Two Weeks Prior

Basically, this story fills in a lot of the gaps left from the two week jump in the season 4 finale. I'll go through those tender Naley moments in the hospital we didn't get to see, some special visitors who came for Jamie, and even Jamie's coming home for the first time. I'd like to give a special thank you to othfangirl for requesting this in my story requests page. I encourage any and all of you to request there to as I am open to any story idea.


Nathan rushed back down the hallway, coffee in hand, to get back to his wife and newborn son. Nathan could not believe that a week ago they were worrying about graduation, college, and other teenage dramas. But now, they were worrying about diapers, crying, and any other baby issues. Boy, how times have changed.

Nathan stopped himself before he got all the way into their hospital room to admire the sight in front of him. His wife, seated up in their hospital bed, was singing some sweet lullaby to their son. Nathan never felt more love than in that moment alone. He loved his son for giving him the best gift of all, fatherhood. He loved how James didn't judge him for what he had done; he just loved him unconditionally. He loved his wife and the natural maternal instinct she had. Every woman had some fragment of a maternal instinct inside of them. But Haley's was far more than a fragment. Haley was a born care-giver. She knew how to comfort, help, calm, or whatever else a person might need virtually anybody. That's what made her such a great tutor and an even better mother.

As Haley was singing, she looked down into her son's eyes and almost had to stop right there because she could feel the tears spring up in her eyes. The thought that she could create something this innocent, beautiful, and wonderful brought her to tears every time she stared into his orbs. Haley had a feeling that she was going to be one of those sappy mothers who cried at any thing remotely momentous event that happened to her son.

It was just the other night that Jamie (the nickname they had adopted for their son) had got his first dirty diaper. Nathan and Haley insisted on being the ones to change it. And when Haley first opened the diaper, she immediately sprang into tears. One whiff of what some would call a putrid odor but Haley didn't and it was waterworks city for Haley. Her son was just too precious to resist the occasional (or not so occasional) tear.

Nathan slowly walked into the room, keeping his eyes locked on his wife and son and hoping these moments could last a lifetime. Haley looked up and couldn't help but smirk at the amazement in Nathan's eyes. It still pleased her how many times Nathan had looked at her like that. And as much as her smirk portrayed confidence, every time he looked at her like that she felt herself go weak in the knees.

When Nathan reached Haley's bedside, he reached down and gently stroked his son's tiny but slightly chubby cheeks, earning Nathan a little gurgle from his son. Jamie amazed his parents with how reactive he was at a mere two days old. He already reacted to any little touch from his parents. Both Mom and Dad were sure that in no time, their little boy would be smiling and of course smirking.

"Hello, my dear," Haley said and kissed her husband's firm cheek.

"Hello wife and son," Nathan said, giving each of them a gentle kiss. Haley immediately deepened the kiss Nathan gave her and soon they were in a full-on make out session. But that was interrupted when the nurse came in to check on mom and son, that action soon ceased. But Nathan didn't mind. He needed to be sure that the two most precious things in his life were perfectly healthy. And after the accident, you could never be too sure.

As soon as the nurse left, Haley practically pounced on her husband, showering him with the horniest kisses she could muster. Clearly, Haley still had some pregnancy hormones left in her.

"Break it up. I don't won't my nephew to hear about how his sibling was conceived two days after he was born," Lucas joked, as him and Peyton entered the room.

"Luke, Peyton, oh hey," Haley said, blushing out of embarrassment. No matter how much getting married to Nathan released some of Haley's inhibitions, she would still always be a blusher. Not that Nathan minded. He found her blush to be one of the hottest things about her.

"So, do I get to see that gorgeous baby Haley James-Scott or what?" Peyton asked, trying to help Haley out of embarrassment.

"Oh yeah," Haley said, motioning to Nathan, who hopped up to get baby James out of his bed and carried him over to Lucas and Peyton. Peyton immediately took James into her arms, just loving the warm feeling she got from holding a baby. Lucas spoke sweet nothings to the baby while Peyton rocked James back and forth.

"Ahem," Haley said, interrupting the three "new mommy and daddy over here. Don't we get any love?"

"Oh," both Peyton and Lucas said and rushed over to Haley's bedside to give her a much deserved hug.

"I see how this is gonna be," Nathan commented. "It's gonna be like we don't exist. It'll just be James, James, James," he joked.

"Yep and don't you forget it," Peyton joked back.

"It just doesn't seem real. I mean one day, I'm worried about how my hair looks. And the next, if Nathan changed the diaper right," Haley commented.

"Hey, I'll have you know I change a very mean diaper," Nathan replied.

