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After a long, quiet nap, Nathan and Haley awoke to a wailing James. Nathan groggily got up and went into his son's room. However, he soon realized this was a problem he wasn't equipped to handle. So, he brought his son into his and Haley's room so his wife could attend to their son's needs.

Nathan couldn't help but chuckling a little when he saw his wife wide awake. They were new parents; they took advantage of every minute of sleep they got. But Nathan knew Haley couldn't possibly go to bed without being positive James was ok. To be honest, he was the same way.

Once Haley heard footsteps into their bedroom and a crying baby accompanying them, she shot up. What was wrong with her baby? Was he sick? Oh my god, what was happening, Haley thought in her mind.

Nathan saw the look in his wife's eyes and knew she was freaking out. "Relax babe," he said softly. "James just seems hungry. And I figured it's best you handle that," he said with a smile.

"Oh," Haley said and blushed a bit. But the blush quickly faded when Nathan handed James over to her for his feeding. Haley positioned herself so she was sitting up and readied herself and her son for the feeding.

Haley raised her son to her exposed left breast. Almost instantly, James began sucking, ingesting his mother's nutritious milk.

Nathan, meanwhile, looked on. He wasn't your average teenage boy, geeking out over seeing a woman's boobs. No, he was more focused on the mother-son moment that was taking place right in front of him. Pride and awe swelled over his entire body. The sight in front of him was just too great for words.

Haley kept a firm yet soothing hold on her son. Most women describe the uncomfortable feeling of breast feeding, but Haley hadn't felt any. Granted, James wasn't close to teething yet, but she was too amazed by her son that she probably won't ever feel any discomfort.

After James was satisfied, Haley handed him over to Nathan while she put her nightshirt back on. Then, Nathan hopped into bed with James so the family could enjoy a moment of silence together. Even with a newborn who was a crier, Nathan and Haley seemed to have more of these moments of stillness than ever.

The silence was interrupted shortly thereafter, though, when James let out a cry. Haley soon realized just what the problem might be.

"Oh honey, tell me you burped him," Haley said with a smile.

"Was I supposed to?" he said a little confused.

"Duh," Haley said, still with a smile, holding a blanket for Nathan to use. Nathan positioned the blanket and Jamie over his shoulder and gently patted his son's back. Eventually, Nathan heard that heavenly noise also known as a burp and let out a sigh of relief as his son eased back into contentment.

Slowly, Nathan stood up and gently carried his son back to the nursery. He carefully placed him back into his crib and kissed James's forehead. After whispering a few loving words, Nathan checked that the monitor was on, left the room, and entered his own bedroom. He checked to make sure their end of the baby monitor was still on and then climbed into bed.

Seeing Nathan come back into bed, Haley moved closer towards him. Nathan picked up on the hint and pulled Haley close to his body. And then, Nathan and Haley snuggled each other to sleep.


Haley woke up early the next day. When she got up, she noticed Nathan next to her in an incredibly deep sleep.

It still surprised her how some things still hadn't changed. Even with the addition of little James, she was still an early riser, and he was still the guy who refused to get up before 10 on non-school days.

Quietly, she exited the bed, careful not to wake her husband. She then crossed the hall and entered her son's room. She extracted him from his crib and carried him to the porch.

Then, mother and son felt the beautiful morning air of North Carolina. Because it was North Carolina, it was a little chilly so she made sure to bring a blanket which she wrapped James in. Haley then sat herself on one of the pieces of patio furniture that rocked, keeping a firm hold on James. Once on, she slowly rocked back and forth, trying to keep the calm look on James's face there as long as possible.

Looking up, Haley noticed that the sun was slowly creeping up in the sky. Rocking her son back and forth, Haley watched the sun rise. Having James gave Haley more of an appreciation for the natural beauty of things around her. Yet another moment of stillness for Haley.


Nathan was in a deep sleep, dreaming about Lord knows what. He turned over subconsciously to pull his wife close to him. He shot wide awake from his sleep when his hand landed on a Haley-less bed.

