Wall-E: Transform and Roll out

Presentation and intro

A/N: I had seen the movie WALL-E like three times because I couldn't get enough on how fantastic the movie was. Basically, I have been gone from for about a year due to other activities and now it's time to write a new fic. This fic is about Wall-E and the Transformers. Disclaimer: I do not own WALL-E, Transformers, and/or everything else. Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action and violence between robots.

Sypnosis: Set three months after the WALL-E film. With Earth almost fully restored with life and vegetation, WALL-E continues to do his programmed directives of cleaning up the last bit of trash left in New York. As he does, he discovers a mysterious glowing key that is not from Earth. Surprisingly, out of nowhere, a mysterious alien race of robots from different factions want the key. One side wants to protect the key while the other faction wants it for domination.

Our story begins in the cold reaches of space. The sun shining over the eight planets of the solar system and the asteroid belts floating around Mars. In the distance was a bright shining star that seems to be coming towards the planet of living, known as Earth. However, this was not an ordinary shooting star or an asteroid. It was something; something very valuable. The mysterious thing entered the Earth's atmosphere and into the Earth's skyline towards a city covered in junk which used to be New York. It streak across the city skyline and came crashing down into a deserted BnL store. Luckily, there's no one at the store nor was the any sign of living in the city. The environment of this whole city and probably the whole globe is an urban wasteland of trash, dust, and dirt.

Inside the abandoned BnL store, smacked in the middle of it, is what's left of the mysterious star buried in a crater. The star kept it's glow as a signal to anyone out there in the world or even around of its location. However, there's no one on Earth as it seems to know this star. Outside the BnL store, there was a strange howling, rumble noise, a dust storm is coming. The storm entered the city, leaving sand and dust covering the area, including the crater where the star is. Now the star can't be found for anyone or anything.

Narrator (A/N: If you remember the Transformers 2007 movie, you know narrated the beginning of the film about the Allspark.): Our lives where given to us by Vector Sigma, which was created by our god Primus. The one thing that powers Vector Sigma and matter of life from us Transformers is the key of Vector Sigma. We the Autobots were destined to protect it from the clutches of our enemy, the Decepticons, who are destined to use the power of the key for evil. This lead to a war and the key was lost in space. We scattered across the galaxy searching for it. Now a new message has lead us to an unknown planet called Earth. But are we too late to claim it before our world is destroyed?

WALL-E: Transform and Roll out

A/N: That's the intro of this fic. Next up, we start the story three months after the Wall-E film, where he finds the key and you'll probably find out what Autobot will make his first appearance).