Wall-E: Transform and Roll out

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3 months later...

Optimus Prime stood at a mountain top ledge overlooking the beautiful reconstructed New York City at his right side. On his left side as he looked is his brand new Autobot island base named Metroplex, where his follow Autobots are living together peacefully with the humans as their next door neighbors. As Prime sighed in relief, he stares into space as the sun is setting into nightfall. It's been such an incredible adventure as he thought. He meets WALL – E, battle the Decepticons in Space, defend Cybertron, witness Megatron become Galvatron, and WALL – E defeating Megatron by becoming WALLIOIUS Prime. All that he can think of is that the battle between good and evil is over...however, the war continues between both factions and no one knows when it will end.

Optimus Prime's Narration:

For now, the Decepticons are defeated though, it came at a heavy cost. I owe my life to one small earth robot that sacrificed his life to defend my world and...my kind. I witnessed him rise against evil and brought peace among the stars.

As Prime stood there, he felt a presence behind him. Without turning his body, he turned his head to the right and left to see his Autobot teammates Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Ironhide, Springer, Kup, Arcee, Ratchet, Jazz, and Grimlock standing side by side to each other while watching the sunset. Then Prime felt a tug on his metal foot. He bowed his head down and sees Wheelie and WALL – E. WALL – E waves hello to Prime and the Autobot leader returns with a warm smile on his face. Optimus gets down on one knee and opens his left hand near WALL – E and his guardian. The two young robots sat on his hand and the Autobot leader lifts them up near his chest plate. As WALL – E and Wheelie got there, they are greeted by EVE who is hovering near Prime's ear. Prime notices and smiles at EVE's sudden appearance. She responds back with a happy warble as they witness the sun set.

Though we are worlds apart...like us, there is more to them that's more than meets the eye. Fate has yielded an unexpected reward: a new world called home. We live among it's people now. Hiding in plain site. Protecting the innocent...

The sun disappears as the scene fades to a close up shot of WALL-E with an newly designed Autobot logo on his chest, then the screen fades with the Autobot logo glowing bright red.

Optimus Prime: For Freedom is the Right of All Sentient Beings.


End of Narration.


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