist and pulled her close to him, gently kissing her on the lips.

"I love you so much Peyton," Lucas said as he leaned down to kiss his wife once more. As she wrapped her arms around him, he started to deepen the kiss when he heard the shuffling of feet on the carpet.

Reluctantly, Peyton pulled back from the kiss, laughing when she saw the depressed look on her husband's face.

The parents turned to look at their two-year-old son, who had not climbed his way onto their bed – staring at them with his big green eyes. The moment Lucas and Peyton first saw him on the day he was born, they knew he was going to be a heartbreaker some day.

The only thing their son seemed to get from his mother was his green eyes and well Lucas and Peyton pretty much had the same blonde hair and so they shared that feature with their child. Other than that, he looked like a mini version of his father.

The past two years had been amazing for the Scott family. Lucas and Charlie, their son, had formed a special bond. However, Peyton distinctly remembered how badly Lucas had wanted a girl. Nonetheless, Lucas loved his son with every fibre of his being.

"What's wrong hotshot?" Peyton asked, pulling her toddler into her lap. Lucas wrapped an arm around her and leaned closer to his family.

"I'm hungry," he mumbled, continuing to stare up at his parents.

"What do you want to eat, buddy?" Lucas asked, smiling at the indecision that crossed the young boy's face.

"C-real!" Charlie exclaimed with a smile on his face. Both Lucas and Peyton laughed at the way their son pronounced the word.

"Looks like its time to get up then," Peyton yawned, watching as her son darted out of the room.

Lucas groaned, trying to make her stay. She giggled at his attempt to hold her down.

"We can't just spend the day in bed. Parents have to look after their kids, Luke. We can't slack off or Charlie's going to grow up to be a neglected child." Peyton said in a serious voice, looking into her husband's light blue eyes. Every time he stared at her, even after knowing him for nine years, it still made her heart flip. He looked at her with an evident emotion every time – Peyton soon found out on the day that he proposed that it was love.

"Peyt– I think your memory is failing you. Did we, or did we not spend an entire day in bed when we were in Hawaii on our honeymoon?" Lucas asked with amusement in his voice.

Peyton grabbed her pillow and smacked him. He stared at her in shock, but with a smile on his face.

"Stop it, Luke. Come on." she got out of the bed and walked towards the bathroom.

The blue-eyed man sighed, and put his head back to the pillow, thinking about what he had prepared for today.

Even though Peyton had asked Lucas not to go crazy over their anniversary, like he had the past three years, he didn't listen to her. Later in the day, when Charlie was dropped off at his mom's house, Lucas was going to take her on a walk through the park, where they would eat lunch and have a picnic under their favourite oak tree. Afterwards, Lucas would take her back home, and they could watch their wedding video and high school documentaries that they had put together. That night, Lucas was planning on taking her to an amazing restaurant that she had wanted to go to for some time now - Il Gusto Di Italia. Today was going to be perfect.

Lucas continued to go over the plans in his head when the alarm sounded again. He jumped in surprise.

Peyton laughed from the bathroom door, where she leaned against the frame while brushing her teeth. Lucas rolled his eyes at her and turned off the alarm, getting out of bed to start preparing for the day.

"Charlie! Stop it. You aren't going to get cereal anymore if you keep throwing it at the wall," Peyton scolded her toddler while wiping up milk splashes.

"Hey little man, how about you and me go play some basketball out back when you're done eating?" Lucas asked his son as he walked into the kitchen, completely dressed and ready for his big day.

"YAY!" Charlie shouted, looking at his mom for permission.

"You have to eat your breakfast first," Peyton said, smiling at her toddler but trading glances with her husband, who seemed to be much too interested in the way she had done her hair today.

"DONE!" Charlie shouted, and both boys exited the room. Peyton stared at her son's half eaten breakfast and sighed. Lucas could be such a bad influence.

But it's sweet – they have such a great bond she thought as she started to clean up the kitchen.

The phone suddenly rang, and she jumped slightly, but quickly regained composure and picked up the telephone.


"Peyton, it's Steven. I'm going to need you to come into work today for just a couple of hours. I know you're taking off for your anniversary, but we really need you. Apparently one of our bands can't come in tomorrow and so today is their only free day for two months because they have gigs all around America." The man said, and Peyton sighed, wondering why things like this always happened at the wrong time.

