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TTNG: New Team

Chapter 35: In Action, Part 2

As the six members of Titans Seattle exited their cells and acknowledged each other, they noticed two things:

1. Ari was dragging an extra one-hundred-and-twenty pounds of bratty blonde New Yorker.

2. Hex looked like he wanted to go to sleep.

"Well," he said rubbing his eyes. "Looks like Lucky did it."

The pink-eyed ginger yawned and then smiled contentedly as the others stared at him incredulously. They had just endured having their past screw-ups and family secrets thrown in their faces, and he looked like-

"Why do you look like you've just woken up from a nap?" LB growled.

"'Cause I did," he yawned, causing all but one other Titan to snicker.

"You took Tylenol PM instead of normal Tylenol didn't you," LB stated. Hex smiled sheepishly.

"I couldn't find the regular!"

"Boy, you know what happened last time you did that!"

"It was such a nice nap..."

"Are you listening to me?"

"Not at all."


Despite the conversation being extremely entertaining, Sunny knew they had a plan to continue. And time was of the essence.

The six teammates and the one annoying Queen Bee ran blindly through the underground hideout, which was much larger than they had anticipated. Why a guy who lived with himself, a few robots, and the occasional teenager needed so much space... never mind. He probably just wanted to keep as much space as possible between him and the teenager.

The place had twists and turns and staircases in the strangest possible places, but Sunny was able to deduce which ways were correct, and which ways would get them hopelessly lost. It was a bit strange to her. Slade seemed to be taking after The Riddler, leaving small clues at each hallway. Just even more evidence that Slade wasn't all there.

"So," Crow asked as he ran alongside his girlfriend. "Your plan is to just run in there, beat up Slade, take out the main computer and hope for the best?"

"Pretty much," she admitted. The others raised their eyebrows, obviously not believing her.

Sunny was not telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, but they knew she was holding out on them for a reason. Not because she didn't trust them. If she didn't trust them, then she wouldn't have brought them along in the first place.

She suddenly slid to a stop when she came to a door. Probably the way into the control room.

"Finally," Hex said as he walked up to the door. Sunny placed her arm out in front of him, her eyes fixated on the door.

Something wasn't quite right. It was too obvious. Lucky had said that her detective skills would have to be used to get through the place alive. This door was convenient. There was no way Slade would put the door in such an obvious place. She looked to the walls, feeling for some indentation to indicate a hidden entrance.

No, that was also too obvious.

Think, Sunny, she chastised herself. You know there's some other way to get in there.

The others stood back and watched her with fascination. They knew that look. She was solving a puzzle. They hadn't seen her look like that in a long time, and they were glad to see it again. It meant that Sunny was on her way to being her old self again.

They jumped when she let out a Starfire-esque squeal of delight as she realized something. She suddenly looked at the floor and pushed down a fairly large steal tile in the middle of the floor.
Instantly, the tile gave way, followed by the one in front of it, followed by the next, each going lower than the first.

All at once, it hit them. They were hidden stairs. Now that they thought about it, they didn't know why they didn't see it before. The tiles covering the floor weren't shaped like squares as one would expect. Instead, they were large rectangles that reminded them of wood flooring, only the pieces were much larger and in perfect order.

As the stairs finished lowering, Sunny crossed her arms and gave them all a smug grin. One that they hadn't seen in a long time.

"You guys coming?"

They didn't know what had happened in that interrogation room, but apparently Slade's plan had backfired. She was back to her old self.

Jane crawled through the vents listening to music on her iPhone.

Thank the Lord I had my headphones with me, she thought.

She chuckled to herself as Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" began to play. She knew she shouldn't have trusted her older brother with the phone. He had a thing for Rick Rolling. It was a passion, really. He had even played the stupid song over the school's intercom just for the heck of it.

Then came a two-second track, which was a recording of her brother speaking only two words:

"The Game."

He was so immature.

Jane shook her head, trying to get off her ADD Rabbit Trail, as her mother called it, proceeding through the vent trying to get to the main control room.

She turned a corner with some difficulty, seeing as the vent was three feet by three feet. Spitting out a dust bunny that had managed to find itself in her mouth, she continued on.

If Lucky's directions were correct (and they were), she would be directly above her destination ...now. Jane sound the circle in the floor of the vent that Lucky had drawn with Passion-Pink lipstick. Jane chuckled. Lipstick was one of a girl's best gadgets. You never knew when you would need it.

Jane searched through her pocket for the small laser that Lucky had given her for the next part of the plan. After some squirming, she managed to find it, and a pack of gum. Jane grinned and unwrapped a piece, knowing she would need something to occupy the ADD part of her brain.

She pointed the laser at a part of the circle, and turned on, stifling a squeak as it buzzed to life. She shook her head, getting herself over the startle and immediately cut a hole exactly on the line of lipstick. She left a small piece of metal attached to the vent, but let the laser linger long enough to weaken it. Jane then bent the metal down slightly and slid out through the hole, hands first.

Not the best idea.

Ouch! she thought. That's a sprain.

She stood up, cradling her wrist to her chest. After a few minutes of looking around, she spotted the small step-ladder that Lucky had promised to provide. Grinning, Jane moved the ladder with her good arm, climbed it, and put the circle of metal back into place, using the laser to seal it once more.

Stepping down once more, Jane looked at the massive control panel and grinned. There was a space behind the panel large enough for her petite frame to crawl behind.

Jane squeezed her way in the space between the wall and the control panel, and continued crawling until she was in the correct spot. Taking out her iPhone and a USB chord, she got to work.

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