Hey guys! I told yah I'd write a story with Sunfire, Crow, and Ladybug! If you haven't read Teen Titans: The New Generation, I sudjest you do before you read this. You won't understand a few things. I'm introducing some new characters! I know I haven't written anything with the new ones, but this story takes place like, three years AFTER the first story. This was originally going to be a OneShot, but I changed my mind


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TTNG: New Team

Chapter 1: Leaving Home

"Mom! Mom! Let go! I can't breathe!" Sunfire choked. Starfire let go of her, now sixteen-year-old daughter.

"I am sorry Sunfre. It is hard to let you go. But, how exactly will you manage to fight crime with just the three of you?" she asked.

"Mom, we told you. We've already got a team together." Sunfire answered.

"Who?" Robin asked. The three teens sighed.

"Arachne," Sunfire said.

"Hex," Ladybug added (with a sigh I might add).

"And Percy. You know. That guy who helped us out with that bank robbery?" Crow reminded them.

"Spiderman's daughter, Flash and Jinx's son, and some kid you hardly know." Robin muttered.

"Dad, we've known him since we were fourteen. You all have met him. I think if he were going to betray us, he would have done it by now." Sunfire snapped.

"Plus, we've known the other two our entire lives." Crow added.

"And don't worry about where we'll live. We've already had a Tower built." LB explained.

"You guys have thought of everything haven't you." Cyborg chuckled. They nodded.

"Mom? Dad? What do you guys have to say?" Crow asked. Raven and Beast Boy smiled. Raven went over to Crow, and hugged him. Very tightly.

"Oxygen...I need oxygen." he croaked. Raven let go. If you looked closely, you could see tears forming in her eyes. Beast Boy and Crow bumped fists.

"So. where exactly is the Tower?" BB asked. The kids looked at each other. They didn't want them to know they were going so far away. It was hard enough for them to actually leave home. It would be even harder to tell them exactly where they were going.

"We promise we'll visit!" LB said. The adults eyes narrowed.

"Where is it?" Cyborg asked.

"You guys can visit too!" Sunfire added.

"Where is it?" Robin asked. Crow sighed. He muttered something under his breath.

"Huh?" their parents asked. He mutered a bit louder now.


"Seattle." he said. Sunfire sent him a death glare. What was he thinking? Of coarse, they couldn't avoid it forever.

"SEATTLE?!" they yelled.

"See, that's exactly what we were trying to avoid." Sunfire said.

"Guys! Calm down. Are we all so over protective, that we would all freak out about them leaving for Seattle?" BB asked. Raven seamed to calm down. She hugged her son (again) but not as tightly this time.

"Bye mom. Bye dad." he said. Sunfire looked at Robin, and hugged him.

"And to think. Three years ago I wouldn't let you fight Control Freak." he said.

"Yeah and the only reason you ended up trusting us is because we saved you from Slade." Sunfire muttered.

"One time! One time you guys have to save us and I never hear the end of it!" Robin exclaimed. Everyone laughed. Even him.

"Daddy, let go." Ladybug said. Cyborg was holding her arm. He reluctantly let go. She hugged him and joined her freinds.

"Visit us in a month OK? Here's the address." LB said. Everyone hugged one more time, and then they left.

"Well, their gone." Robin sighed. Beast Boy smiled. He pressed a button, and a Disco Ball lowered.

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