This is just a silly little drabble that I had clogging up my brain. It's good to get it down on paper. Basically, it just defines love through the ways that the various members of the Torchwood team act towards one another. It's sweet—bittersweet in some parts, especially when references to "Exit Wounds" are made, but what are you gonna do?

The usual disclaimers apply.

Love was Ianto always making sure that Tosh's coffee mug was full and hot.

Love was Toshiko saving the card that came with her mystery-flowers—the card that she was certain came from Owen, no matter how much he denied it.

Love was Gwen reapplying her makeup before she went home to Rhys for the night because, despite having been with the man for years, she still wanted to look her best for him.

Love was Owen teasing and arguing with Ianto because, though they'd originally been at one another's throats, they'd become like brothers during Jack's absence.

Love was Jack being more careful to clean up his own mess so that Ianto would have less to worry about.

Love was Toshiko being ready with a willing ear and a drink whenever Jack felt the need to talk about the people that he'd loved and lost over the years.

Love was Gwen rushing to Tosh's apartment in the middle of the night without complaint when the other woman called her up, crying over Tommy.

Love was Owen really, really hoping that she would never get hurt and wanting to stuff his head in the microwave when he was the one that hurt her.

Love was Ianto going absolutely mental when Jack was in danger.

Love was Owen looking to Jack for guidance and assistance and thinking (totally to himself because he wouldn't be caught dead sharing these views to anyone) of him like the uncle he never had.

Love was Toshiko turning to Ianto when she felt scared and alone.

Love was Jack thinking about them—and especially about him—when he was trapped on the Valiant and buried alive.

Love was Gwen developing a taste for coffee—or more specifically, for Ianto's coffee—over the months at Torchwood.

Love was Ianto forgiving Jack for what he did to Lisa.

Love was Tosh refusing to tell Owen that she was dying so that he could spend his last few minutes on Earth without worry for her.

Love was Owen not forcing her to tell him that she was dying so that she would be comforted by the idea that he was oblivious, even though he knew almost exactly what was happening to her. He'd heard enough dying people in his years as a doctor to be able to recognize the pain in her voice.

Love was Gwen saying a quiet prayer every time she saw the picture of Toshiko and Owen taped up in her locker.

Love was Jack being willing to die for them all—to really, permanently die—if it meant that they were safe and well and happy.

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