A Twilight FanFiction

Okay this is my first fanfiction and i'm still trying to figure it out so i apologize a head of time if i seriously mess up. Sorry. BTW: this story is from the pov of a girl named Katie, you'll find out about her in the next chapter. And any hints on how to make posting easier are very welcome because I'm confused.

"Aw, they seem so nice I think we're all going to like them." Alice walked into the front room of the Cullen's new house.

"Who are you talking about Alice?" Bella sked from the sofa. Edward had left to go hunting with Emmett and Jasper and she had been pretty much pouting ever since were ouot of earshot.

"The new members of the family." Alice stated as if it was extremely obvious.

"New member of the family?"

"Yeah it's kind of like you and Edward but a little more complicated. The boy is a vampire and the girl is human."

"Complicated, how?"

"I don't know all the details but as far as I can see he's only been a vampire for about two years and they've been together since even before he changed. It's amazing he hasn't killed her yet."

"That definately is interesting" Bella seemed detached from the conversation due to a noise outside. "Edward!"

Alice rolled her eyes and ran after Bella to go welcome the boys home.