Sunshine after the storm chapter 3, Nightmare

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Harry lay awake for several hours before sleep finally found him around three in the morning.

Not more than a half hour after Harry had fallen into an exhausted sleep, Snape woke to panic-filled screams that filled his heart (which truly did exist) with dread. He got up and followed the source of the noise until he reached Harry's bedroom door. Cautiously, he went inside not knowing what he would find there. What he saw made his heart clench with sorrow for the boy.

Harry lay on the bed writhing in pain, shaking, and drenched in sweat. His eyes were clenched tightly and the boy had yet to wake, much to Snape's dismay. How could anyone sleep through what he was witnessing here? He approached the bed and gently began to shake the boy awake. Quite suddenly, Harry's eyes flew open and with one last terrified scream, he went limp in Snape's arms. After taking a few minutes to calm down and catch his breath, Harry slowly sat up and looked at the face of the one who had woken him and held him.

"You're the first person to actually hold me after a nightmare. Thank you" He said, relief and gratitude flowing through him at waking to find someone comforting him. As if to extend his appreciation a second time he tilted his head up, looked into Snape's eyes briefly, before locking lips with the man. At first nothing happened, there was no reaction, absolutely nothing. But, after a fearful moment thinking he would be rejected, the mouth under his started moving against him, giving him the sweetest of kisses. Abruptly the kiss ended.

Harry extracted himself cautiously from Snape's arms.

"Do you have some sandalwood I could mix in with my bath?" He asked, a blush on his cheeks and his voice hoarse from all the screaming..

"Sandalwood? That only helps combat the after effects of the cruciatus. Why would you need that?" Snape asked with a frown.

After a pointed look from Harry, he knew that that was exactly reason he needed it. He quickly shut his mouth and went to his ingredients cabinet. He retrieved the sandalwood, helped Harry upright and led him to the bathroom. "Can you handle things from here?"

Harry almost started laughing at the look in Severus eyes, as if he was almost afraid to go into the bathroom with Harry.

"Would it really be all that bad to see me naked and having to bathe me?" He asked with humour and a hint of lust in his eyes.

"You are the first person I've met who can say such stupid things after having suffered the cruciatus." Snape almost spat out, disgust evident in his eyes.

"Geeze, only kidding man, just let go of me and go back to sleep. I can manage on my own." Harry turned around on his heels and stalked into the bathroom.

(I knew having that brat in my chambers would be trouble. He just runs away from his problems, like a child that runs away to go and sulk in the corner. And what was I thinking?! Kissing the boy for Merlin sake! It was nice though… but I can't let it happen again. It's against the law and besides I can't even stand the boy. Young man. Whatever, he can sort it out himself, pathetic child.)

It was only too bad Severus didn't see the tears that leaked out of hurt emerald green eyes.

Harry slowly sank down into the full bathtub, which was infused with the sandalwood provided by Snape. The moment he touched the water, he could already feel the mixture beginning to soothe the pain in his muscles. But it wasn't powerful enough to ease the pain in his heart. He had already survived an entire two days without his drugs and sharing quarters with Snape. He couldn't relax, and he couldn't sleep. He had more nightmares and then that greasy bat was hurting him far more then anything he had ever felt before.

The moment he saw the disgust flashing across the man's face, he had felt his chest tightening, like his heart was being squeezed unmercifully. But the man had kissed him back - that meant something, didn't it? He didn't know what to make of the whole situation. When he got out the bath he noticed that at some point he had stopped crying and now it was no longer possible to see the emotions flowing across his face – his mask was back up.

(Time I do something about that 'no-drugs' law.) He thought grimly.

Harry knew that his professor would be asleep, so he changed in his animagus form, searched for any holes in the walls, and on discovering one, slithered outside. He went to the third floor but stayed pressed against the wall, nobody would be able to see him like this. He searched until he found the sculpture of Morgan le Fay and pushed his tongue into a small opening that was invisible if you didn't know what to look for.

