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The Zero Division….

Ichigo was filled with pure anger directed at the fourth espada, Ulquiorra. He had taken one of his friends, which infuriated him. Ichigo refused to just stand there anymore and do nothing. He jumped up and headed in the direction that he knew that Ulqiorra and Orihime would be. Kenpachi watched after him along with Nel and Yachiru. Nel could not help but worry…

"Itsygo" Nel called. But it was too late. He was already too far away.

"God Damn Kid, risking his life like that." Kenpachi said.

"That's Ichigo for ya," a voice said from behind Kenpachi. All three turned around to see Chad along with Captain Unohana and her lieutenant Isane. "He'll come back and he'll bring back Orihime with him…"

"Then why don't we go and help him…" Another voice said from several feet behind Yachiru. The group turned around to see Captain Kuchiki, Rukia, and Hanatarou walking up behind Yachiru. As well as Renji, Uryu, Dondo-Chakka, Pesche, Captain Mayuri, and his lieutenant Nemu walking up to the far left of Nel.

"Nel-sama! Are you okay? Did you get hurt?" Pesche said practically running to Nel…

"I am fine…" Nel said getting up from where she was resting after her battle with Nnoitora. She looked up at the people that had come here to back up Ichigo and his friends in the retrieval of Orihime. Four captains, two lieutenants, and a seventh seat.

"Captain Kenpachi, I will heal your wounds. Please sit down." Isane said as she walked away from her position next to her captain. She slowly began to heal Captain Kenpachi's wounds as everyone looked around at the people that were now trapped in Hueco Mundo. No one had any idea what to do next. The Garganta that they had used to get her e were sealed off from their use. There was almost no possible way for them to get back to Kurakura town in time to aid the remaining six captains in the battle against Aizen's forces. Not to mention that Aizen was right, he had found a way to cut Soul society's main fighting source in half. And they had walked straight into his trap. Now Ichigo was going to go risk his life to get one of his friends back. Renji, Rukia, Uryu, and Chad wanted to help but they knew that they would just get in his way. They would just cause him more problems.

Renji looked over at Rukia who was staring at the ground, with a look of pure worry her face. Byakuya could sense her worry as well but he was not really the talkative type, so he stayed silent next to her.

"He'll be fine!" A voice yelled from a rock nearby. The sound brought everyone out of their thoughts and back into reality. A cruel reality at that. When they looked over at the direction where the voice had come from, they were surprised at what they found. There sitting on a rock that had practically been obliterated by the battles that took place here, was the sixth espada Grimmjow Jaggerjack. He was covered in blood and had cuts and scrapes all over his body. His clothes were torn a little bit, and he looked like he had just fought off an entire army.

"Aren't you supposed to follow Aizen's orders?" Renji said to Grimmjow in an almost angry tone.

"Nah I do whatever I want to. I hate that guy anyway." Grimmjow responded in an arrogant tone.


Ichigo still had his bankai activated and was going at his top speed to go after Ulquiorra. He knew that there was not a good chance that he could defeat Ulquiorra without getting seriously injured. Also he knew that before he could fight Ulquiorra he would need to get Orihime out of the area first, so that Ulquiorra could not use her as a hostage. He had a pretty good idea how to do it to.

He finally reached the fifth tower where Aizen said that Orihime would be held. Ichigo was not that great at sensing spiritual pressure. But he could tell that both Ulquiorra and Orihime were in that tower. Ichigo went around the back of the tower. He put his hand to his face and activated his hollow mask. He was at least three times faster when he had his mask on.

"Getsuga Tenshou!" He yelled blowing a whole in the wall of the tower. But he didn't use the whole to get into the tower; instead he went through the opening in the wall on the other side. He planned to distract Ulquiorra and grab Orihime from the opposite direction.

Ulquiorra turned away from Orihime and turned towards the blast in the wall behind him. Orihime was suddenly grabbed by something that was moving at amazing speeds. She noticed that she was moving away from where she was standing next to Ulquiorra. And she was now moving out of the tower and in the direction of a large amount of spiritual pressure.

"Are you alright, Orihime?" She hears a voice ask her. She immediately recognizes the voice.

"Ichigo!" She says happily. "Yeah I am Ok, I think. Are you ok?"

"Don't worry about me… I am going to take you back to others. Then I will go fight Ulquiorra." Ichigo calmly says to her.

"NO! You will get hurt…" She pleaded.

"But you will be here to patch me up. Won't you?" He said.

"Absolutely…" She responded confidently.

The large spiritual pressure was getting closer and closer. But both of them could Ulquiorra's spiritual pressure keeping a steady pace not too far from them. Orihime could see small figures that were gradually getting bigger. She saw one with red hair, one dressed in practically all white with a little blue, and several creature like things. As they got bigger and bigger she was able to recognize them. Rukia, Renji, Captain Kuchiki, Hanatarou, Uryu, Captain Mayuri, Lieutenant Nemu, Lieutenant Isane, Yachiru, Captain Kenpachi, Nel, Chad, Captain Unohana, and three cute creatures.

"Look!" Uryu said as everyone turned to look where he was pointing. Ichigo and Orihime were heading their direction at impossible speed. Ichigo removed his hollow mask before his face was visible. He didn't want to scare anyone. Ichigo came to stop in front Renji and Rukia. Orihime had a big smile on her face.

"Rukia!" Orihime squealed as she ran up to Rukia and gave her a hug. "I am so glad that you are Ok now!"

"I'm fine!" Rukia said shocked by Orihime's hug.

"You guys, protect her." Ichigo said as he jumped up and headed in the direction he came.

"Where are you going?" Renji called after him. But he was too far away.

"He is going to fight Ulquiorra." Orihime said with a worried look. But then all of a sudden a smile appeared on her face. It was a forced smile but it was still a smile. "But he said that he would come back. So it will fine…"

Everyone was shocked at how optimistic she was, no one could believe how brave she was being.


Ichigo was going at a normal speed now. He could feel Ulquiorra's spiritual pressure getting closer and closer. He came to a halt in front of Ulquiorra. Who apparently had been standing there for a little while.

"Let's finish what we started…" Ichigo said as an evil smirk crossed his face. He pointed his sword toward Ulquiorra and tightened his grip. Ulquiorra removed both hands from his pockets.

This battle was going to get bloody…