Tap... Tap...Tap tap... Tap tap tap!

"Edward!" John Hancock exploded. "Some of us are trying to take a test here! Do you mind?!"

Young Edward Rutledge stared up and dramatically snapped his pencil in half, thrusting the two broken pieces to the floor. John Hancock let out a sigh of relief and continued with his exam.

John Adams, who had been watching this entire spectacle, could not help but feel a little bit of resentment towards John Hancock. After all, he spent just as much time preparing for these tests as Hancock did, yet he still didn't seem to understand any of it. Numbers had never been his strong point. He much preferred to read or write a book. Because of his inefficiency in the subject of math, he had arranged for his girlfriend Abigail Smith to tutor him every Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately, because she was his girlfriend, on most days it was quite unlikely that he would actually concentrate on the subject. After all, was there a seventeen year old boy out there who would choose to discover the answer to five cubed times fifteen point nine two to the fifth power when they could take in the essence of a young lady who smelled of vanilla and spring air? Not him! However, being that he was naturally a good student, John Adams stifled his daydream and returned to his test.

"Hmmm," he thought to himself, "Perhaps I should have studied a little bit more. Oh well. There is always next time!" And with that he Christmas treed the last fifteen answers and turned in his test. He tried to avoid the math teacher's glare. Why get offended? Did she actually have any hope for such a pathetic math student?