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A door creaked open.

"Yukimura-san!" A distant voice called.

Yukimura turned around to face a distressed nurse.

"Please come back inside."

"I have better things to do."

And so do I. If he wasn't a patient, I'll bash him up. The nurse thought. But then I'll lose my job. Stay calm and act like you're in control.

"It's the doctor's orders that you must rest." She finally said.

Yukimura stared at her – no emotion was shown in his gaze. He lightly shrugged, almost like he's relaxing his shoulders.

The nurse gritted her teeth. He is practically testing my patience. I rather watch Naruto or practice karate than be here. Fine. I am going to leave him and if he gets worse, it's his fault.

"You may get worse if you stay out there."


"So please come inside."


"The weather man forecasted bad weather."


"It's going to rain."


"After that, there will be snow."

"I thought it was spring"

"Fine, there's going to be a hurricane."


"And a tsunami."




"Atomic Bomb."

"Call 911."

"That's American, and they're the ones sending it."

" …"

"And there's going to be trouble."

"Oh dear."

"So come inside."


"I'll give you a cookie."

"I don't like cookies."




"Ice Cream."





"Bunta would like that."



"What about chocolate?"



"You do realize that I'm not allowed to eat anything you just suggested?"

"…" She gritted her teeth. Any second now and she is going to

"Can you just get straight to the point?"

"EGH!" She stomped off leaving behind a dazed Yukimura.

"I wonder what's wrong with her?" He mumbled. He turned around to continue his training. He arced his back and served.


The ball hit the ground with a soft thud.

Harder. He thought. With a lower bounce.

He got another one from his pocket. He threw it in the air with a light spin. He arced his back a little and released.

The ball sliced the air and hit the floor; it bounced with a bounce so low that it was almost like one of Fuji's counters.

"Finally." He whispered. He shook his hand and sighed. The training was really taking a toll on him. He sat down and looked over at the city. The night-lights twinkled in the dark. It's nighttime already? Yukimura looked at the west, the sun was a faint glow in the distance.

"Maybe time moves faster than I thought it does."

He picked up his things and went inside. On the way passing a furious nurse wondering why did he have to follow her orders after she reported to the doctor.

He went back into his room and lay on his bed. He twisted his head to look at the setting sun before it disappeared for another night. The stars twinkled invitingly at him.

Why am I thinking like that? He wondered. A clouded drifted over the moon darkening the face of the earth. He shivered and looked up to see a shining moon, beaconing.

He closed his eyes and smiled to himself. One day down.

Author's note: There's my sad attempt at humor to add to the depressing mood. And me attempt at a cliffy. I really don't like cliffs except the ones at Bondi where you can throw my cousin off.

The sun sets in the west right?

By the way- I'll write anyone an oneshot if the guess correctly what's going to happen next.