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Flicker Surprise

Things had been so quiet recently.

Link sat at the edge of Lake Hylia, staring at his boots. He grabbed a small handful of gritty dirt, letting it slowly slip through his clenched fist.

Too quiet.

He scrunched his nose together, green hat draped over his head, absorbing most of the hot sun above him. That last statement wasn't particularly true. Hyrule had become very busy since Ganon had been killed.

It was just quiet in his head.

Link snapped out of his thoughts, a large crack erupting from behind him. He span his head around, slightly relieved, yet disappointed when he saw two children running towards the lake, and mirroring each other's dive bomb. They bobbed to the surface after a few seconds, resorting to happily splashing around the shallower part of the lake. Link let out a deep breath, closing his eyes in the sun and remembering everything before this. Times when he was never bored. He could have died at any minute, but he was never bored. He sighed again, hanging his head backwards, his blonde hair flopping from his face, the tip of his hat trailing over his back. He would never wish for Ganon to come back, it was just sometimes he wanted something to happen.

Link suddenly stood up, his feet scrambling in the grassy dirt below him. He shrugged of his thin, green cloth tunic and his brown pants. At least they were a lot comfier than his previous fighting clothes. He threw his small dagger to the floor, it landing softly next to his shoes with a small thud. He slowly stretched his entire body, arching his back and feeling several joints click. Dressed only in his underwear, his pale toned body seemed to reflect the hot sun. He snapped his head up, his blue eyes fixed intently on the dazzling blue lake in front of him. He smirked, throwing his hat off before taking a small sprint, and elegantly diving into the lake with one small, pleasing splash.


Link came up from underwater with one sharp breath. He loved diving, he loved swimming. He quickly swam over to the island type peace of land in the middle of the lake, water dripping from every part of his body as he heaved himself onto the grass, lying down and quickly drying in the sun. He sat up after a while, realizing the sudden chill in the air, and that he could no longer see the children at the other edge of the lake. After a while, their happy shouts had become a comfort to him. Link shivered slightly, vaguely remembering he had left his dagger at the other side of the lake. He slicked his drying hair back from his face, realizing it had gotten quite late. It seemed to be about four in the evening. Link smiled slightly, wrapping his arms around his legs. Swimming really did seem to pass the time.

Something suddenly flickered at the very edge of Link's vision. He darted his eyes to where it had been, but saw nothing. He sighed, standing up and stretching again. He flung his arms above his head, ready to dive into the cool water again, but a hand harshly grabbed his wrist, pulling him backwards onto the floor, his body painfully crashing to the ground. Link squirmed out of the grip, jumping to his knees darting his head up to come face to face with a dark haired man. He glared at him fiercely, about to yell out a million questions, but slammed his mouth shut when he realized just who it was kneeling down in front of him. The man's hair wasn't just dark, it was black. Contrasting violently with his gleaming red eyes. He smirked slightly, amused in Link's silence.

"Are you surprised to see me?? He said quietly, raising a thin, charcoal eyebrow. Link scooted back from the man in shock, almost falling backwards into the lake. The black haired man chuckled, standing up and pulling Link to his feet.

"What?" Link managed to mutter, shrugging away from his grip and looking at the man with utter disbelief. "What the hell are you doing, alive?" Red eye chuckled again, a menacing, piercing laugh, folding his arms.

"I can't have been that bad." Link shot to his senses. He had never been a helpless coward, and was never going to be. He angrily shoved the man to the floor, colliding on top of him and grabbing his arms in an angry rage.

"You're meant to be dead." He snapped, tightening his grip and causing the man below him to wince ever so slightly.

"Aww.. come on.." He said, trying to free himself from the ever grasp of Link's hands.. "I thought you'd be surprised to see me." He said sweetly. Link snarled. That smirk never seemed to come off his face. He silently cursed at himself, wishing he had brought his dagger with him, it would have made things a lot easier. Link rearranged his position, placing his thighs either side of the man, still grasping the man's wrists, he slammed them above his head. The man smirked, traveling his eyes over Link's almost naked body, he was completely helpless, but seemed to be enjoying it. Link snarled. He needed to make him scared.He drew one hand away, the other still pinning both wrists down in an incredibly painful grip. He rested his spare hand on his neck. The man swallowed, frowning, his eyes glancing up at Link.

"Hold on." He said, his voice breaking as Link shifted his weight onto that one hand. Link let out an annoyed breath, his hair prickling from the chilling air around them.

"What?" He snapped impatiently. The man swallowed, Link could feel the soft curve of his neck beneath his hand. It surprised him how tanned his own skin looked compared to the other man's almost vampire complexion. He'd never had time to compare before.

"Let me just talk to you." The man said quietly, a sudden pleading look in his eyes. Link gave him an annoyed frown, narrowing his eyes.

