This is a 10 chapter story. Each chapter focusing on one specific thing Zuko hates about Katara.

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"Ten things I hate about you"

Number one: I hate the way you hug everybody in sight.

They had just returned from another hunting trip, this time a little later than usual.

As they reached the front of the cave, the men saw Katara pacing nervously back and forth, with Toph trying to calm her down.

Upon seeing their arrival, Katara screamed and ran up to them. First checking Sokka for any injuries, slapping the back of his head and scolding him for being stupid enough to return late, then proceeded to hug him.

Next was Aang. She went through the same process: Checking for injuries, then chastising him and telling him never to do that again and hugged him in a motherly sort of way.

Zuko growled at the blush forming on the Avatar's face, yet he still kept silent and did not move from his place.

Finally, Katara went over to him, checked him more seriously.

She kept quiet the whole time and never shouted at him for staying out late.

This made Sokka pout.

She then hugged Zuko tightly, whispering for him to return early next time and kissed his cheek.

Once the hug was over, Zuko was faced with Aang's uncomfortable face.

He moved to see Toph and Sokka smiling smugly at him, their arms over their chests with their eyebrows wriggling.

It was Zuko's turn to blush.

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