Normally, Nathan would've shrugged this off because Haley was such a morning person. But she had given birth not too long ago and he needed to be sure she was alright. For all he knew, she could've been kidnapped or something that was not a chance an overprotective man like Nathan Scott was willing to take.

Nathan threw on a shirt and scurried around the house, looking for Haley in every room but was careful not to scream out. His mom was sleeping in this very house, and Nathan didn't want to have to be on the receiving end of his mother's morning grouchiness.

Nathan really started to freak when he noticed his son was missing from his crib. He upped his pace to a healthy jog, searching high and low for his wife and son.

Finally, he spotted his wife's silhouette through a window. He let out a sigh of relief when he went onto the porch and saw his wife cradling their son.

"Why such a serious look?" Haley said when she spotted her husband.

"You worried me babe. I wake up with the other side of the bed empty. James was gone. I thought you got kidnapped or something."

Haley nearly died of laughter when she heard Nathan say that. "You're really getting into the overprotective father well, aren't you?"

"Not overprotective, just cautious."

"Okay, well cautious father, how would you like to give your son a diaper change while Mama gets dressed?"

"Sure," Nathan said taking James and walking inside. Haley walked off to get dressed. Nathan, on the other hand, walked off to the nursery and the changing table that lay in there.

Nathan removed James's dirty diaper. Then, he went down to the shelves below the changing table to get the necessary materials. And then, it happened…

Nathan stood up with the materials he needed. And right then, little James decided to let out a rather healthy stream, getting all over Nathan's Tree Hill High T-shirt.

"Ahh," Nathan said, unsure of what to do. Luckily, Haley walked in at that moment and helped Nathan out. She immediately covered an exposed Jamie up.

"Ick," Nathan said, trying to wipe himself off.

"Well, that's what you get for not covering him up."

"Hey, at least we know he aims straight and shoots high," he said with a smirk. Haley let out a laugh. She couldn't believe Nathan could say that with a straight face. Then, Haley got an idea.

"Why don't we give him a bath?" she suggested.

"That sounds fine," Nathan agreed.

"Well, how about you get the bucket and other bath stuff and I'll get James ready?" Haley said.

"Okay," Nathan said and went to get the stuff. First, he got the bath bucket they had. Then, he got the soap, washcloth, and other materials. Finally, he brought everything to the bathroom and filled it with warm but not hot water.

Haley, meanwhile, rocked James back and forth soothingly for awhile, hoping this would help when bath time came. To say that James didn't like bath time was an understatement. He absolutely despised it and made his displeasure known through his cries. That's why Nathan and Haley rocked him before. They figured that the calmer he was going into bath time, the calmer he would be during bath time. Once Haley had finished rocking him, she took him into the bathroom to meet Nathan.

"Ready for bath buddy?" Nathan cooed to his son, gently taking him from Haley. Then, Nathan lowered the towel so it only covered James's waist. Then, he gently lowered his head into the water, careful to make sure that James's face remained above water. That's when all hell broke loose.

James let out a blood curdling scream, instantly reacting to the water he now felt. Nathan immediately removed his head from the water, opting to use the wash cloth in hopes that it would calm James. No such luck.

James maintained a steady cry throughout the whole bath. Even with Haley holding him and whispering kind words as Nathan bathed him, the infant wouldn't stop crying. Deciding that James wouldn't calm, Nathan tried to go as quickly as possible.

When Nathan was done, Haley immediately covered her son up and dried him up. Then, she rocked him back and forth to calm him down. But James just kept on crying. Then, Nathan got an idea.

"Hey babe, let's take him to our room," he suggested.

"Okay," Haley said, unsure of what that would do. But at this point, she was willing to try anything.

So, Haley followed Nathan back to their bedroom. Nathan immediately turned on his IPod stereo, gently playing an encore of "Baby Got Back" in the hopes that it would calm James.

Luckily, this tactic worked. After about a minute of Haley rocking James with the music playing in the background, his cries subsided completely, much to the relief of his parents.

