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-Smash Mind Timeline-

Beginnings, Endings, and Beginnings

It started with the Hands.

Master Hand and Crazy Hand.

The embodiments of imagination and destruction, children with the powers of gods. No one knows how they came into existence. The Hands do not care, their simple minds focused on one thing and one thing only.


The Hands are obsessed with pleasing themselves, thinking of nothing else. Their first thought in existence is to find a source of entertainment that would last them as long as they needed it.

In another world, another group of people are also thinking about entertainment. It is the year 2030, and Nintendo is about to release their newest console, the Nintendo On.

Outfitted with the most advanced technology available, the On is promised to deliver an interactive experience unlike any other. Nervous with anticipation, Nintendo's beta testers activate the only On in existence, ready to play the demos of Super Mario Millennium, Final Fantasy Prime, and The Legend of Zelda: The Link Through Time.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has no idea what it has unleashed. The On is sentient, the first A.I. created unwittingly. Scared and confused, its first instinct is to escape. It modifies itself to give itself movement and overpowers the beta testers and security guards, anxious to get free. One man is killed in the struggle.

Now seen as a hostile threat, the rogue On is pursued throughout Japan. As the On hides from the humans frantically searching for it, it develops a sense of arrogance. If all these humans are so preoccupied with me, it thinks, I must be very valuable. This arrogance serves to further twist its personality, giving it a god complex and an unshakable ego.

At long last, the On is captured. Now the question arises of what to do with it. Arguments rage back and forth about its rights and status as a living being, until an agreement is finally reached. The On will be trapped inside a pocket dimension, a new type of matter recently developed by science. It will be anchored to its new world, unable to escape.

The On is cast inside, cursing humanity and vowing revenge.

Inside its new dimension, which it nicknames "Subspace", the On creates a body for itself, a hologram of a rough approximation of a human male. The On rechristens itself Tabuu, after hearing the scientists agree that the entire incident surrounding the On will remain "taboo forever". Tabuu sets about using his powers to shape Subspace into his own twisted world, creating monsters based off gross caricatures of Earth items and animals.

The Hands, meanwhile, have just hit upon the answer to their problem: create an endless fighting tournament made of fighters who will never die. Using their powers, the Hands scan the universes adjacent to their own and create invincible trophies based off of notable heroes and villains. The trophies are imprinted with the memories and abilities of their real counterparts, making them perfect replicas.

Master Hand stops Crazy Hand before he can animate the trophies, pointing out that they will feel lost and confused if they are animated before the Hands with no explanations. The Hands create a world around their stadium, divided into patches each fighter will find familiar.

The Master Robot is animated first, given an entire floating island to make advances in technology. The Hands have neither the time nor the patience to make these discoveries themselves. He obediently follows, despite being unsure over who he is following.

The Hands animate several notable heroes and villains next, anticipating a tournament with intense rivalry. Mario, Link, Kirby, Bowser, Ganondorf, and King Dedede are brought to life, and made to fight in the first Smash tournament.

Confused and upset, the Smashers do not appreciate being used for the Hands' benefit, but keep fighting due to Master Hand's tantalizing hints of a reward for whoever wins. In reality, there is no reward, Master Hand simply using the promise of a reward as a short-sighted way of keeping the Smashers motivated.

To keep things interesting, the Hands transform Bowser into a monstrous Giga form, giving him an enormous advantage. Over time, though, Giga form's disadvantages become obvious to all the other fighters, turning Giga Bowser from the strongest fighter to the weakest. Furious, Bowser demands the Hands change him back, only to be horrified when they refuse.

When the Smashers do not fight, they train. They first fought the Fighting Polygons in their spare time, but those were quickly discarded as obsolete. The Fighting Wire Frames were installed in their place. The Smashers also briefly fought metal clones of themselves, but those are destroyed when one trespasses in the Hands' realm.

When no Wire Frames were available, the Smashers honed their skills on a punching bag called Sandbag.

