Wilf: I won't forget you. I'll look up at the stars and think of you in your little blue box.

Ten: (annoyed) Right, little...

Wilf: Well, it looked, you know, little to me.

Ten: Really, it's not.

Wilf: Hokay, whatever you say.

Wilf makes as if to turn around and walk back into the house when Ten gets this look on his face – it's a look like the one just before he snapped his fingers to open up the TARDIS at the end of FOTD. You know, kind of mischievous. Kind of clever. Kind of... well, you know.

Ten: So, Wilf?

Wilf: Yes?

Ten: You fancy a spin?

Wilf: What?

Ten: (shrugs but still has this bit of a gleam in his eyes) Ya wanna come with me?

Wilf: (a look of surprise mixed with... what? elation on his face) You mean you're inviting me along?

Ten: Sure! Why not?

Wilf: Well, I'm old, for one. And I'm not female, for another.

Ten: Doesn't matter to me at all. By the way, did you ever meet Jack?

Wilf: Who?

Ten: Never mind. Forget about it. Your age doesn't bother me. Did you know I'm over 900 years old?

Wilf: (!!)

Ten: Besides, you're still ambulatory, right? I mean, you can run, can't you?

Wilf: Sure, if I need to, I can keep up with the best of 'em.

Ten: Well, there you have it. You've passed the physical. And, you're not a 'fraidy cat, right?

Wilf: What?

Ten: You don't scare off easily? By the way, you're not deaf, are you?

Wilf: (bristling) No I ain't deaf. It's just you use strange words sometimes. You need to cut me some slack, boy.

Ten: Boy?! Did I tell you I'm over 900...

Wilf: Yes, yes. You told me. AND I heard it. And no, I'm not afraid of anything. I've had to deal with a lot in my time, you whippersnapper you, including Sylvia.

Ten: (nodding, impressed) Oh, right... yeah. Wow. So you've passed the psych exam, too. Good for you!

Wilf: What are you nattering on about, boy?

Ten: So you wanna come or what, old man?

Wilf: (smiles mischevously) Sure. But just don't call me old man.

Ten: (same smile) Just don't call me boy. Or whippersnapper. Or kid. Did I tell you I'm over 900 years old?

The two walk off into the sunset... Cue La Marseillaise (and if you've never seen Casablanca, never mind…)