"Whatever you say," Haley said with a mischievous grin.

"Well, is there anything we can get the two of you?" Lucas asked in all seriousness.

"Yeah, actually there is. How about a picture of that sister of yours?" Haley said.

"Most definitely," Lucas said and dug around his pocket for his most prized possession. Once he got it out, he was very quick to point out Lily's ears, which were supposedly a carbon copy of his.

"Luke, what's gotten into you? I mean, her ears. Dude, that's just a little weird," Nathan said.

"Nathan, I would keep my mouth closed if I were you. I distinctly remember the other day a certain someone telling me baby James had his father's toes," Haley quipped back. That definitely shut Nathan up real fast.

"Well, I think it's cute how sensitive guys can be around babies," Peyton said, giving Lucas a soothing hug.

"Yeah, me too," Haley agreed, not giving Nathan a hug. He did owe some penance for his previous remark. But finally, she gave him a hug and a tiny peck as well. But the moment passed when Luke's cell phone rang.

"Sorry to bolt on you, but my mom wants café food instead of the stuff they serve here," Lucas said.

"Nonsense, go ahead," Haley said. "I make Nathan get me outside food as well. The stuff they serve here is just utter crap."

"Yeah. Well, see ya Hales, Nate, my nephew," Lucas said, and he and Peyton made their exit.

An Hour Later

"Are you sure?" Nathan asked before Haley could complete her desired task.

"Yes, I'm sure. James Lucas Scott is the only name for him. He's been James from the moment I found out he was a boy. It's just the way it is."

"Well, if you're sure, I'm sure."

"I'm sure. And plus, if we constantly change our minds, I might be in this hospital forever. If I sign the birth certificate now, we will be out of here soon."

"Well, when you put it like that, go ahead," Nathan said stepping back and allowing Haley to sign her name. Then, he used her pen and did the same.

"Alright Mr. and Mrs. Scott, you and James Lucas Scott just need to fill out the paperwork and you are ready to go home."

Nathan hurriedly but carefully completed all the desired paperwork while Haley went back to their room to pack things up. Eventually, all loose ends were tied up, and the couple headed home. But as they were going out, they ran into someone rather unexpected.

"Oh Mom, what are you doing here?" Nathan asked, seeing a frazzled Deb walk towards them.

"Nathan, Haley oh my God," Deb said shaking her head. "I am so sorry. I ran the café for Karen, and I just got swamped. I meant to get up here, but I just didn't have the time until now. Oh, I feel so awful."

"Relax Mom. Haley and I understand. Here," Nathan said, pulling baby James out of his carrier, "meet your grandson, James Lucas Scott."

Deb grabbed the boy from Nathan's arms and sprang into tears. He reminded her so much of Nathan as a baby, peaceful but always determined. It just melted her heart. "You two should be really proud of yourselves," Deb said, once she had some of her composure back.

"Well, thank you so much Deb. I think James is going to enjoy having his Grandma Deb around the house."

Deb practically winced at the word "grandma." "Please don't say that. I am much too young for the title grandma," she said indignantly.

"Sure thing Mom," an amused Nathan said. "Listen, we should get home so we can get James situated," he said.

"Yeah," Deb said, "and I have some things to drop off with Karen. But you two, I mean three, be good."

"Oh, I'll keep my boys in line," Haley said. Everyone exchanged hugs. And with that, everyone was off to their destinations.

"Oh my God," Haley said as she took one look at the house. Of course, it was decked out in all kinds of decorations and posters and such.

"Welcome Naley Baby," Nathan read from the biggest poster. "I wonder who could've done this."

"Brooke really went all out," Haley said, knowing it was Brooke who did all this. No one else used the term Naley as much as Brooke.

"You ready Jamie? Let's go see your home," Nathan cooed to his newborn. Nathan wasn't much of a cooer, but Jamie definitely brought that out in him.

"Let's go Daddy," Haley said to Nathan, and with that, the family entered the home. Immediately, they took Jamie up to his room because it was late. As usual, Haley had planned ahead and changed James into his pajamas before they left the hospital.

So, Nathan and Haley took James up to the guest bedroom turned nursery and gently placed him in his crib. Then, they turned on the baby monitor in his room and exited for their room, where they turned on their end of the baby monitor. Then, they finished their bedtime preparations and fell asleep rather quickly. But Baby James would make sure they didn't stay asleep for too long.


I still have like 11 days to fill in. I didn't expect for me to write this much, considering I just now got over my writer's block. But I guess that's a good sign. I hope you like it. I'll try to update as soon as I can.