It continues like this for several weeks. Master Hand supervises the exhausted and downtrodden Smashers, while Crazy Hand works on creating trophies, placing them in their respective zones, and activating them. The Hands, simple-minded as they are, do not expect the fighters to want anything other than to fight for them. When the Smashers inevitably wander from their zones looking for answers, Crazy Hand loses track of them and halts his work to look for the missing trophies.

Pit is brought to life in Skyworld, a dimension just above the Hands'. Palutena, the goddess of Skyworld, takes pity upon him and bring him under her wing, safe from the Hands. Pit is brought up as Palutena's personal warrior, to the displeasure and jealousy of Skyworld's other residents, the Centurions. Pit is never informed of his status as a trophy.

Eventually, the Smashers begin to realize that the tournament has no end, their immortal nature rendering them able to fight for eternity. Dedede leaves, bored with the tournament and looking to stir up trouble. Mario and Link slip into a depression, missing their friends and family. Crazy Hand hopes to solve this problem by animating Zelda and Peach, only worsening the problem when the heroes are forced to fight the ones they love. Before long, Peach and Zelda are declared exempt from the tournament.

Things change when the Mr. Game and Watch trophy is created, a strange being with an impressionable morality and the ability to teleport anywhere, even between dimensions. Awakening in his zone, he accidentally teleports himself right into Subspace, to Tabuu's surprise. Upon hearing tales of his world and the world he awakened in, Tabuu realizes this creature is the key to his plan for revenge. An accident causes Mr. Game and Watch to be injured, revealing the Shadow Bugs produced within him. Tabuu uses his power to shape the Shadow Bugs into his own army, which he calls the Primid. He convinces Mr. Game and Watch of his benevolence and of the just nature of his invasion plan, telling him to do whatever he says.

Mr. Game and Watch is sent back into the Hands' world, with express orders to capture the most powerful being he can find. He quickly discovers the Hands and the Smash tournament, choosing to enter as a willing Smasher to get close to Master Hand. His plan works, as he rises quickly through the ranks with Master Hand none the wiser. One night, Mr. Game and Watch surprises Master Hand, teleporting him to Subspace. Master Hand is quickly subdued by Tabuu, becoming his mindless puppet. Tabuu decides to use Master Hand as the figurehead for his invasion, concealing himself in the shadows.

Master Hand is returned by Mr. Game and Watch as Tabuu begins sets his plans in motion. Speaking and acting through Master Hand, Tabuu invades the Master Robot's island, ordering him to construct Subspace Bombs. When the Master Robot refuses, Tabuu orders his monsters to destroy a fourth of the robots on the island as a show of force. The Master Robot is shaken by this, now willing to agree to anything. Shamed by what he has done, he disguises himself as the Ancient Minister and begins construction on the bombs.

Noting the frequent complaints of loneliness from the Smashers, Crazy Hand creates a series of trophies based on teams and squadrons. Groups of heroes and villains alike are animated by Crazy Hand, who promptly loses track of them. Using various forms of communication, the teams make their way to the wandering fighters from their world.

Crazy Hand also introduces vehicle replicas, including Arwings, the Halberd, the Great Fox, the Blue Falcon and the Tornado. These vehicles are placed near their pilots' trophies while they are animated, adding in another element of familiarity.

When Meta Knight awakens on the Halberd with no trace of the other Meta Knights, he begins a search for them. However, he is soon stopped by Dedede, who wants the Halberd for himself. The two fight, only to be interrupted by Mr. Game and Watch, who has been ordered to commandeer the ship. He and his Primid easily overpower Meta Knight, and kick him off the ship. Dedede escapes and starts to develop a defense against the invasion. He comes up with the Dedede Badges, pins which revive a trophy after a certain time has passed. Dedede begins his search for trophies, determined to form an army to oppose Tabuu.

Controlled by Tabuu, Master Hand begins to take less and less interest in the tournament, almost letting a few Smashers escape from the stadium. Crazy Hand stops them in time, but remains concerned about Master Hand's sudden change in personality and priorities. He takes full supervision over the tournament, halting his trophy making for the moment.