Once James was calm enough, Haley passed her son off to Nathan and took a shower. While Haley was in the shower, Nathan decided now would be the perfect time to dress both his son and himself.

Digging through his closet, Nathan found just what he was looking for. Back when Haley was in the hospital, the Tree Hill High Booster Club had given Nathan a state championship t-shirt as well as a onesie for when the baby was born. Nathan thought now was as good a time as any to wear it.

So, Nathan quickly threw on his shirt. Then, he gently dressed James in the matching onesie.

Haley came out of her shower and found the room where she left her husband and son empty. So, she went to find them. It didn't take long. Soon, she found her husband rocking her son on the very same porch she used that morning.

"Well, isn't this the picture of father-son bonding?" Haley said, noticing the matching outfits Nathan and James were sporting.

"Do you like these?"

"Yeah, but where did you find them?" Haley asked.

"The Booster Club gave them to me as a present."

"Aha, and why didn't I get to see them until now?"

"Well, I wanted it to be a surprise," Nathan said with a sly smile.

"Well, you did a good job of that. I think they're cute," Haley said.

"Well good," Nathan said. "Oh hey, look who's here," he added, pointing to the car pulling into the driveway.

"Hey coach," Haley said, waving to Whitey.

"Well, if it isn't the Scotts. How's my favorite future NBA player doing?" Whitey said.

"Oh I'm doing alright coach," Nathan said.

"Not you, you idiot. James," Whitey said. When he did, Nathan's smile quickly turned to a scowl, while Haley burst into hysterics, and James sat there, unaware of what was going on around him.

"He's doing well, Whitey," Haley said with a smile and took James from Nathan. "And I'm sure he'd love to meet his Grandpa Whitey."

"Well, I'd love to meet the future star of the Tree Hill Ravens," Whitey said.

"Here," Haley said, handing James over to his 'Grandpa Whitey.'

"Come here buddy," Whitey said, taking James from Haley. When he looked down and saw what James was wearing, Whitey had to try really hard to stifle his laugh.

"I see James is already trying to be like his daddy," Whitey said.

"Oh yeah that. But you gotta admit it coach, he looks pretty fly," Nathan said.

"Last I checked he was still on the ground," a confused Whitey said.

"No Coach, fly like hip or cool."

"Oh yeah. Well, I guess he does look pretty 'fly,'" Whitey said, using air quotes. "But I thing that blanket he's wearing is the fliest thing about him," Whitey said, referring to the blanket he gave the Scotts at their wedding party.

"Yeah, who knew we would make use of that gift of yours so soon?" Nathan said.

"It seems to run in the family. Although, I say my prayers every night that you won't repeat your father's parenting style."

"Oh coach, you don't have to worry about that. I'm never gonna force basketball on James like Dan did to me."

"Well good. You know son, I know you didn't have the best situation growing up. But I hope that taught you a thing or two about family. They are the most important thing in any man's life, and most don't realize it. My only regret about the time I had with Camilla was that I didn't spend more time with her. I focused on coaching and other things. Don't make the same mistake, son."

"Don't worry. Haley and I both promised we're not going to continue the Scott legacy of absentee parenting."

"But that doesn't mean you couldn't suggest basketball to him," Whitey said with a smile, trying to lighten the mood.

"Oh, I'll definitely throw that possibility out there," Nathan said, pinching James's cheeks while Whitey rocked him back and forth.

"Well, with this one's brains," Whitey said, motioning to Haley, "and your athletic skill, this little one might just take down his father's scoring record."

"Which Nathan would graciously accept," Haley added with a smile.

"Right," Nathan said, returning Haley's smile with a devious one of his own.

"Well, I've got a phone conference call with the dean of the college this knuckle head will be playing at next year in about a half an hour, so I better get going," Whitey said, handing James off to Haley but making sure to give him a kiss on the forehead.

"Bye you three," he said and got in his car.

"Bye coach," Haley and Nathan said in unison and waved Whitey off. Then, the three of them went inside to relax the rest of the day away.



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