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Forgotten as the Past

He slowly opened his eyes, and unconsciously squinted at the unfamiliar surrounds.

The walls were a clinical white; the sort you'd find in a hospital, but one entire wall was made of clear glass, which allowed for viewing into an inconspicuous hallway.

A light hung over head, and despite it being rather dim, it caused his head to throb.

Every inch of his body ached horribly and he felt physically ill, like he was going to or had thrown up.

"S'good to see you awake finally"

Someone spoke from beside him and out of instinct, he turned his head; which proved to be a mistake.

What must have been a nasty gash on his neck burned with a fiery intensity as the skin around it pulled and stretched.

He drew in a sudden sharp breath and shut his eyes tightly, gritting his teeth.

A hand grabbed his own and squeezed tightly, letting him know he wasn't alone.

In response, he squeezed back and waited until the pain subsided.

When he opened his eyes again, he found the owner of both the voice and the hand.

It was a young woman, dark skinned and beautiful. Her eyes shone brightly with concern as she gauged his reaction carefully.

This young woman seemed familiar, but for the life of him, could not place her or remember her name.

"It's Martha. Owen said you'd have a little trouble remembering." She said gently.

Martha; as she was called was dressed in a fitted red leather jacket and blue jeans.

Her black hair was let down and framed her face nicely as she tilted her head to one side.

As he swallowed, he noted a chain around her neck with a small key hanging off it.

But his eyes wandered back to her face as she smiled warmly at him.

Gently she raised her small warm hand that wasn't clasped in his own and rested it on his forehead.

"Do you remember anything at all?" she asked, her voice a mixture of kindness and concern.

For a moment, he thought hard, but his mind was so cloudy and foggy; so thickly layered was the fog, he couldn't remember a thing other than what was happening now.

Slowly, he ever so slightly shook his head, feeling confused.

He should remember something.

"No" he murmured hoarsely.

A gleam of sadness filmed Martha's eyes as she frowned.

"Not even your name?" she asked softly.

This was bad, he could tell. He couldn't even remember his own name for god's sake.

Tears of fear and confusion began to well in his eyes.

"No" he said thickly, as the burning tears began to roll over his temples.

This Martha, leaned forward, gently shushing a whimper of terror from him as she wiped away the tears with the pad of her thumb.

"It's alright. I'm sure it'll come back to you. Your name is the Doctor" Martha soothed, nothing more than compassion in her eyes.

But his name even confused him.

The Doctor?

What a strange name…was it a title or a euphemism for something?

Regardless of how strange it was, it felt right.

Like it fitted him.

"The Doctor…" he repeated slowly and uncertainly.

It earned him a benevolent smile from Martha.

"Right you are" she confirmed.

For a moment, The Doctor studied Martha closely, hoping that if he looked at her long enough and hard enough he'd remember something about her.

She felt very familiar, like the closest of close friends. Somewhere deep inside himself, he felt his heart warm to her.

He could trust her; he was sure of that. Anything that came from Martha's mouth was trustworthy.


All this sudden stress however was quickly getting to him and he shut his eyes with a groan momentarily.

"What happened to me?" he asked, opening his eyes and knowing by instinct that he should at least remember something.

Casually, he glanced down at his body; and what he saw frightened him.

His chest was exposed, with rolls of white bandages wrapped around most of his torso and what small areas of flesh he could see, were bruised badly with colours of black and purple.

His right arm, was covered completely in bandages up to the elbow while his left wasn't dressed, but was cut and bruised badly.

The lower half of his body was covered in pale green baggy pants, but he could see a cast around his left leg and caught sight of his heavily bandaged right ankle.

"What happened to me?!" he practically screamed.

Martha's calming hand found his forehead again and yet again she shushed him, rubbing small soothing circles on the back of his hand with her thumb.

"Calm, calm, calm, calm, calm. Just relax Doctor. It's alright. How about you rest for a bit while I go and find Owen. He might be able to give you something to help you sleep" Martha said.

Just as she got up and broke all contact with him; a flash of memory seared through his mind.