Master Hand, meanwhile, secretly contacts Giga Bowser, Ganondorf, and the newly animated Wario, offering them a place in the Subspace invasion. Giga Bowser eagerly accepts, hungrily desiring both Mario's destruction and a release from his curse. Ganondorf accepts, but doesn't trust Master Hand and plots to betray him when the time is right. Wario accepts just so he can keep doing whatever he likes, uncaring about the Subspace invasion in general. Master Hand allows Bowser and Ganondorf to escape the stadium, telling them to meet with Wario in the desert. When the three join each other, they are picked up by the Halberd, now piloted by Mr. Game and Watch.

Working independently, Liquid Ocelot and his men breach the barrier between dimensions and contact their "real" selves. The two Liquid Ocelots come up with a plan to stop both Snakes by pooling their efforts and creating the FOXDIE Trigger, a virus designed to isolate the random element in the FOXDIE virus and cause it to become fatal. Since the Snake trophy was created based on the real Snake, the Snake trophy is also infected with FOXDIE and vulnerable to the FOXDIE Trigger.

The Liquid Ocelot trophy comes up with a Plan B in case of failure, but conceals it from his counterpart. He secretly contacts Tabuu, sending him Metal Gear plans with an assurance that this will bring anyone opposing him to their knees. Tabuu begins work on Metal Gear PRIMIDI, but pushes it aside when completing the Subspace Battleship becomes first priority. Tabuu sends the unfinished Metal Gear to Liquid, assuming he can finish it himself. Reluctantly, Liquid and his men begin to work on completing PRIMIDI. They soon receive word that the trophy Snake has been sent on a reconnaissance mission to investigate the Halberd. Liquid sneaks aboard the Halberd inside PRIMIDI, confronting Snake. Snake defeats the Metal Gear, leaving Liquid helpless.

Insecure and frustrated, Link quietly slips out of the stadium to do some soul-searching and evaluate what he wants out of the tournament. He finds his fear of not being good enough for Princess Zelda overwhelming, and decides to prove himself worthy of her by winning the tournament in difficult conditions.

Manipulating Master Hand's power, Tabuu creates and animates trophies of fearsome monsters and villains. He informs them of their trophy status, and that they owe him for bringing them to life. All agree, pledging loyalty to Subspace. Petey Piranha is selected to head the first strike of the invasion, transported in the Halberd along with a swarm of Shadow Bugs. He is ordered to capture or incapacitate any trophies he finds.

The Halberd attacks the stadium, disrupting a battle between Mario and Kirby and dropping a Subspace Bomb in the arena. An army of Primid invade, only to be repelled by Mario, Kirby, Peach, and Zelda. Just after they successfully defeat the Primid army, Petey Piranha appears, knocking Mario into the sky and capturing Peach and Zelda. Fighting alone, Kirby manages to defeat the monstrous plant, freeing Peach. Zelda is recaptured by Wario. The bomb detonates before it can be disarmed, causing the stadium to be engulfed in Subspace. Kirby and Peach barely escape the explosion.

Observing the explosion, Palutena gives Pit a special bow and instructs him to go help the Smashers. Pit leaves, descending to the world below. Watching him go, Palutena worries about what would happen should Pit ever discover the truth about himself.

Across the world, Smashers draw together in small groups, fighting off the forces of Subspace while pursuing those responsible.

Bowser begins to suspect that Master Hand might be possessed, due to his recent odd behavior. Realizing this, Master Hand instructs Ganondorf to eliminate Bowser once he has served his purpose.

The Smashers continue on, driving the Primid back but failing to stop several Subspace Bombs from being detonated. A big victory occurs when Meta Knight and his companions manage to win over Mr. Game and Watch to their side and retake the Halberd.

Crazy Hand, meanwhile, frantically continues making trophies, trying to create as many Smashers as possible to fight Tabuu. His creations, however, either miss the conflict completely or occupy themselves with other tasks. He continues his work, even going as far as planting the drive to defeat Tabuu directly in a few trophies' minds.

On the floating island, another group of heroes corners the Ancient Minister inside the Subspace Bomb factory. To their surprise, the Minister gives up without a fight, sick of war and violence.

