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Chapter 7:- Meeting the Master

There was fire, so much fire all around. It encircled the Doctor, towering above him in forty foot blazing walls of fury.

The air was thick and acrid and burned his lungs; making every breath he drew absolute torture.

His skin felt hot, like it was burning from the proximity to the fire; his entire body was burning, his hair, his skin, his eyes, his lungs, legs, hearts and mind.

Everything scorched him.

He knew he shouldn't make a sound, but the pain was too much for him to bear silently and he screamed loud and long, on his knees upon a burning black marble floor.

He held his hands over his ears, and squeezed his eyes shut, as if he could merely block all this out.

As he knelt there, dying, he felt rather than heard or saw a presence standing before him.

Something malevolent; something very dark and seriously twisted.

Wearily, he opened his eyes and raised his head, letting his hands drop from his head; looking up to see a man.

Fear, anger and hatred exploded into his mind, and a scowl of displeasure tugged at his lips.

The man tilted his head to the right and smirked.

It triggered something as the pain increased tenfold, causing him the scream again, thrashing about in a desperate attempt to ease the fiery feeling that was crawling across his skin.

Above the roaring in his ears, came a purring voice; full of alluring darkness.

"Such fear of the flames, Doctor. You almost make this too easy for me"

It just didn't stop; the agony continued, stretching out for eternities, never ceasing but never increasing.

"Stop! Just stop, please! I'll do anything. JUST MAKE IT STOP!" the Doctor screamed, curling up into a ball.

The man moved forward, sneering.

"Say my name." the man hissed, his voice penetrating the roaring of the flames in a most eerie and truly terrifying way.

Unbidden, the man's name fell from his lips along with an involuntary shiver of disgust.

"Master. Please…stop!" he begged.

With his whispered words, the pain faded away, leaving him sobbing brokenly on the floor.

He didn't know why he was crying, but he couldn't help himself…couldn't stop himself.

A cool hand snagged his wrist and the other stroked his hair, the gesture making him feel sick and cold.

"Does it hurt Doctor? Does it always hurt?" the Master breathed into his ear in a silky tone.

His stomach churned at the closeness of the man, and he began to retch as bile pushed its way up his throat.

"Where's Martha…where's Jack?" he whimpered, shutting his eyes tightly.

The Master chuckled darkly.

"Far, far away. So far out of reach for the rest of eternity. It's just you…and me. For the rest of time." The Master muttered.

Shivers began to course through his body as he began to sob harder.

He was so frightened. He needed Martha, needed Jack.

The Master would torture him for the rest of time and he was helpless to stop it.

Martha bolted, dropping her empty mug on the floor.

In barely two seconds she was by the Doctor, Jack standing beside her.

The Time Lord was still asleep so Martha deducted that it was a nightmare.

A bad one.

His entire body was rigid, his face slick with sweat and his eyes were shut tightly.

Strangled screams and sobs shook his body as he thrashed about under the covers, tangling them about his limbs, trapping him.

Without a word, Jack grabbed his ankles to hold his legs still, holding his right leg a little higher up above the wounded ankle while Martha grabbed his wrist and began to stroke his hot forehead.

"It's alright, Doctor. It's okay. It's just a nightmare, all you need to do is wake up" Martha said, raising her voice to be heard over his screams.

Holding him still appeared to help somewhat as his cries of fear slowly faded to whimpers, yet he continued to weep.

"There we go. Easy now…there we are." Martha crooned, letting him go.

Jack released his grip too, before standing over him and Martha with a deeply concerned grimace upon his handsome face.

Despite his calmed state, it was obvious that the Doctor was still in the throes of the nightmare.

He twisted and turned and whimpered, shaking his head, flinching, wincing and tensing.

Martha gently stroked his tear streaked cheek with the back to two fingers, before wrapping an arm around him and jostling him slightly, unable to bear seeing him so helpless and fearful of his own mind's images.

Her ministrations worked too as his breath hitched and he stilled suddenly before jerking into consciousness, panting.

For a moment, his eyes rolled blindly before finding both Martha and Jack.

His mouth opened and he tried to speak, stumbling on panicked words before Jack leant down and shushed him.

"Shh, easy there tiger. You've had a nightmare but it's over now." Jack soothed, rubbing a hand through his wild, sweat soaked hair.

The Doctor closed his eyes momentarily and swallowed hard before opening them again.

They could see his tears slowly drying and he seemed a little calmer.

"You're safe with us now." Martha murmured gently.

Neither asked what he had dreamt of; not so soon after waking. They wanted him completely calm.

It was glaringly evident however, that he would not want to go back to sleep immediately, so Martha offered him an alternative.

"How about a movie? To take your mind off the nightmare, eh?" she said.

At first, the Doctor's wide eyes stared deep into hers, so frightened and lost that her arms around him tightened, trying to convey that she was here for him.

Finally, he nodded slightly, mouthing the word 'Yes'.

With a grin, Jack straightened.

"Alright then!" he laughed, suddenly excited about the prospect of a movie night.

Martha began to smile as well, and was thrilled to see the Doctor look a little less uncomfortable.

"Okay, Jack. Can I get you to help move him to the lounge, while I go and get things ready?" she said as she withdrew from the Time Lord.

Leaving Jack to set the Doctor up, Martha strode out of the room and into her kitchen, a rush of excitement flooding through her.

Popcorn, coke with ice, cushions, pillows, blankets and lights off.

The perfect movie night with her best friends; a Lord of Time and an Immortal Man.

'God' Martha thought fondly. 'My life is messed up'.

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