Ok, I am NOT responsible for this. I just SAID it. YOU people are the ones who wouldn't let it die.

"And whatever happens," Roy said as he pulled his t-shirt over his head. "Dick never ever ever knows about this. Right?"

Donna and Bruce nodded in agreement. Donna was fixating on buttoning her blouse. Bruce had finished dressing and looking like he wanted to disappear into the corner of Roy's bedroom.

"Oh, come on, Batty! It wasn't THAT bad!"

"Roy, don't even TALK to me about it."

"Donna!" Roy looked to his long time friend for support.

"Well, Bruce. you did appear to be enjoying it at the time."

"I didn't say I didn't," he answered very quietly.

"Good," Roy answered. "Then don't go all Bat on our asses." He looked to both of them. "Ok, so we liked it when you went Bat on our asses. I mean. oh never mind." Roy bit his cheek, turning his attention to Donna. "Are things going to get weird between us?"

"Roy, honey, things were ALWAYS weird between us." She finished tucking her blouse back into her jeans.

Suddenly, Roy looked at Donna and Bruce in panic. "Oh no."

"What?" Bruce asked stoically.

"Dude, how can I ever look Robbie in the face ever again? Like. without LAUGHING."

Bruce frowned. "Arsenal. SOMEHOW, you'll find away." Subtext: or else.

Suddenly, Roy started laughing a deep belly laugh. "Every time I see him, now," he said with horror mixed with humor, "I'm gonna be thinking. dude, guess what I did with your DAD!"

"What did you do with my dad?"

Roy spun around, his laughter dying. Dick was standing in the now opened doorway. "Uhh. Scrabble."

Dick looked to Bruce. "That's. really weird," he said.

"It WAS really weird, man! You shoulda been there!" Suddenly, Roy turned beat red. "Anyways, that's what we did. Wanna beer?"

"I need one," Bruce muttered under his breath.

"You don't drink," Dick pointed out. "Um. Bruce, what are you DOING in New York? Is something up?"

Bruce flushed with embarrassment. "Um. no. Not really. Just. REALLY needed to play Scrabble."

"And like. you couldn't play Scrabble in Gotham?"

Bruce shrugged, trying to brush it off. "What can I say? I came here to play Scrabble with you, but you weren't here, and you teammates were happy enough to oblige."

Donna looked away in discomfiture.

"And you did this without a Scrabble board?" WHY wouldn't anyone make direct eye contact with him any more?


Bruce actually turned green. Donna just clenched her eyes shut.

Dick's chest began to quake and his face turned red. Finally, the loudest choking laugh erupted from his chest. "That's great!"

Roy felt light headed. He was going to pass out.

"Bruce, I didn't know you had it in you!"

The three stared at Dick like he was insane. He probably was.

"I can't believe you'd go to this much trouble for an April Fool's joke!" Shaking his head, Dick chuckled as he pointed to the calendar on the wall. "This is for last year, isn't it? When Robin and I filled the Car with green Jello?"

"Uhh. yeah. That's it," Bruce managed to get out.

He let out one more quaking laugh before backing out the door. "That one DESERVES a beer."

"So. uhh. like how'dja guess we were messing with ya, Robbie?" Roy asked as he started walking down the hall with his friend.

"Simple. You, YES. But Bruce would NEVER have sex with Donna. He doesn't do sweet innocence."

Roy whimpered.

"April Fools!"

Donna and Bruce looked at each other. "He must have had a very rough night last night," Bruce whispered.

Smiling patiently, Donna kissed Bruce's cheek and reached for Roy's hand. "Really. We'll have him checked for head injuries. In the mean time. lets not tell him it's May."