"Go on."

"Get off." He said quietly, his fingertips brushing against Link's grip. "Please." Link reluctantly moved backwards off of the man, dragging the darker haired man through the air to his knees, in front of him, now both hands still tightly gripping his wrists. The man let out a small moan of pain, no one else would have heard it, but Link sure did, it was his ears, they did that sometimes.

"I think.. you've drew blood." Said the man, desperately trying to tear his wrist away from Link's grip. Link removed his hands after a few more seconds, shocked at the deep, bleeding nails marks prickling the man's pale wrists and palms. The man quickly let his arms fall to his sides, looking at Link.

"Let me explain." Link paused.

This shouldn't be happening.

He was meant to be dead.

He hated him.

But he still listened.

"I know.. what I did was wrong.."

"You think?" Snapped Link, shuddering slightly from anger. The other man sighed, hanging his head, a few jet black hair strands drifting in front of his eyes. Link traveled his gaze over the man. He seemed to have gotten ever so slightly older too, even if it was only two years since he had killed him, or supposedly killed him. He still wore that same, black tunic, but his arms were noticeably more defined, Link couldn't help but noticed. He'd built a lot of god damn lean muscle in two years.

"I need to talk to someone." Link let the words run through his head. His voice was like his, but more of a sharp drawl. He wasn't drawling so much now though.

"What?" The man muttered something, shaking his head.

"Never mind.. I should have just let you go back to that swimming thing you seem so fond of.." Link narrowed his eyes, watching the man tracing a pattern in the thick grass below them. It looked like an eye, but Link couldn't tell, it was hard to see upside down.

"Wait- what-?" He sighed, angrily slamming his hands to the ground, moving from his sitting position and standing up. "How are you still alive?" The man looked up from his drawing, his red eyes looking intently at Link.

"I don't know." He said quietly. "One day I just woke up here, don't ask me to explain that." Link's expression changed from anger, to confusion. "I can remember you, killing me." The man continued, shrugging. "But I came back." Link frowned, shaking his head.

"That's not.. possible.."

"Haha well looks like it is buddy." Said the man, his tone suddenly changing. He bounced to his feet, coming face to face with Link. "It gets.. pretty lonely here.." Link looked at the man with utter disbelief.

"Are you saying you want me to give you a place to stay? You must be insane." The man sighed, shrugging.

"Not exactly, maybe you can get me a room at an Inn.."

"And why can't you do that?"

"For some reason, people are scared of me if they see me alone, always tell me to get lost." Link scoffed, he could see why. But what surprised him the most now, something that he hadn't seen before, was how much the man didn't look like him. It could have been his different colouring, but his mouth was a completely different shape, and he had a slightly sharper jaw line. His nose was upturned slightly at the end, the very edge of his eyes curving slightly into a beautiful point. If he didn't know any better, he'd say they weren't twins. The man raised an eyebrow, waiting for Link to answer. He was looking past him in thought. The dark haired man smirked tracing his eyes up his body. 'He would be too bloody skinny if it wasn't for that muscle he'd built when trying to save the world.' He smirked again. Noticing the sharp, defined hipbones, the way his underwear tightly clung the spot below his toned abs. His swallowed, glancing back up to Link's face, just in time for the blonde to snap back out of thought, his gaze turning to him.

"I can't believe I'm doing this." He said, sighing. He glanced back at the lake, and then to the bridge, rubbing his arm to try and warm himself up. "Better go that way.. if you don't want to freeze." He muttered, pointing to the bridge. The man nodded, waiting for Link to move. Link didn't move. "You go first." He said quietly, a hint of danger in his voice. The man raised an eyebrow, but did as he was told all the same. Link may not trust him, but at least he was giving him somewhere to stay.

He smirked, eye fixed on the creaking bridge ahead of him. 'He has a good reasons not to trust me.' He glanced back at Link, who was steadily walking onto the wooded planks behind him. He glanced at him, frowning. He smirked, turning back around, before wincing slightly as one of the cuts in his hand brushed against the rope he was clinging onto. He heard a crow squawk nosily above them, before disappearing into the pink and orange sky. It was sunset already, maybe he'd have time to get a drink from the bar.

He waited for Link to pull his clothes on. The tunic and pants were different, but he still had those familiar boots and hat. They walked side by side in silence over Hyrule field. Link would never let him trail behind, he wanted to keep an eye on him. He scoffed silently, seeing the peak of death mountain on the horizon, maybe this time he could visit it. He couldn't help but feel those awful memories of waiting in that room, just to be killed, slip away. Link was helping him, in a small way. And he couldn't help but let a small smile spread over his lips. 'Looks like blondie isn't that bad.'

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