As He Sleeps

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon.

A.N: After watching Digimon and realizing my love for it (again), my plot bunnies kicked into overdrive, and whilst waiting for a document to finish downloading, and thus having a heck load of time, I decided to write this little drabble.

It's basically in Yamato's point of view, and it's after the big ol' battle in Season 1. It'd be longer, but I thought that it seemed sweeter shorter, and I managed to loose all my VCDs after episode 38 and so cried a heck lot, when realizing that I wouldn't be able to watch them on the television ever again.

This is also the first Digimon fanfiction I've writen for a while (the others I wrote were really horrible, posted in another account that will rot in accountrottingland). Hopefully, I'd write more soon. Reviews would be much loved.

He watches the younger boy sleep; his small face in a little frown as he dreams his dreams.

Takeru Takaishi.

He gently brushes the blonde hair away, tucking them behind his ear.

Clutched in the sleeping boy's fist is his digivice; his now useless digivice.

Who would have thought the youngest of all of them, was the one with the most amount of strength? The one who always managed to help them scrape through the toughest battles, the one that pulled one that one single, hopeful trump card, defeating the depression and the evil. The one they could always depend on when it came to the ultimate battles; the one who gave them hope and strength in the face of overwhelming evil.

He had been the last to make his Digimon digivolve into a Champion stage, and the last to realize how to use his crest.

The littlest of them all; the least mature, seemingly least powerful, the underdog, and the little brother.

The child of hope.

The one who saved the day.

Inflatable Marshmellows