Summary: Sequels to Tim's First Time. Gibbs just spanked Tim for the first time... now what? Warning: references to spanking; no 'onscreen' spanking here.

Disclaimer: I don't own 'em, I just play with 'em.

Disclaimer #2: In the NCIS canon, Ducky attended Eton. So, his school-day memories in these stories are set there; although the school is real, the events and people described here are the product of my imagination and I mean no disrespect to Etonians past or present.

A/N: This is a series of interconnected sequels to Tim's First Time and won't make any sense unless you read that first. This begins immediately after that story. There are also references to other stories in my discipline series and to other TV shows/movies but you should be able to follow this even if you don't catch them all.

Thanks to everyone who suggested that I explore Tim's reaction to his 'first time', Gibbs's feelings about having to punish him, and Tony's efforts to help him cope with the experience. Sorry it took me so long to get back to this; RL has been more demanding than my Muse of late, and I wanted to take the time to get this right.

Special thanks to draggon-flye for brainstorming assistance.

Warning: These stories continue a detailed exploration of physical and emotional responses to a discipline (i.e. non-sexual) spanking. There is no 'on-screen' spanking, but they contain references to the spanking of adults and recollections by adults of having been spanked as children. There are also passing allusions to BDSM. If any of that is going to bother you, please go read something else. You've been warned.