Here's the next part of Fairies and Ghosts Unite: Time Crasher. Last time, Timmy went to the past to visit Danny's young self, but Skulker found the two, and started attacking them. But Danny along with Cosmo and Wanda are in the past too, trying to find them.

Part 2

Meanwhile, Danny, Cosmo, and Wanda finally poof into the past, they look around, but don't see Timmy anywhere.

"No sign of that meddling brat anywhere." Danny said.

"He has to be around here somewhere." Wanda said, looking around.

Danny thought for a sec. "Maybe if I get a bird's eye view, I might be able to spot him. I gotta find cover somewhere, so I can go ghost."

"No problem!" Cosmo said as he waved his wand, causing a telephone booth to appear.

Danny frowned in annoyance as dully said, "Thanks."

Then he walked inside, and a flash of light came from inside with Danny phasing from atop of the booth. "Come on!" Danny told the fairies as he flew away with Cosmo and Wanda following.

Somewhere else, Timmy and Young Danny were running away as Skulker was trying to blast them with his cannon.

"Keep up, Danny!" Timmy yelled to Young Danny, who was lagging behind as Timmy pulled him.

Young Danny whimpered as he said in exhaustion, "I…can't."

Timmy stopped running along with Young Danny, and he looked at Skulker coming at them. Then Timmy grabbed the lid off a trashcan and he flung it a Skulker like a Frisbee.

Skulker dodged the lid as he laughed. "Ha! You missed, you human brat!"

"Wasn't aiming at you." Timmy said as he smirked with his arms crossed.

The lid bounced off a light post and it flew at the back of Skulker's head, knocking him back.

"Danny Phantom did that move on a couple of ecto-pusses one time." Timmy whispered to Young Danny.

But the moment was spoiled when a laser nearly fired at Timmy and Young Danny's feet. They look up to see Skulker, who was back up. "Don't think you can get away so easily." He said as he aimed his laser at them.

"Run!" Timmy yelled as he grabbed Young Danny's arm and ran away with him.

The two run into an ally as they hide and catch their breath. "You okay, dude?" Timmy asked.

Young Danny just looked scared as he said, "Oh, Mommy and Daddy are right. Ghosts are real."

Timmy looked away as he got a guilty look. "Oh man, this is all my fault. If I hadn't have come here, Skulker wouldn't have come and Danny wouldn't be in trouble right now. And the bad thing is that my Time Scooter is still broken and I'm stuck here with Skulker and Danny's past self."

"Danny?" A little girl's voice asked.

Timmy and Young Danny turned to see a little girl with black hair tied in pigtails, wearing a purple dress and black shoes.

Young Danny recognized the girl and he smiled. "Sam."

"Sam?" Timmy questioned.

"Tucker told me what happened." Young Sam mentioned.

Then Young Tucker came from behind Young Sam and said, "And he's the one who took Danny."

"Wait, it's not what you think!" Timmy said defensively

But then Young Danny ran up to Young Sam and Tucker. "Guys, there's a big scary ghost that's trying to kill us." He told them.

"Kill you?" Young Tucker asked.

Young Danny nodded and then he ran behind Young Sam and Tucker in fright.

"It's true." Timmy told them. "There's a ghost following us and he could be anywhere near us."

"You're probably faking it to scare Danny." Young Sam said in disbelief.

"Yeah, you're gonna have to give us proof." Young Tucker told Timmy.

Before Timmy could say anything, Skulker found them and smirked as he said, "There you are, whelps! I told you, you couldn't hide from me!"

Young Danny, Sam, and Tucker scream in fear as Timmy shouts, "There's your proof! Now you guys gotta run!"

As Skulker shot a laser toward Timmy, he quickly jumped out of the way and ran toward the young Danny, Tucker, and Sam, pushing them forward as they ran away from Skulker.

The four ran to the back of Fenton Works, and Young Sam spotted the wooden fence. She then lifted it up and revealed it was loose and led inside.

"Come in here." She told the boys.

Timmy, Young Danny and Tucker quickly ran through the fence followed by Sam, and it led into Danny's backyard.

"I think we're safe here." Timmy said until he spotted Skulker above them. "Or not."

Skulker then aimed a cannon at Young Sam and Tucker, and it shot green goop toward them and stuck them to the wall.

"Sam! Tucker!" Timmy yelled in panic.

Then he turned to see Skulker aiming his cannon at Young Danny, who was backing away in fear.

"Say goodbye, you tiny whelp." Skulker said as he aimed his cannon at Young Danny. "Because soon you won't even have a future."

