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Summary: Haruhi loved her job as teacher at the prestigious Ouran High. What she didn't expect was repeatedly getting molested by Kyoya Ootori, the school's number one student, and she's beginning to enjoy it?!



Haruhi's head slammed against the wall painfully as she tried to wrench her wrists away from the powerful grip. Strong, long fingers raised them above her head as a mouth descended on her neck, attacking voraciously.

"Ootori-san…" she panted, trying to quell down her traitorous emotions. "Please…let me go…. This…isn't…" she felt the sharp pull of teeth on her skin and the gentle sucking that made her knees buckle underneath her "..right."

Kyoya smirked, knowing that he was winning. One of his hands travelled down her thighs, under her skirt to tantalizingly ghost his fingers against the apex.

And now we have the number one reason why skirts are considered dangerous to your health.

Haruhi felt as if she was going to spontaneously combust when Kyoya suddenly pushed away part of her blouse to suckle on an area at the top of her breast. His hands were still under her skirt, touching her everywhere except that area.

"And since when did I care about doing anything right?" Kyoya scoffed, intent on making his Math teacher a pile of goo by the time he's over.

Haruhi had to bite her lip at that. Though the teenager currently having his wicked way with her was the number one student in absolutely everything, she noticed that he was more detached than others. Nothing seemed to interest nor challenge him enough to give his full attention. Hell, she knew that he was only half-listening to her lectures but always manages to get a hundred percent in everything.

"Ootori-san…" Haruhi tried again.

"So formal, dear sensei," Kyoya purred, licking at her earlobe. "Please call me Kyoya."


"Drop the san."

"No, you are my student," said Haruhi, trying to make her voice a bit more firm. She tried to push him away when he attacked her weak spot where shoulder meets neck and she felt herself grow weaker with every kiss.

"You speak too much, Haruhi," he whispered before giving her a deep, bruising kiss. He let go of her wrists, placing them on his shoulders to be able to pull her closer to his body. Haruhi, in a daze, could only bury her fingers on his hair, tilting her neck upwards to receive more of his kisses, allowing him to taste every crevice of her sweet mouth.

He's a damn fine kisser…. No competition to any kiss I've had before….

Somebody groaned into the kiss and Kyoya felt his restraint snap like twine. He couldn't hold back--didn't want to hold back--but it was too early, too fast for things. He needed to show her just how much she could get from him, and he from her before they take it all the way, not force her the minute she was in his arms. Though at the moment, with the way she was responding, he desperately wanted to do that.

Kyoya inwardly smirked. This was easier than he thought it would be. Who knew that even at her age, she was naïve enough to fall for the 'I need to recheck all the field trip suggestions so would you mind?' trick. As student body president, he was in charge of taking all of the students' suggestions on where they could have their next field trip the coming month before submitting it to the principal to be approved. He had done it more than a week ago, but knew that Haruhi, blessed teacher that she was, couldn't resist helping out her students. After the school had been deserted by student and staff alike, the two of them sat in the empty classroom, discussing the options.

And it all worked perfectly.

They hadn't been talking for more than ten minutes before Kyoya loomed over her in her seat and proceeded to give her one of the best kisses of her life that had left her panting and moaning.

She did try to resist at first, until Kyoya had slammed her to the wall and took things another step by touching her seemingly everywhere. After that, Haruhi's synapses simply cut short and her succeeding protests were half-hearted at best.

Haruhi could feel him, grinding against her stomach and she gasped at the sensation.

No, no, no…. She was a teacher and he was a student. Sure, he acted quite mature beyond his years…and he was going to be an adult in a couple of years…and oh dear God, what would his tongue feel like on other parts of her body.

Kyoya suddenly stopped, pulling away from her. He sent her a saucy smirk at her dishevelled appearance, noting her flushed face and erratic breathing.

Soon I'll have you begging.

He touched her again, only to straighten out her crumpled blouse and smooth down her skirt, wiped away the saliva streaks on her chin and cheeks, and combed her soft hair down with his fingers.

"You better take care of that nasty hickey on your throat, sensei," he said to her ear, giving said love bit a small kiss before placing a chaste one on her lips.

Haruhi's remaining working brain cells mustered up a reply.

"It's your fault!" she screeched. "Tomorrow all the teachers will be asking where I got it from, not to mention the students!"

"Hmm…better think up of a suitable excuse, then, Haruhi-sensei," Kyoya replied, bending down for one final peck on her lips. She was that irresistible.

He gathered up his things from the desk and left the room without another word.

Haruhi walked a few steps before she crumbled on a seat nearby to regain her composure. She thought she had her heartbeat in control when his head poked around the open door again.

"Oh, I forgot to say thank you for your help, sensei," he apologized, winking. "So, thanks a lot for the very interesting session. See you tomorrow."

"Get out!" Haruhi snapped a bit more forcefully than she intended.

Kyoya just laughed, his chuckles reverberating around the empty halls.

Haruhi buried her face in her hands.

And she had to live with this for the whole school year.

She didn't know whether to rejoice or break down into tears.


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Inspired by a SasuNaru doujinshi, Toshi no Sanante! (What a Difference in Age!) by Miri Yoshiro, scanlated by SasuxNaruislove. Rated 15, but I feel it's a bit NC-17. Hard core yaoi, baby! Yummy, yummy, give me more, my sweet! -Grins blissfully- In the doujinshi, Sasuke is younger than Naruto but is the seme. And it just hit me how that would apply deliciously to Kyoya and Haruhi, too. Hmmm…..

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