He stood in a place of utter darkness, the stench of death and burning flesh stung his nose and caused his eyes to water. By his side, on his right, stood Martha and a tall man with ice blue eyes.

On his left stood two other women, a red headed of rather stocky build, and a shorter blonde, younger than the red headed woman.

Before him, stood three strange pepper-pot shaped robots, with bright blue lights on the ends of stalks shining eerily thought the darkness.

They were all pointed at him.

Fear racked his body, enhanced by the smell of the dead and dying, a deep sense of dread began to combine with it.

Just as he felt the dread climax, a massive black shadow rose up before him, and such a wave of terror consumed him.

As the shadow fell across him, he screamed.

"NO!" he cried hysterically, repeating the word over and over and over again, unable to move he was so rigid with fear.

The shadow was suffocating him, binding across his limbs and his mind, paralysing him and penetrating him.

He screamed again, incoherently, before remembering the one name in his mind other than his own.


It was the only name he could fish out of the darkness he was drowning in; and he knew she would come without fail.

He was right too.

Her hand was back on his forehead and she was shushing his cries, murmuring words that conveyed calmness and friendship and support into his ear.

As the shadow receded from his mind and reality began to solidify again, it left him trembling and sobbing as he clung desolately to Martha's arm that was slung across his chest.

At first, she didn't ask what he'd seen, because he was certain that she knew.

But when he'd calmed enough, she spoke.

"What did you see?" she whispered.

Shutting his eyes tightly, he swallowed nervously and shivered against her, unable to shake the feeling of the shadow strangling him.

"A shadow…a huge…black shadow and these…gold pepper-pot things. It was so dark…but there were people with me. You were there…you were right beside me…b-but the s-shadow…I couldn't breathe…it was choking me…I-I-I c-couldn't…" he murmured, unable to go any further as a broken sob cut him off.

Martha cooed at him, gently stroking his hair comfortingly.

"It's alright….it's okay. You're safe now Doctor. I've got you" Martha promised, but there was something disconcerting about the haunted look in her eyes.

Yet he drew from the comfort of her being there, of her soft palm running across his head and her arm across his chest.

His head was beginning to hurt, and his apparently broken left leg was starting to ache terribly and his chest was beginning to burn.

"Alright. Just lay there for a second Doctor. I'll go and find Own. Maybe he might shed some light on when you can come home" Martha said, releasing him almost as if she had heard his thoughts.

But it turned out that Owen, the doctor looking after him had no intentions of letting him go anytime soon.

Owen did not look like a conventional doctor; the Doctor supposed.

He wore plain clothes, and spoke sarcastically and with open contempt for some things.

His bed side manner was terrible.

Or were all doctors like that?

He couldn't remember.

Despite these things, Owen was a good doctor; he was gentle yet firm and efficient as he checked him over.

After taking his pulse, he stood up and took a needles from the tray by his bedside.

"Right then. Doctor, this is a mild sedative, mixed with a strong painkiller. Should knock ya out for a while" Owen said.

The Doctor didn't even feel the thin needle enter his arm over the growing pain in other areas of his body.

It wasn't long before the terrible ache in his head and legs dissipated and the burning in his chest faded.

Gratefully, he let his eyes slip closed as he succumbed to the sedative.

Sleep seemed like a good idea. Like a great idea.

The best idea ever actually.

From somewhere in the room, he heard Owen speaking to Martha.

"Retrograde amnesia. I'm not surprised he can't even remember his own name. What he's experiencing is normal, remembering fragments of the incident, common with this level of physical and mental trauma. It's a surprise that he's still alive" Owen said.

"He's not human, Owen. He's a Time Lord. Much more resilient than us…but he didn't regenerate. That worried me…so close to death that whole time and no regenerative signs. But tell me, will he ever remember it all?" Martha said softly, her voice dripping with distress.

"Hard to say. From studies, probably not. I know we deal with amnesia all the time, but this is a whole new level. All I can say is hope to god you're right about his resiliency, and take it one day at a time with him" Owen suggested.

Their voices got fainter and harder to hear, but the Doctor didn't care.

He felt slightly euphoric.

He was a Time Lord.


But what exactly was a Time Lord if not human?

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