Young Danny backed into the fence as he shivered in fear and closed one eye. Skulker then shot his cannon at him and a green rope tied around Young Danny. He struggled to get out of it, but it was on too tight. But then, the rope starts to shrink around Young Danny, and he started to cry as he tried to get out.

"Hang on, Danny!" Timmy yelled as he was about to run up to him, but Skulker grabbed him.

"Save your breath, child." Skulker said. "Once those ecto-binders completely squeeze the life out him, there will be no one left to get in my way."

The ecto-binders become tighter and Young Danny cries as he screams in pain.

Meanwhile, Cosmo and Wanda were flying in the air until they noticed Danny wasn't behind them. They looked down and noticed Danny was leaning on the ground. They fly down to him to see if he was alright.

"Danny, what's wrong?" Wanda asked.

Danny struggled to get up on his feet. "I don't know…I feel weird all of a sudden."

Then his body started to blink and flash, and then Danny looked at his hands and noticed they were disappearing.

"Oh no." Danny said as he realized what was happening.

The ecto-binders were getting smaller and smaller, and were crushing the life out of Young Danny as he cried in pain.

"Danny, no!" Young Sam and Tucker cried for their friend.

Timmy had a shocked look while he was being held by Skulker and he watched Young Danny being crushed.

"I won't let you hurt my cousin!" Timmy yelled as he bit his big bucktooth into Skulker's armor, causing it to spark.

Skulker grunted as he loosened his grip on Timmy, allowing him to quickly run away from him. Timmy quickly ran to Young Danny's aid.

"Hang on, Danny! I'll get you out of here!" Timmy shouted as he saw Young Danny passing out as the ecto-binders shrunk more, causing him to stop breathing.

Timmy grabbed a hold of the ecto-binder and he tried as hard as he could to pull them apart. Timmy grunted as he tried harder to pull it apart as it kept shrinking, and then it started to break apart. Once he completely tore it apart, the ecto-binder disappeared and Young Danny was now unconscious as he fell forward with Timmy catching him.

"Danny!" Timmy called as he shook Young Danny by his shoulders. "Come on, Danny! You have to wake up or you won't…"

But Young Danny still remained motionless, not waking up. This caused Danny to blink even more as he fell down to the ground unconscious with his whole body beginning to disappear. Cosmo and Wanda looked at each other in worry.

"No!" Timmy cried as he hugged Young Danny. "I'm so sorry. If I hadn't have come here, this never would've happened. I don't care whether you're fourteen, ten, or eight. I like you no matter what age you are and even if you do have cool ghost powers. I just wish you could wake up, and then you could still exist in the future."

Danny was still lying on the ground unconscious and still vanishing, almost completely gone. But then his whole body flashes again and he suddenly stops disappearing as he begins to open his eyes.

Also, the Young Danny groans as he starts to open his eyes. Timmy's eyes widen when he notices. "Danny?"

Young Danny then sat up and took a deep breath when he was able to breathe again. "Timmy?" he asked when he looked at him.

"Danny, are you okay?" Timmy asked.

"I…I think so." Young Danny replied.

"Yes!" Timmy cheered as he pulls Young Danny closely with him grunting as Timmy held him by his head. "I knew you wouldn't die, and that means you'll still exist in the future."

"Danny! Timmy!" Young Tucker called out. "Aren't you forgetting us?"

Timmy noticed them still stuck to the wall and he let go of Young Danny. "Oh, right. Come on, Danny. We have to help them."

Timmy and Young Danny ran over to the Young Sam and Tucker to help them get out of the goop.

"Hang on, guys." Timmy said as he tried to free Young Tucker. "We'll have you outta here in no time."

"Guess again!" Skulker said as he aimed a laser at the kids.

Timmy, Young Danny, Sam, and Tucker all screamed thinking it was the end for them. But then a green ecto-beam hit Skulker in the back to stop him from attacking. Then he turns to see someone standing on top of the fence in front of the bright sun. A closer look reveals that it was Danny Phantom.

While Young Danny, Sam, and Tucker still looked shocked by this, Timmy just had a wide smile to see his 'older' cousin here to rescue them.

"What's up, Skulker?" Danny asked with his arms crossed. "You give up the 'Ghost Zone's greatest hunter' image and changed it to 'playground bully'?"

Skulker just glared and said, "You're here too, huh? Well, I'll just have the pleasure of hunting both you and your younger self."

"Why don't you just pick on somebody your own size?" Danny said as he flew forward and punched Skulker hard.