Peyton was a record producer and was the manager of her record label, Red Bedrooms in Los Angeles. Lucas had followed his dream as well by becoming a professional basketball player, starting as point guard for the LA Lakers. All of their friends, Brooke, Ethan, Skills, Bevin, Nathan, Haley and Lucas' mum moved to LA as well.

"Yeah. Give me twenty minutes to get there. I'll have to tell the boys as well." Peyton said in a dull tone, obviously not wanting to go into work on her anniversary. Lucas was going to be incredibly upset. They had both planned on just spending the day together.

"Thanks Peyton. See you soon." Steven said and hung up the phone.

Peyton crossed the kitchen and stopped at the back door, where from the windows she could see her Charlie running away from Lucas while carrying the ball and not dribbling it. She laughed as Lucas tried to chase after him.

When Lucas and Peyton had gotten married, he had expressed his wishes of a family, and how excited he was to have a child. What he didn't know is that Peyton hadn't wanted one at first. A child would mean that she wouldn't get to see as much of Lucas as she was used to. With basketball completely taking him away from her for a good portion of the year, a child would make it even more difficult to spend time with her husband. However, when she mentioned this to Luke, he made a solemn promise that in no way would he not find time for his wife. Therefore, when Peyton found out she was pregnant eight weeks later, she was happy about it.

Quickly opening the door, she motioned for Lucas to come over to her. He smiled at his son who was trying to put the basketball into the hoop and quickly ran over to her after he lifted the toddler up so he could make a basket.

Lucas leaned down and gently kissed Peyton on the lips. "What's up?"

"Luke," she sighed, looking at the ground. She really didn't want to see his face when she told him about the work emergency.

"What's wrong, honey?" he asked in a worried tone. Was she okay? Did something happen her?

"A band has been rescheduled to record today and they need the record label manager to help produce the tracks today. I've been called in to work," she said, feeling him stiffen slightly.

"What? Peyt, they know that you're taking the day off, why would they call you in like that?" he sighed, knowing the answer. She was the best, and she was needed.

"I'm sorry, Luke. It will only be for a couple of hours, then I'll come back home as fast as I can so we can spend the rest of the day together." She said quietly, taking her hand in his. She could see how disappointed he was, and it hurt her as well.

"It's fine. I'll miss you," he said, quickly leaning down to kiss her. "Be safe. Call me if you need anything."

"Will do, Raven." She smiled at him and went back inside.

Lucas watched as his wife left the driveway and took off down the street. He couldn't help but feel a little upset. The entire day had been planned out, and it had been all about them – celebrating what they had.

"Daddy? Can you life me up?" Charlie said as he trotted over to his father and raised his head to Lucas. He couldn't help but smile at how adorable his son was. Being a dad was great, but what made it even better was the fact that Peyton was the mother of his child. He had the ultimate family, and he couldn't be happier.

"Sure, buddy." He said, and laughed as the two-year-old jumped into his arms and put the basketball into the hoop.

Peyton focused on the road as she thought about how the label could have possibly decided to reschedule the recordings to today. This was going to require a lot of her time today.

"Urgh!" Peyton groaned, putting her head on the steering wheel when she stopped at a traffic light that was red. "How could this have happened? And of all days on my anniversary!" She felt absolutely terrible for her husband. Lucas deserved better than this. They barely got enough time together as it was because of his hectic basketball schedule, and now, on the one day that really meant something to both of them, work had to interfere.

The light turned green and she inched the car forward. In the next few seconds, so many things happened that Peyton found it hard to keep track of it all.

The car on the opposite side of the intersection slammed on their brakes and a pedestrian started screaming something that Peyton couldn't make out. It was then that she turned her head at the last second to see a car speeding towards her. Before she could comprehend what was happening, it collided with her car.

"Alright little man, let's get you some lunch before you go over to Grandma's house, okay?" Lucas asked his son as the two had washed their hands after the basketball game.

"MAC AND CHEESE! MAC AND CHEESE!" Charlie yelled, skipping around the house.

Lucas laughed. "Okay, Macaroni and Cheese it is. Settle down Charlie, it will be done in about fifteen minutes."

The boy looked at his father and put on a big grin, speedily moving to a kitchen chair to watch Lucas cook.

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