This is for HermioneWeasleyFan's 100 Stories Challenge.

Standard disclaimer, I'm not JK Rowling, I don't own any of it. I also acknowledge Neville Shute's "In the Wet" for the way the story will unfold. By the way, none of the people or places mentioned are meant to be real, either.


Luna Scamander stood at the tent doorway looking out at the rain. It shouldn't surprise her; if you were in a Tropical Rain Forest then there was a clue as to the sort of weather you should expect. This, however, was different.

They had noticed the barometer falling for the past day, and the wind picking up. It was obvious that they were in the path of hurricane, and would just have to sit it out. Luna wasn't particularly concerned about it. They were with experienced scientists who had been studying in this region for many years, so they knew what they were doing.

She saw Mano splashing through the puddles towards her and moved aside to let him in. Once inside the tent he shook himself like a rather hairy dog and gave her a broad smile. He reminded her of a half size Hagrid.

'Jeez, this is certainly something, isn't it?'

Mano was actually Manuel Fernandez, Professor of Ecology at The University of Bogotá. Although born locally he had studied at both Yale and Oxford. He had known Luna's husband, Rolf, for many years and provided perfect cover for expeditions. Mano could conduct his research whilst Rolf followed his interest in Magicryptozoology – the discovery of previously unknown magical beasts. Now the children were at Hogwarts, Luna travelled with him whenever possible.

Luna looked back out of the tent. 'They should be back, Mano. I don't see why they had to go out anyway.'

'Hey, don't worry so much. Xavi and Rolf both know what they're doing. Anyway, the live traps have to be checked every day.'

He moved to the back of the tent, peering into a large plastic container. 'So, are these really Flooberworms?'

'Flobberworms, Mano. I think they might be, but I'm sure they aren't the same species as we get at home. It's exciting; if they're here and in Europe we'll have to start looking between the two to work out how they got here – or there.'

'And they're magical, right? What do they do? Can they pull a rabbit out of a hat?' He laughed at his own joke. Mano always laughed, no matter how tough the going got, it was one of the things she loved about him.

'They don't do magic tricks! But they do have some quite fascinating properties.'

'Yeah, like what?' He prodded one of them. 'They look pretty boring to me.'

Mano never got to find out, because at that moment they heard shouting from outside. It was Xavi.

'MEDIC! MEDIC! Mano, you around? We've got trouble!'

Mano and Luna both rushed outside to see what had happened. Xavi was turning on the spot, trying to find somebody. Two local guides stood by him carrying a stretcher hastily made out of branches and vines. On the stretcher lay...

'ROLF!' Luna rushed over and looked down. Her husband lay very still and quiet, his eyes shut, and unnaturally pale considering the warm humidity that surrounded them. She looked up with scared eyes. 'What happened?'

'We need to get him inside' said Xavi. 'Luna, it's bad, I'm sorry.'


They were in the medical tent, standing around Rolf.

'It was a snake' said Xavi. 'We were checking one of the traps and must have disturbed it, so it just lashed out.'

'What species?' asked Mano.

'I don't know. It was there then gone, definitely a biter though.'

'The bite is not as bad as it could be' said Mano. 'It didn't make a full contact, so he hasn't got a full dose of venom.'

'That's meant to cheer me up, is it Mano?' Rolf looked up at them, his blue eyes clouded with fear. They, along with his name, were a legacy from his Norwegian mother.

'Hey, it could be worse.'

'Yeah, right, patronise me. I'm still a zoologist. Poisonous snakes around here tend to be pit vipers, don't they? That means haemotoxin.'

Luna looked at Mano uncomprehendingly. 'What are you talking about? He'll be alright, won't he?'

'Of course he will, Luna.' She noticed Mano wasn't laughing anymore.

'Mano' Rolf said sharply, 'she deserves to know the truth.' He took her hand in his. 'Luna, it's bad. Haemotoxins attack the red blood cells. Death is by suffocation. The lower the dose then the slower it happens, that's all.'

'But…no! We must be able to do something! Antivenom…that's what we need, isn't it? We can use antivenom.'

'We don't carry it, it doesn't keep long enough.'

'Then GET some! Get on the radio and get him evacuated.'

Mano put his arms on her shoulders. 'Luna, we can't. There's a full scale hurricane heading our way, nothing can fly in it. We can't move him by road; the jolting will spread the venom faster. One of us will have to go to get some.'

'Right! You're going to go off in to a hurricane to get me some antivenom, yeah? Mano, San Cristobel is a hundred miles from here.' Rolf slumped back on to his pillow.

Xavi looked him in the eye. 'What's the alternative, Rolf? I'll go. I'll take two Land rovers and some of the guides. We'll get through. Trust me.' He headed out of the tent.

'Mano, you can't let him do this. It's dangerous out there.'

'He'll make it. In the meantime, we'll keep you going. In twenty years in these jungles I've never lost anyone yet. I'm certainly not starting with you.'

Luna stood looking at them, staring hopelessly. There must be something…something she could do. Making sure none of the local helpers were within sight she picked up her wand.

'Accio venom!' Nothing. 'Accio…snakebite!' Nothing. 'Accio…accio…' She fell to her knees at his side. 'Rolf…I can't…Rolf.'

'Shh, shh…It's OK. You tried.'

'But…what can we do…oh, Rolf, I'm scared.'

Mano helped her up and in to a chair. Outside they could hear shouts as engines were revved. 'We wait, Luna, that's all we can do. Wait and hope.'

Wait and hope. She'd been there before…