While Danny was keeping Skulker busy, Timmy and Young Danny began to try and free Young Sam and Young Tucker.

Young Danny used all his strength to try and pull apart the goop, and once he finally freed Young Sam, she hopped down from the fence and gave a big hug to Young Danny.

"Oh Danny, that was so scary." Young Sam said as she hugged Young Danny. "I thought that ghost would've crushed."

"I was scared too." Young Danny told Young Sam as he hugged her back.

Then Young Sam stopped and noticed Danny fighting Skulker. "Who is that guy?" She asked Young Danny.

Young Danny looked and smiled a bit. "I think that's the superhero Timmy talked about before. What was his name again?"

Timmy finally got Young Tucker free as he looked nervous a bit. "Oh, uh…he's…" Then Timmy sees Cosmo and Wanda poof next to him. "Cosmo? Wanda? You're here too?"

"That's right, Timmy." Cosmo said as he smiled.

"And it's a good thing we got here as soon as we did." Wanda mentioned.

Danny then launched a large ghost ray at Skulker, sending him flying away out of the yard. Then Danny sighed as he relaxed a bit.

"Danny, over here!" Timmy called out as Danny turned to see him.

"Timmy!" Danny called as he ran up to him. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah." Timmy answered.

"Good," Danny said as he began to frown. "Cuz I am so gonna kill you."

"What?!" Timmy asked in shock. "What did I do?"

"What do you mean, what did you do?" Danny asked annoyed. "First you totally don't listen to me, next you come here in the past and start messing around with it, and then you almost get me killed!"

Then Timmy shouted, "Well, I saved you didn't I? Besides don't forget it's your fault I'm here anyway?"

"How is it my fault?"

While the two were arguing, the young Danny, Sam, and Tucker were watching along with the fairies. Until Young Danny tried to get their attention. "Um…" Young Danny spoke softly.

But Danny just continued to argue with Timmy. "I was coming back anyway. You don't really think I'd just take off and leave like that, did you?"

"Well, you should be a little more specific about where you're going." Timmy just said as he crossed his arms and turned his head away.

Young Danny still tried to get their attention. "Um…hey..."

But he still couldn't get their attention as he watched them still argue, hearing Danny say, "It still doesn't give you the right to mess with MY past!"

Then Young Danny watched as Timmy replied, "And what are YOU gonna about it?"

Young Danny's eyes suddenly widen as he watches something what Danny does and he winces as he watches it with slapping sounds being heard.

"Ow!" Timmy yelled in pain. "Alright that does it!"

"Ow, hey!" Danny yelled in pain as Young Danny watched as he winced.

Then Young Danny runs over to the two to reveal that Danny has Timmy over his knee with his hand above him while Timmy was yanking on Danny's cheek. While the two were angrily growling at each other, Young Danny tapped on Danny's shoulder and said, "Um, excuse me?"

Timmy and Danny finally stopped growling at each other and turned their eyes to Young Danny. But Young Danny just stood there not saying anything else.

Timmy and Danny were still in the same position as Danny began to ask, "Is he supposed to be…"

"Yup, he is." Timmy replied.

Young Sam came up to them and said, "You guys shouldn't be fighting."

"Yeah," Wanda agreed. "Don't forget a ghost is still here."

"You're right." Danny admitted as he and Timmy stopped fighting and stood up.

"Where's the ghost now?" Young Tucker asked.

Timmy shrugged and guessed, "Maybe he gave up."

But suddenly the fence blew apart and they saw Skulker standing there. "I'll never give up when it comes to hunting down you."

Young Danny, Sam, and Tucker scream in fear until Danny shouts, "Calm down, you guys!"

Skulker shoots a missile towards them and the kids and fairies scream until Danny turns them all intangible, having the missile miss them.

"We're gonna die!" Young Tucker cried.

"We're NOT gonna die." Danny told him. "Here's what I want you to do. You and Sam run away from here as fast as you can, and we'll lead the ghost away."

Then Young Danny asked, "What…what about me?"

"You're gonna have to come with us." Danny told him.

"But what if the ghost gets Danny?" Young Sam asked.

Danny explained, "He's after me…and Danny. So if Timmy and I take Danny with us, we can lead the ghost away and you can hide somewhere until we get him out of here."

Young Sam and Tucker looked unsure.

"Don't worry guys." Timmy told them. "He'll be just fine with us."

"They're right." Young Danny agreed. "I'll be back."

Danny and Timmy smiled at each other until they hear a loud noise and they turn to see Skulker with a large cannon aimed at them.

