Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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Tom and Doug sat down on a park bench with a cylinder of formula. Doug was currently bouncing Gracie on his hip while Tom was in the process of trying to read the instructions on the formula.

"Okay, it says we need to mix a cup of this stuff with two cups of water in the bottle, mix it up, and give it to her."

"That sounds disgusting! I'd rather have the chili dog."

"Yeah well…" Tom grabbed the bottle from the bag, "Alright, I'm going over to the water fountain. You watch the kid."

Doug nodded and turned Gracie around on his knee so that she was facing him.

"Do you honestly want to eat that goop for lunch?" Doug asked. Gracie smiled a big grin and Doug knew his answer, "Alrighty then, let's go get you a chili dog!"


Tom Hanson strolled back over to the bench only to find that Doug and the baby were gone! The only thing that was left of them was the formula. Growling, Tom snatched up the formula and marched over towards the chili dog stand. Doug and Gracie were currently waiting in line.

"Doug, what the hell?" Tom shouted, several disapproving mothers shot him a look.

"Look Tom, here's the thing: I asked the kid if she liked the formula and she smiled. Now, I can't force her to eat something she doesn't like."

"Yes you can! And she doesn't know what you said, Doug. She's a baby!"

"So…no chili dog then?"

His answer was a slap upside the head.


"Come on, bring Gracie. She's having formula rather she likes it or not."


"What?" Tom shot the giggling man a look.

"You already sound like her father!"

"No way! I do not! Now get the kid and bring her back to the bench. We can feed her there."

As Gracie sucked the nipple of the bottle, Tom couldn't help but smile at her.

"See, why can't she be like this all the time?" Tom asked, "Nice, sweet, and quiet."

"She looks tired."

"Alright, grab the bag and the stroller…"

"What? Why?" Doug demanded.

"She's tired. We're going home."

"But…the gift shop!"

Tom rolled his eyes as he gathered Gracie and her things.

"You are such a fun sucker, Tom Hanson!"


"So what do you propose we do with her?" Tom asked Doug.

Gracie was currently asleep in her car seat and Tom and Doug were sitting on the couch sipping cold beers.

"What do you mean?"

"Well we can't exactly take her to work tomorrow, can we?"

"Why not?"

"Yeah, bring a baby in the middle of an undercover job, real genius, Doug."

"Well, Judy is finishing up some paper work tomorrow. We can leave Gracie with her. She'll probably sleep most of the time anyways."

"I am not sticking Judy with your mess!" Tom glared at Doug, "Alright, we'll take a break from the case and work on filing. We'll check with Fuller first and make sure that's okay…"

"He'll be fine with it. He's brought his kid to work before."

"His kid is not a six month old baby, Doug!"

"Alright, I'll call Fuller."


"Eh, what's up, doc?"

"Doug?" Fuller's voice sounded not at all pleased.

"Cap'n I have the slightest little question."

"For the hundredth time, Doug, no you may not drop water balloons off the…"

"No, I know that sir but I was wondering…you see…my niece is staying with me this weekend and I was wondering if I could have desk duty tomorrow and show her how things work around Jump Street."

"Desk duty?" Fuller didn't sound too happy, "Alright but if I give you desk duty, Tom's gonna have to have it too. McQuaids do everything together – including skip school."

"Thanks, Cap!"

"She won't be a bother, will she?"

"No, of course not sir. You'll hardly notice her!"