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Chapter 3: Communication

Hueco Mundo

Ichigo dodged a cero as it flew past his head. The battle between himself and the fourth espada Ulquiorra Sciffer had only begun a little over 30 minutes ago, but they already destroyed three of the five towers in Hueco Mundo. If they continue at their current rate they would destroy Las Noches within a couple of hours. Though neither Ulquiorra nor Ichigo were fighting at their full strength. Ulquiorra had not even unsheathed his sword, and Ichigo was fighting without his hollow mask.

While the battle went on, a horn like sound rang through the destroyed halls if Las Noches. Ulquiorra stopped at this sound. Ichigo gave Ulquiorra a questioning look. Ulquiorra placed his hands in his pockets and began to walk away. Ichigo jumped in front of him. "Why are you leaving in the middle of a fight?" Ulquiorra expression did not change, as usual. He simply disappeared. Ichigo have an angry sigh and then decided that he should go find everyone else.

As he shunpoed across the wastelands of Hueco Mundo, he saw his friends. He stopped on the hill closest to them, and walked toward them. He noticed that they all have worried looks on their faces. He let a small smirk escape his features but only to himself.

"I-Ichigo!" Rukia said. She was the first to notice him walking towards them. Everyone turned to see an only slightly wounded Ichigo sitting on a rock. He dispelled his Bankai, and let out a long sigh.

"Well?" Renji posed the question on everyone's mind.

"He ran away." Ichigo stated blankly.

"He ran away?" Uryuu asked this time.

"Yep." Ichigo gave another blank answer. "He stopped after that Horn thing sounded. And he just disappeared."

"It's the return call." Grimmjow stated. "It means Aizen has new orders for the espada."

"Then why are you still here?" Ichigo asked him.

"I need an answer." Grimmjow sounded serious. "Why did stop Nnoitora from killing me?"

Ichigo smirked. "I don't think you deserve to die."

Grimmjow smirked in return. "Well I always hated that Aizen guy any way."

"Wait what?" Renji asked.

"That's his way of saying that he is going to be on our side now." Ichigo said relaxing a bit more. Orihime danced over to Ichigo's resting place.

"I will heal your wounds, Ichigo." She said smiling.

"Awww. Thank you Orihime." Ichigo said as Orihime began to heal his wounds.

At that exact moment a black portal-like space opened up not too far away from Captain Kuchiki.

"What the-", Renji managed to say before the face of the Commander General appeared.

"Glad to see that you are all alive." The Commander General said with his usual expression. "Urahara has managed to get a communication line to you all by using the spirit particles of Hueco Mundo. Shinji Hirako asked us to get into communication with you."

"What?" Byakuya asked as he had one of the rare moments when his face changes.

"Hello Hello!" said a grinning Shinji as his face appeared next to the Commander General's.

"You are-", Rukia said as her eyes widened recognizing the leader of the Vizards.

Shinji grin simply increased. "Listen. We don't have much time; we can explain everything once you guys get back here."

"But aren't we trapped here." Captain Unohana said.

"No. You think you are trapped because you can't use a garganta to get back." Shinji said.

"So how are we going to get back?" Captain Mayuri asked.

"We'll use a hollow garganta." Ichigo said speaking for the first time since the communication appeared. "Am I right Shinji?" he asked sitting up to look Shinji right in the eye.

"Correct you are." Shinji said, smile not going away.

"Nel and Grimmjow, you think you guys can do it?" Ichigo said turning to look at them.

"Yeah, Yeah, sure." Grimmjow said as he got up from his comfortable position on a rock. Nel simply smiled before turning back into her grown form. This surprised the people who had not seen her like that.

She smiled and said, "I will explain later."

Las Noches

"My lord, we cannot seem to be able to locate the ryoka and soul reapers that came to retrieve the young human girl. There seems to be a large force that is shielding them from our view." An underling of Aizen's said to him.

"Hmmm. How interesting." He simply stated.

"Should we send out several menos?" The woman asked.

"No." Aizen sighed. "Let's just see what happens."

Ichigo and Company

Nel and Grimmjow had finally gotten a stable garganta open. Neither of them would have been able to do it by themselves because the injuries that they both had sustained.

To others the garganta looked like a dark tunnel much like the gate that Ichigo, Orihime, Uryuu, Chad, and Yourichi had used to get to Soul Society to rescue Rukia.

"Meet you on the other side." Shinji said before turning to Ichigo. "Go east; she will be on the lower level. You know what to do from there." He said with a grin, before the communication disappeared.

"What was he talking about?" Rukia turned to ask Ichigo.

"Don't worry about it." He said to her.

Uryuu was examining the garganta that Nel and Grimmjow made. He noticed that there was an unusually strong spiritual force that was keeping it open and he could not sense it either. It was as if something or someone was shielding or even protecting them.

"All right let's go." Said Captain Mayuri as he stepped into the garganta, followed by the other captains. Orihime, Chad, Uryuu, Nel, and Grimmjow all followed. When they turned back to talk to Ichigo he was still standing on the sands of Hueco Mundo.

"Ichigo! Hey! Let's go!" Renji called to him.

"Sorry. But I can't leave yet." Ichigo said to them.

"What?" Rukia questioned as she stepped closer to the Hueco Mundo end of the garganta. As she did so the garganta started to close on the Hueco Mundo end.

"Ichigo!!" Rukia yelled as the garganta's end got smaller and smaller, until only darkness stood in front of her.

"Rukia! Come on!" Renji said grabbing her arm and pulling towards the other end of the garganta. As Rukia and Renji stepped out on to the ground in front of Urahara's shop, they were met by the remnants of the Gotei 13 as well as Shinji.

Shinji stepped forward. "He will be back. He just has to take care of some things." He said with one of his rare sincere smiles.


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