"Guys, run!" Danny yelled to Young Sam and Tucker.

When Skulker shot another missile at them, Young Sam and Tucker ran in one direction while Timmy, Danny, and his past self ran in the other having the attack miss. Then Danny grabbed onto Timmy and Young Danny as he flew in the air.

"You can try and run, but you won't be going anywhere else." Skulker said as he flew after them.

Danny was flying with Timmy and Young Danny in the air, trying to get away from Skulker. Young Danny looked a bit scared and nauseous. "I don't think I like being up here." He groaned.

"You get used to it." Danny told him.

"Danny, how are we gonna get Skulker out of here?" Timmy asked.

"We would have to find a way to bring him back to the future." Danny answered.

Then Timmy mentions, "But the Time Scooter I used is broken, and I don't think trying to get Skulker on it would've been easy."

Cosmo and Wanda were flying with them as Wanda asks, "Then how are you gonna get him and you guys back to the future together?"

"Um…" Young Danny began to say. "Did you guys say that ghost was after me?"

Danny answered, "Well, yeah that's pretty much the problem."

Young Danny shyly said, "Uh…I think I…."

"Well, what is it?" Timmy impatiently asked.

"I think I…have a plan that could help."

"You?" Timmy asked surprised. "You mean you have plan that could stop Skulker?"

Danny glares at Timmy, feeling offended until he notices Young Danny looking at him oddly, and then he stops glaring and looks away.

"So, what's your plan?" Timmy asked Young Danny.

Young Danny began to explain, "Um…"

Later on, Young Danny was standing outside of Fenton Works by himself, looking a bit nervous. But then Skulker flies above Young Danny, spotting him.

"I've finally found you, little brat." Skulker said as he smirked.

Young Danny starts to slowly back away saying, "Why…why are you after me?"

Skulker answered, "Just taking care of a little business so you don't end up pestering me in the future."

As Skulker flew toward Young Danny, he kept backing away until he tripped backwards and fell down.

"Pity though. You're not much of a challenge here."

Young Danny suddenly smirked as he said, "Guess again."

Then he got up and quickly ran up the step and went inside Fenton Works.

"What?!" Skulker yelled as he glared angrily and phased through the door after him.

Inside the house, Young Danny was running as fast as he could away from Skulker. He ran downstairs that led to the basement and down to where the Ghost Lab was. When Skulker reached the lab, he looked around and noticed Young Danny wasn't there.

"Where are you?" Skulker called out.

"I'm right here!" A voice called out as Danny came flying in and gave Skulker a massive punch.

Then Timmy jumped in, holding an Ecto-Blaster. "And so am I!" he shouted as he shot a blast at Skulker until he shot a net at Timmy that pushed him into Danny, having them land on the floor in the net.

"Sorry Danny." Timmy sadly apologized.

"It's okay." Danny replied the same way. "I think."

Skulker came up to them and smirked as he said, "Finally, now that I've captured you and your young cousin, I won't even have to bother with your small and weak past self."

"Danny's not weak!" Timmy protested. "He's small though, but not weak!"

"And I- I mean he's definitely strong enough to beat you!" Danny added.

Skulker just laughed at that. "Yeah right, whelps."

Young Danny peeked out from the table he was hiding behind and he saw and heard what was going on. When he noticed Danny and Timmy looking scared while they were trapped by Skulker, he then got an angry look as he ducked back behind the table.

"Any last words?" Skulker asked Timmy and Danny.

"Leave them alone!" A small voice called out.

Skulker turned around and saw Young Danny standing there with a determined look. "Let my friends go." He demanded.

Skulker just laughed. "What's a little brat like you going to do about it?"

"This!" Young Danny then took something out of his front pocket, and then he aimed a small device at Skulker, and it shot out an electrical beam and it hit Skulker, making his suit spark.

"What?!" He asked in shock.

The net holding Danny and Timmy suddenly disappeared and they stood up as Danny flew up and kicked Skulker away.

"The Ghost-Tech Deactivator," Danny said as he recognized the device his younger self used on Skulker. "Man, I used to love that thing."

Then Timmy ran over to Skulker. "That'll teach you never underestimate my cousin. And now I wish I had a Fenton Thermos."

Cosmo and Wanda smile as they wave their wands, and a Fenton Thermos appeared in Timmy's hand.

"See ya." Timmy smirked as he used the thermos on Skulker and it sucked him in as he screamed.

After Timmy closed the lid, he and Danny high-five each other as they cheered. "All right!" They both said to each other.