Suddenly, there appeared a small tray with a sack on it that slowly moved forward, out of the sculpture. Harry picked up the sack and turned around. He found himself eye to eye with a shoe. A shoe that belonged to a Ravenclaw girl. Who let out a terrified scream upon noticing him.

When the teachers reached her, Harry was already in his room, looking at that mysterious little sack, his eyes twinkling even more than old Dumbles. He decided that he could use a joint right now to help him sleep. Then, tomorrow he could use some cocaine and face the day with a true smile on his face.

Seven o'clock came and went, and Snape didn't see Harry Potter in the DA room they were to be using. He would have to go check on the boy. When he walked into the room, Harry was still in his bed, fast asleep. Snape snatched the sheets away and shook him furiously.

"I told you to be up and ready at 7am every morning except weekends. Is it the weekend? No! Why are you still in bed? Get up and go to the DA room. I want you there in five minutes."

"Why don't you forget our classes, sir? Just come here and join me. I'd make it worth your while." Harry said with eyes that weren't fully open, a clear bedroom voice that sent shivers up Snape's back, especially when he saw a hand slowly but steadily travelling south where a prominent morning erection was quite visible. It was only then that Snape realised: when he had snatched the sheets away, he had left the boy completely naked.

(Oh no, not a boy. He's most defiantly a young man.)

Harry looked at Snape and saw that his eyes were trained on his erect cock. He took his length in hand and began pumping lightly. Snape's eyes widened when he realised what the boy - young man - was doing.

"Stop your filthy ministrations this instant! Your five minutes are nearly over." Only the slight widening of the eyes showed an outsider how shocked and horny the potions master truly was. Snape stalked outside and calmed himself down on the short walk to the DA room. If only his cock would calm down too. Luckily he had his teaching robes on; otherwise Potter would have seen the reaction he had caused.

But, despite what the potions master thought, Harry had seen his reaction. He become able to read the man well over the years and was now reaping benefits of that venture. He had seen the widening of the man's eyes as well as the lust contained within them, the stiffening of the man's body and the slight trembling of his hands. Like he wanted to touch a forbidden fruit. Harry carefully took care of his erection, sniffed a line of coke, put on his clothes and made his way to the DA room, all at a very relaxed pace. When he arrived he went to sit down casually.

"Now Potter, I want an truthful answer. Last night a Ravenclaw girl saw a snake in front of the sculpture of Morgan le Fay. The snake seemed to be oddly aware of its surroundings. Do you know anything about this?"

"Me sir? How would I know about some snake slithering around Hogwarts?"

"Because the snake took a sac from a hidden entrance, the same sac I saw this morning in your room..."

"So you did notice other things besides my little show this morning?" Harry shot back with a grin on his face, only half aware of what he was saying, due to the drugs.

Severus, who preferred not thinking about the little incident that morning, ignored Harry's comment.

"It is rather simple to find out you know." With that he said a spell Harry never heard of. A purple light shot out of his wand, hit Harry in the chest and seconds later a scroll appeared in front of Snape. Harry was simply enjoying the effects of his drugs, floating away on a daydream, when Snape's voice returned him to reality.

"It seems that, not only do you have an animagus form no one knows of, but you're under the influence of drugs again. So I take the little sac you went to retrieve last night was filled with drugs." It wasn't a question but a statement. "I'm going to confiscate all of your drugs and you will have two halve days a week of discussion sessions instead of regular classes. Understood?" Harry knew this was the end of his life with drugs and such, simply nodded, already thinking of what to say to Snape in those stupid "discussion sessions".

"You may go now, I have no need of you whilst you are under the influence of drugs. This afternoon we will have our first discussion session. I expect you at the living room after dinner." Snape and Harry went to Harry's chamber, Snape confiscated the drugs and Harry went to lie down on his bed, attempting to order his thoughts and waiting for dinnertime to come around.

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