Chapter 1, Drugs

I'm back with another story!! Okay, don't act silly, anyone here knows I dont own any character. If I would own some of them... lets just say they wouldn't be able to walk for a few days ;-)

(blablabla) - thoughts

We're 3 months into a new schoolyear at Hogwarts. It was just November, but it had already snowed a bit and it was damn cold. Ofcourse there were some students wandering around the castle. And ofcourse professor Snape, the dark but sexy potions master, wanted to reduce some points this evening.

But right now, we're in the highest tower of the castle, a small but cozy place where the students brought their girl/boyfriend when they wanted to have some fun. But tonight was different, tonight was the place owned by a lone and depressed looking young man. The man was smoking, and it wasn't just some ordinairy cigaret... 'I wanna puff, puff, some of the green stuff' the young man whispered and laughed out loud. He was already high, after some coke and now he was smoking pot. The saviour, in this state, wasn't really alert, so he didn't hear it when the door was pushed open. "Well well, what do we have here, the golden boy is smoking cigarettes while he's out after curfew... Mr. Potter, you do realise that I have to take you to the headmaster, don't you?" Severus Snape said mockingly. "Héhéhé, join me for a smoke professor. But I'll warn you, this isn't just an ordinairy cigaret. Wanna taste some of the green stuff, sir?" "What are you doing boy!? Are you insane!" "What I'm doing? It's just like quidditch, sir, high in the sky, to win or to die. Insane? Possible. But who had fun being sane anyway..." "Thats it Potter, you're coming with me." "oow, coming with you, are you going to punish me, sir?" Harry said innocently. At those words, asked so innocent but yet so tempting, Snape had a hard time controlling his emotions. Oh, how he wanted to punish that boy who looked so good without even realising it. Harry on the other hand, already had a hard on. (okay, maybe I have to confess to myself that I have, indeed, a crush on that snarky man) he tought, before looking at said man's face. His eyes showed anger, anoyance but also something that wasn't there before: lust. He made a plan, that was succesful, but only in his foggy mind. He got up, made his way to the dark man and whispered hotly in his ear. "I've been sooo naughty, sir, maybe it's a good idea to punish me. Will you do that, for me?" at that, he let his hands wander, but before he could put his fingertips on those shoulders, Snape got a hold of them. "I think I'll bring you to the headmaster as punishment." He said with a convincing smirk. Harry hung his head and followed his professor untill they were at the door of the headmasters office. "Come in, my boys." Damn, he could already hear those damn twinkels...

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