Then Young Danny comes up to them, and Timmy says, "Danny, you were awesome!"

"I was?" Young Danny asked as he smiled shyly.

"You bet." Danny said as he ruffled his hair. "You saved us back there."

"Wow, I did, didn't I?" Young Danny said amazed. "Then that means I can be a superhero too."

Danny chuckled nervously. "Yeah, you just might someday."

Then Wanda flew over to Timmy and Danny. "So boys, you ready to head back."

"You bet." Timmy replied. "But first, I wish the Time Scooter was fixed to take us back to the present."

Cosmo and Wanda wave their wands and the Time Scooter poofs in front of them, repaired.

"What's going on?" Young Danny wondered.

Danny leaned down to his younger self. "Listen, Danny. Timmy and I kinda have to leave now."

Young Danny got a bit of a sad look. "But, where are you going?"

"Uh, well…" Danny tried to answer.

"Home." Timmy already answered. "That's really far away."

Danny nodded in agreement. "Right."

"But…But will I ever see you guys again?" Young Danny asked.

Danny stood up as he and Timmy stare at each other. "Uh…" They both stuttered, wondering how to answer the question.

"Well, I'll see you again someday." Timmy told Young Danny.

"Yeah," Danny also said. "And I'm pretty sure you'll see me again too."

Young Danny nodded as he smiled. "Okay. I can't wait."

"Well, we better start heading back." Danny told Timmy and his fairies.

"Back to the future!" Cosmo blurted out, having them glare at him. "I mean, back to the…" but Wanda quickly uses her wand to zip Cosmo's mouth closed.

"Oh, and by the way." Danny said as he leaned down to Young Danny and pulled him close as he whispered in his ear. "Make sure you don't lend your Game Buddy to Tucker, cuz trust me, you're not gonna get it back."

Young Danny got a weird look as he watched Danny, Cosmo, and Wanda hop on the scooter as a portal opens up and Timmy drives the scooter through as it disappears.

Young Danny smiled in amazement as he said, "Wow, I hope I can have a future like that someday."

Back in the present, Sam and Tucker were at Fenton Works in Timmy's room. They were sitting around waiting for their friends to come back until a portal opened up and out came Timmy, Danny, Cosmo, and Wanda on the Time Scooter.

"Hey, you're back!" Tucker cried happily.

"Yup," Danny said as he hopped off the scooter and changed into Danny Fenton. "I'm back and I exist."

"I just hope you two didn't mess around with the past too much." Sam said.

Danny looked at Timmy, and smiled as he replied, "Nah, not too bad."

"Yeah," Timmy replied innocently. "How could we mess with the past when we like the future we have now?"

"Well, that's good to hear." Sam said as she smiled in relief.

Then Wanda said, "And I hope you learned something from all this, Timmy."

"Yeah," Timmy said as he started to chuckle. "I can't believe you never told me this, guys." He said to Sam and Tucker. "You never mentioned how quiet, wimpy, and shy Danny used to be. I never would've guessed."

Danny then glared at Timmy angrily.

"I guess it is pretty hard to believe, considering he's hero now." Sam said, "Although, he wasn't wimpy all the time."

"Yeah," Tucker agreed. "He one time battled a ghost that was trying to kill him when he was eight."

Danny and Timmy looked at each other when they realized that's what they just did back in the past with Skulker and Young Danny.

Danny smiled nervously as he said, "Uh…Now that you mention it. I do remember all that now."

"He sure does." Timmy also said, "Cuz I was the one who reminded him."

Then Wanda said, "So, Timmy, I hope you won't be doing anything like that ever again."

"He won't be." Danny already answered. "Because I'm gonna be watching him more closely from now on."

Timmy got closer to Danny, and smiled as he said, "Glad to hear. Cuz that means you have to take me everywhere. Including ghost fights."

Danny pushed Timmy away as he said, "That's not entirely what I meant, Timmy."

Timmy crossed his arms. "That's totally what you meant."

"No, it's not." Danny said as he began to walk off.

"Yes, it is." Timmy objected as he followed him.

"No, it's not."

"Yes, it is."

NO. It's not."

YES. It is."

The two kept arguing as they walked off, and Sam, Tucker, Cosmo, and Wanda watched them.

Sam sighed, "They really need to grow up."

"Tell me about it." Wanda groaned.

The End

That's the end of this short, I hope you liked it. Like I said before, this was just a short story that takes place after the first story, and sadly there won't be a Fairies and Ghosts Unite 4. But please review and read the other three Fairies and Ghosts Unite stories if you haven't yet.