Chapter 62 ~ Epilogue

In the alternate universe, great changes had happened. The staff at Hogwarts finally crumbled under the boycott and gave in to the extra credit regulations, providing both a standardized list and alternative options to earn extra points. The students were ecstatic and in-fighting was at an all time low, at least to the end of the term. Although the teachers lost sexual access to the student body as a whole, there were still a few students who preferred dallying with teachers to written work, so they weren't totally deprived.

Hermione Granger graduated with above average marks, but not with the Outstanding grades of her counterpart. But, to be fair, if the changes in the marking methods had happened a few years earlier, she might have done much better academically. Still, the alternate world had advanced educational opportunities that the original wizarding world did not. There were schools of Higher Learning. In other words, universities. She continued her studies after graduation.

She also continued her relationship with one Severus Snape. In fact, they were married for the purposes of "eventual procreation." Theirs was the traditional open marriage, and Harry and Ron were brought in as lovers for both spouses, as was Deidre. Deidre had a bit of a grudge against Hermione because she had hoped to marry Snape, but she managed to get over it once she and Hermione became intimate and discovered they had a taste for each other. Besides, it was quite fun when they teamed up on Snape and took turns dominating and humiliating him. As a Gryffindor, he was still quite soft.

And, he loved it.

All in all, Slytherin Hermione Granger and Gryffindor Severus Snape had their Happily Ever After. It would have never happened if not for that fateful trip through the looking glass and an enlightening if brutal encounter with the alternate universe's snarkiest wizard.

The same could be said for Gryffindor Hermione Granger and Slytherin Severus Snape, who also married in a beautiful ceremony that was covered by the press. Of course there were smatterings of negative news accusing Hermione of being an unscrupulous gold digger who only gave Snape the time of day after he inherited Albus Dumbledore's fortune.

The smattering came from the poison quill of Rita Skeeter, who not only disliked Hermione, but was jealous of her good fortune. The couple could care less.

The wedding night went off without a hitch, although there were more than a few gasps, squeals and Silencing spells cast. Hermione's gifts from the girls were totally tested out, mostly on Snape because Hermione finally realized that he couldn't have been that traumatized by the bachelor party because of his role as a spy all those years. She stunned him and cuffed him to the bed when he started to undress.

Snape awoke to find his beloved in a leather corset, fishnet stockings, crotchless knickers and slapping a riding crop in the palm of her hand. He could have come on himself.

And did. Several times as she "punished" him for making her wait on him hand and foot.

And, he loved it.

Their apothecary business was a smashing success, and they were kept quite busy brewing and moving about the wizarding world in their very special shop. They even made extra galleons on Sundays, when patrons could take an hour-long ride in the shop for a fee.

One morning, the couple awoke to find themselves moving across an unfamiliar moor, the shop running determinedly and refusing to stop on Snape's orders. All they could do was hang on.

"I thought you said this would never happen!" Hermione hissed at Snape as they stood at the windows, looking at the mountains that loomed ahead.

Snape simply shrugged.

"Obviously, I was wrong," he said.

The chicken-legged shop ran for a night and a day before stopping in a great field. Both Snape and Hermione looked out with rounded eyes as they saw a number of other chicken-legged houses, crashing into each other and a demure, pink-tinted house, sitting off to the side.

"Apparently, it's mating season," Snape observed as a house was knocked to its back, its legs scrambling for purchase.

Chicken-legged houses mated every thirteen years, the females laying one large egg and producing a chick that was self-sustaining from birth. It then roamed wild until a Baba Yaga managed to tame it.

"Can you at least let us out?" Hermione shouted at the shop in desperation.

Luckily, it listened, lowered itself and allowed its owners to leave. From a safe distance away, Hermione and Snape watched as their shop battled for the female. Hermione found herself rooting for it as it came up against a huge black log cabin, with great black scaly legs and angry windows. They leapt at each other like roosters striking with their spurs. The other house was larger, but Snape's shop was determined. It won and drove all the other cabins away. It then mounted the female, wood scraping, bumping and creaking away as they copulated. When finished, the shop scratched the ground around the female making great grooves in the earth and let out a deafening, wooden sounding crow of victory. Then it returned to Hermione and Snape, lowered itself and allowed them in, heading back to Hogsmeade.

"Well, that was educational," Snape said to his wife as they headed back.

"We'd better keep track of the years that pass. We don't want to be caught by surprise again," Hermione said, marking the date down on a calendar. She turned to find Snape staring at her, his eyes gleaming.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" she asked him.

Snape continued to stare at her for a few more moments, then scratched his feet on the floor and let out a very good imitation of a cock's crow.

"I believe it's mating season," he purred as she giggled and made a weak attempt to get away from him.

She failed, as usual.


A/N: I thought this would be a good place to end the story with a quick wrap up. I've done plenty of wedding scenes and honeymoon scenes in other stories and didn't feel it necessary to do them here. They can get repetitive. But the shop running away with them appealed to me, and I thought about it the moment I introduced the house. So, thank you very much for reading Through the Looking Glass. ***

A/A/N: For those of you who enjoy reversed roles and twists and haven't yet read it, I suggest checking out my story "In an Alternate Universe." In that completed story, Hermione is the snarky Slytherin Potions mistress, and Snape is the young and totally enamored and lusting Gryffindor student. It's a lot of fun with Harry and Ron as comedy relief. ***