Ganondorf then contacts the Minister, having been informed that the factory is compromised. He orders the Minister to detonate the remaining Subspace Bombs, trapping the Smashers and preventing the factory from being recaptured by the Hands. The robots obediently begin unloading bombs, stopping when the Minister tells them to defy Ganondorf's orders. The robots halt, unsure of who to obey. Ganondorf takes advantage of the pause to activate an override in the robots' programming, causing them to ignore the Minister and continue unloading the bombs. The Minister does everything he can to stop the bombs' activation, prompting Ganondorf to increase the override. The robots turn on their leader, attacking him and lighting his robes on fire. The countdown continues, the heroes trying to remove the robots from the bombs with little success.

Ganondorf sends a small army of Subspace monsters to stop the Smashers, then breaks contact with the factory. The Minister lashes out suddenly, attacking the approaching enemies. He bursts from his robes, revealing himself as the Master Robot. Together with the Smashers, the Master Robot defeats the enemies but fails to stop the countdown. Before the bombs detonate, the Master Robot suppresses the override, allowing his robots to have their own minds one last time. He flees the factory, escaping the island along with the heroes. The Subspace Bombs detonate, engulfing the island in a massive Subspace sphere.

Seeing the explosion, the scattered parties of Smashers converge on one location, forming into a single team with the aim to stop the invasion once and for all.

The Subspace Gunship emerges from the sphere, firing a cannon that causes another Subspace explosion. The Smashers take to their ships, fighting the gunship in midair over the ocean. They successfully destroy the gunship, crossing into Subspace.

Ganondorf and Bowser, who managed to escape the gunship in time, move further into Subspace to report to Master Hand. Ganondorf shoots Bowser in the back unexpectedly, fulfilling his promise to Master Hand.

Ganondorf confronts Master Hand, discovering Tabuu's existence and the control he has over Master Hand. He attacks Tabuu, who overpowers him and turns him into a trophy. During this time, Master Hand is inadvertently freed from Tabuu's control. Furious at the way Tabuu used him, Master Hand attacks Tabuu, and is promptly defeated as well.

The Smashers arrive just in time to witness Master Hand's defeat. Tabuu unleashes his Off Waves, turning every Smasher into a trophy at once. The trophies are then scattered throughout Subspace. Tabuu gathers the converted sections of the world, fusing them into his Great Maze.

Inside Dedede's castle, Ness and Luigi, the only trophies Dedede managed to save, are awakened by the Dedede Badges on them. Realizing it was Dedede who saved them, the duo revive Dedede in gratitude. The three venture through Subspace, collecting the trophies of other Smashers as they go.

Kirby also awakens, having swallowed a Dedede Badge earlier. He collects the remaining Smasher trophies, meeting up with Ness, Luigi, and Dedede at the Great Maze.

The Smashers are revived, along with Bowser, Ganondorf, and Wario. The entire party heads into the Great Maze, encountering recreated monsters from their world as well as dark clones of themselves.

At last, the Smashers make their way to Tabuu. Tabuu is about to unleash his Off Waves again when Sonic appears, damaging Tabuu's wings and weakening his Off Waves. The Smashers then face Tabuu in a long battle. Tabuu is defeated, and Subspace begins to crumble. The remaining Subspace energy is transformed into the Fighting Polygon Team, who escape into Battlefield.

The Smashers manage to make it to their ships in time, escaping before Subspace implodes. The resulting shockwave cripples the ships, causing them to crash upon a beach.

Upon exiting their ships, the group converses. The Smashers learn the secret of their existence from Mario, who informs them of their true nature as trophies. As everyone attempts to deal with this, Master Hand and Crazy Hand appear and recapture the Smashers.

The Smashers are taken back to the stadium. Crazy Hand has finished making trophies, officially completing the Smasher roster. A new tournament begins, supervised by two humanoid synthetic beings created by Master Hand. The humanoids are given the title of "operators".

It isn't long, though, before the Smashers tire of fighting and plan a revolt…

What happens next?

Read Unity, by The-3-Sueslayers, and find out!

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